April 9, 2015

Mahadasha lord

In the earlier article we saw the importance of the lagna lord and the placement of planets from the lagna lord in the horoscope, in this article we will see the importance of Mahadasha lord in the horoscope. There are many conditional dashas in astrology which are to be applicable […]
March 28, 2015

Importance of Ascendant lord in horoscope

The zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth is known as ascendant sign or the lagna rashi. The planet who rules this particular sign is known as the ascendant lord or the lagna lord in astrology. The lagna or the ascendant sign is the […]
March 20, 2015

Strength of planets in horoscope

Strength of planets in horoscope The word “Jyotish” or “astrology” grabs the interest of one and all, people are very curious to know their future, understand their karmic patterns through their birth horoscope, they are eager to know the strength of planets in horoscope. Astrology is the only subject which […]
March 13, 2015

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 happens roughly around the 3rd Week of July 2015. Jupiter finally ends his stay in his exaltation sign of cancer having blessed everyone and having tasted the sweet fruits of exaltation, it now prepares to move into Leo the natural 5th house of the zodiac […]
March 5, 2015

Rajju porutham compatibility

Rajju porutham compatibility is one over hyped compatibility aspects of match-making in south India. It is considered as one of the most important aspects in matching of horoscopes of the bride and the groom. The horoscopes that come for match-making in South India are merely rejected on the basis of […]
November 2, 2014

Effects of Different planets in the 7th house

Effects of different planets in the 7th house Everybody is eager to know the effects of different planets in the 7th house of their horoscope. 7th house deals with marriage, spouse, characteristic of spouse and marital harmony. The Natural karaka of marriage and the 7th house is Venus as its […]
October 31, 2014

7th house and life partner

7th House and Life partner There is a deep connection of the 7th house and life partner in your birth horoscope. The ascendent rising in the east shows your mental and physical traits while the 7th house falling in the opposite of ascendent represents the mental and physical traits of […]
October 24, 2014

Saturn Transit in Scorpio 2014

Saturn transit in Scorpio 2014 has finally drawn closer as saturn prepares to exit Libra his exaltation sign after completing his 2 and a half year stint of giving justice and bringing a revolution by bringing downfall of the sinners and appointing new heirs to rule the kingdom. Many high […]
September 25, 2014

Career and Astrology : When will I get a job ?

Having a good job and a equally good career is very important in every person’s life. A good job is something which gives us satisfaction in terms of work, position and money. Everyone struggles to get a good job and have a good career after completing their education. When will I […]
September 25, 2014

Love marriage astrology

Everyone is fascinated with the idea of Love marriage, and every lover or couple consults an astrologer to lead his boat of love safely to the shore. The name love marriage astrology for this article simply connects the topic of astrology and love marriages. The success of love culminating into […]
September 22, 2014

Effects of rahu and ketu in horoscope

Effects of rahu and ketu in horoscope Rahu and ketu axis is the most mysterious thing to understand in astrology, the axis of these two planets and the houses involved in the axis of this two imaginary point carries great secrets of karmic sheaths in a horoscope. It is the […]
July 25, 2014

Planetary combinations for Foreign travel and settlement

Everybody now-a-days has a craze of “Green Card and Dollars”, with the popularity and the craze of west increasing here and the boom of job opportunities in foreign countries people are really very enthusiastic about settling in a foreign country, the west on the other side is getting more and […]
July 10, 2014

Astrological combinations for divorce and separation

In India Marriage is considered a very sacred event and lakhs and crores of Rupees are spent on marriage, what if such a marriage results in divorce and separation soon, we will see the astrological combinations for divorce and separation in a horoscope. people give much more importance on show […]
June 27, 2014

Moon In various houses

Everybody is curious to know about the effects of moon in Various houses and signs. Moon is known to be a very important planet in astrology though it is a satellite of the earth rotating around the earth, its influence can be felt on full moon and new moon day, […]
June 25, 2014

How to Cultivate Good Habits in Children

Readers may be surprised to read the above topic on an astrology blog and wondering what relation does astrology have with “How to cultivate good habits in Children”, yes this topic is not about cultivating good habits of brushing, reading, writing, sleeping early but this topic is about upbringing your children […]
June 3, 2014

Marriage in Same Gotra

Much has been said about Marriage in same Gotra, this is a very hot an debated topic and people continue to twist it as per their requirements as it has been since ages with anything, People twist all rules as per their requirements and wishes and the tradition and the […]
May 31, 2014

Venus in Leo Horoscopes

As I promised in the last article I am presenting two cases with Venus in Leo. How venus reacts in particular horoscope when placed in the sign Leo can be seen through study of Venus in Leo horoscopes. The primary karakatwa of Venus is related to marriage and spouse, but […]
May 18, 2014

Venus In Leo

The placement of planets in a particular zodiac sign greatly influences the tendency of giving results of that planet, it is a very vital factor in influencing the nature, the character, the direction of life of the person. The make up of the personality and the internal samskaras of the […]
May 16, 2014

Saturn transit in scorpio 2014

Finally the time has come for “The justice maker” to leave its favorite sign libra this year in november 2014. Saturn will part ways with its dearest sign libra and enter into the dark scorpio on 2nd November 2014. As I said earlier in my previous post on transit of […]
May 13, 2014

Is Kundli Matching Necessary for Love marriage

Kundli Matching is a very essential part in marriages, but we need to understand the logic behind horoscope matching first, why is it necessary to match horoscopes before marriage ? Does horoscope match-making guarantee a good marriage ? Is kundli matching necessary for love marriage.