Jupiter Transit 2022-2023 predictions

Jupiter has entered in its own sign Meena on 13th April 2022 where it will complete one complete parikrama of cycle of the Zodiac from its last entry into Meena in May 2010. We will see the jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for all the 12 zodiac signs one by one in this post.

Jupiter is the most benefic planet among all the planets and it blesses everyone when strong, it gives prosperity and abundance through its blessings when well posited in the horoscope. Someone who does not have a good horoscope can still experience the blessings of jupiter when it passes through good houses of the horoscope. A long awaited good thing happens suddenly in your life is the result of the dasha/antardasha and gochara in your individual horoscope. A sudden tragedy strikes you unexpectedly devastating your life is also the result of a bad dasha/antardasha + gochara in your individual horoscope.

The dasha/antardasha and gochara are the tools to predict when a certain destined event will occur/take place in your life as per the planetary positions at birth. The transit of planets act as trigger to certain events good or bad promised in your horoscope.

Astrologer Ashish Desai.

The transit of planets delivers the promised good or bad results to you in certain good/bad dasha antardashas only when they are indicated in your horoscope by the planetary positions at the time of your birth. Now let us see the transit of jupiter in pisces 2022-2023 predictions for all the 12 signs.

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions

Jupiter will be passing through Meena rasi from 13th April 2022 to 22nd April 2023. Meena is the last sign of bha-chakra and a jala rashi and dual sign owned by jupiter itself representing symbols of 2 fish going in the opposite directions. It being the last sign of zodiac is considered the sign of moksha/liberation. It is the sign of pralaya/ending where everything gets dissolved in the last pada of revati which is the gandaant nakshatra in this sign. The pralaya is the ending before a new beginning. So we could be at the end of something now before a new beginning in our lives or in the world in general. The picture will be revealed once jupiter enters REVATI-4 next year. I am assuming that it is the end of the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war relaxing the world order before something new begins.

As a sign Meena is a dual sign indicating duality, the symbol of two fish going in opposite direction also indicates that you will be given a choice to choose the good or the bad. The sign indicates one can be torn between both materialism and spirituality. Venus exalts here, jupiter is in swagruha here, ketu is considered a mokshakaraka here. So bhakti can be at the highest level if all 3 combine in this sign. But a person can be badly torn within himself if the moon in this sign is afflicted in the horoscope.

These people find it very hard to take decisions and are usually torn between choices as it is a dual sign and symbolizes two fish going in opposite direction, people with this moon sign are highly compassionate and emotional as well due to the jala tatwa of this sign. Jupiter’s rulership makes them people full of virtues and compassion towards others, this can also be seen as venus exalts in this sign. Mercury debilitates in this sign indicating poor business acumen and communication skills, this means that these people can understand the language of love/compassion/bhakti but will not be able to understand the cunningness of others, cunningness and shrewdness as traits are absent in these people. They do not understand the practicality of the world and will always sway towards the emotional side. Let us see the Meena rashi Guru Gochar 2022-2023 predictions for all the 12 signs now.

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions
Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Mesha rashi

Jupiter transits the 12th house from your rashi or lagna hence the transit in general is not good for you in terms of material success but it will be great on the spiritual realm. You can can get amazing spiritual experiences by visiting holy places/pilgrimage and doing daan dharma as jupiter in the 12th will make you spend money on helping others, charity, doing shubha karma like poojas/yagya etc.

This time is good for someone who is trying to go abroad, foreign travels are indicated in this transit of jupiter. Those who are looking forward to buy property/invest in property can also do so during this transit of jupiter in pisces. Your enemies will not trouble you much and your boss could be happy with you overall. Some of you having strong 6th house or 10th lord in Virgo may get promotions or growth in career.

The Transit of Saturn in the 10th and 11th house this year is good for you but you will be burdened with a lot of responsibility and work. The transit of Rahu in your moon sign or lagna if in Bharni or krittika nakshatra will give you lot of mental frustrations in this year. You can feel mental highs and lows often in this year, You will be gripped with some unnecessary fears or tensions if you belong to any of the above nakshatras.

Take care of your spending’s and try to keep yourself focused on your goals and avoid distractions. Students should especially follow the above guidelines to avoid slipping off the track.

Some misunderstandings with spouse are possible with ketu in the 7th and Saturn aspecting it from July to January 2023. Some of you can experience bitter separation temporary or permanent depending on the overall planetary positions in your horoscope. Do not show distrust on your spouse due to any misunderstandings as they could be the figment of your imagination and you could be making a mountain out of the molehill.

Those with Mesha rashi moon will have a mentally frustrating and troublesome time than those with mesha rasi as lagna. Overall the Financial year 2022-23 is mixed for Mesha rasi people. (I am calling it a financial year because Jupiter entered April 2022 this year and will move out by April 2023 of next year which is almost as a financial year March-April 2022-2023).

Mesha Rashi Remedies – Do Chandra japa 10000 times in 10 days OR daana of rice with white vastra + Silver patre (vessels/coins) + Yathashakti dakshina for 10 Mondays to a bramhana.

If Rahu is passing through janma nakshatra and there are other malefics with moon then do nava-graha shanti as it could be very bad for you if rahu is passing over moon and other malefics in janma nakshatra.


Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Vrishabh rashi

Jupiter has come to your 11th house which is very good for you in terms of getting material benefit, it is in the kaama trikona getting most of your desires fulfilled. With saturn also in full support for your sign, you are going to have a very good year ahead.

Rahu has left your moon sign which is a relief, but its entering your 12th house from the moon sign or the lagna will increase you expenses. Expenses will pop up from anywhere and dig a hole in your pocket, so be prepared for this part.

