Career Predictions

Career predictions / job predictions

Career predictions help you to choose the right profession which can help you to grow, prosper and enjoy your life while you work. Planets have a strong influence in choice of your profession, sometimes bad dasha, bad planetary positions lead us to choose wrong professions and the wrong type of jobs.

A profession which doesn’t suit your temperament and talents will obviously make you sad and unhappy in your life. You should be able to enjoy your work if you want to enjoy your life. Jyotisha helps you in choosing the right profession based on your favorable planets in the horoscope.

What will I get in career prediction report?

This career predictions report will help you to know general trends and scope of career patterns as per your horoscope. It will help you to know about your good and bad periods, ups and downs, growth, increment, opportunities and threats, foreign travel opportunities, job change opportunities, relationships with seniors and subordinates etc.

This report gives you insight into the suitable career patterns reflected in any given horoscope based on the planetary configurations, dasha pattern, and transits/gochara.

This will be useful to people who are confused between making a choice of careers, people who want to know the right profession, children who are in school or college about to make career choices.