The transit of jupiter in 11th house will give good growth in terms of income/business/profits and monetary aspects. The aspect on the 7th house will be very good for many of you looking to take a plunge in grihastashram dharma. Marriage is definitely on cards for many of the vrishabh lagna and vrishabh rashi people if your dasha/antardasha supports.

Those who are already married and planning for children will also have an excellent year ahead as jupiter is in full mood to bless you completely by granting all the desires saying “TATHASTU” to whatever you ask. Marriage/Children/Business success/Success in writing/Career etc.

You will make some very good contacts/friends during this year. There will be a different atmosphere around you as the year passes, it seems like the planets are in full mood to bless you in a positive way.

Children will have very good success in studies, but do not get carried away as you should keep your focus and work hard to achieve what you want. Getting admissions in good colleges/desired institutions and courses can be possible for many of you.

Vrishabh rashi Remedies – Do shubha karya at your residence as much as you can like various poojas, this year increase your punya with the gains you considering it as an investment for other bad times. Offer Tulsi to lord narayana and recite Vishnu sahasranamavali daily.

Ashish Desai the astrologer

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Mithuna rashi

Mithuna rashi people will have jupiter transiting in the 10th house from the lagna or their chandra lagna. The gochara of jupiter is shubha for you in terms of financial prosperity and growth in your career.

The transit of Rahu leaving your 12th house and entering 11th house is a great relief for you. Rahu in 11th as a malefic will ensure material success and victory for you.

Jupiter entering your 10th house indicates that you will get financial increments and gains this year, there will be growth in your career with some difficulties as saturn is aspecting 10th from the 8th house most of the year. There will be celebrations and happy news in the family throughout the year. Vriddhi in family and shubha karyas will give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in this year.

Health will improve slowly and the relationships with your seniors/bosses will improve making a positive impact on your career. There will be a possibility of buying property or vehicles for some of you with this rashi. Some may already have got good news in April-May 2022 in area of career as Venus passed over from there conjoining jupiter.

Mars too passing from the 10th house now is good for you. The beginning is good as saturn is in the 9th house, mars venus and jupiter passing through your 10th house. The first 3 months April-June 2022 can prove very good for you.

June-January 2023 while saturn goes back to the 8th house aspecting 10th house some of you could change jobs or experience lag in work.

Make good investments now for the future as the money invested now will definitely reap good rewards in the coming time. Saturn entering kumbha rasi will relieve you of much of the career pressures.

Students will have to put some hard work in your studies as ketu is passing through the 5th house. Do not loose track of your goals.

Mithuna Rasi Remedies – Recite Dashrath krut Shani stotra daily and light deepa in shani mandir on saturdays. Worship durga devi temple on Fridays and pray to durga devi antargata parshuram rupi hari for getting isthartha.

The astrologer.

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Karka rashi

Jupiter is transiting the 9th house from your lagna or chandra lagna. Times are changing for you in a good way as jupiter will aspect the lagna/moon sign blessing you with good health and positive frame of mind.

Rahu’s entry in the 10th house for you can cause some mischief in career but rahu in the 10th house is in a way good to overcome the problems and get victory over all the enemies. You will create misunderstandings with people in your workplace so be careful about that.

There will be gains through new contacts and friendships so do not hesitate to socialize and talk with people. There can be re-union with some old friends. Those who are looking for child planning have a very good year ahead as jupiter aspects your 5th house and will bless you with children in this year.

If you are an author or a youtuber this is a good time to grow yourself and get more success, this year will prove good for you.

Saturn in the 7th house is causing a little hurdle for marriage as long as it is in the 7th and 8th house karka rasi people can have a delay in terms of marriage or having a family.

Do not purchase any property or vehicle during this year, atleast make sure that you do not get into any illegal deals as that will cost you later. Possibilities of cheating of fraud in this area are likely.

Karka Rasi Remedies – Worship lord Ganapati antargat vishvambhar roopi shri Hari by offering durva and jasvand/hibiscus flower to ganpati and recite ganpati dwadasha naam stotra daily. You can also recite durga kavach if you are a devi follower.


Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Simha rashi

Jupiter has entered the 8th house from the lagna or your rashi. The transit of jupiter this year is significant to those who are spiritually inclined as jupiter transits 8th house in the moksha trikona. The transit of jupiter can also be good for financial gains and investment in property.

Jupiter aspecting 2nd house will ensure that you will have good financial gains and there can be a good possibility of purchasing property. Some of you may get money/property in inheritance depending on the dasha/antardasha and the promise in your horoscope.

Those who are looking forward to go abroad can get success this year as jupiter aspects the 12th house from your lagna/rashi. This aspect of jupiter is also good for your children to go abroad for higher studies.

There will be chinta/tension about the well-being of your children as jupiter is also the 5th house lord in the 8th house. Some of you may began to worry about the growth and overall prospects of your children. Health of children should be a concern as jupiter in the 8th house will be aspected by saturn between July to January which is not good.

Jupiter and saturn transits have not fully improved for you hence simha rasi people are still not going have a very good period. Those suffering from chronic diseases should take care of their health and well-being.

Students can get marks below their expectations so put lot of hard work and be focused on your goal.

Simha rashi remedies – Get bramhana bhojane seva done in any temple or at any dattatreya kshetra.on regular intervals with sankalpa for prosperity and well-being. Feeding Cow on Thursday can also be a good remedy. If you are in a position to donate a cow you can do so with sankalpa of prayaschitta of the sins done in this and previous births. You can donate in Raghavendra swamy mantralayam or anywhere to a bramhana or goshala.

The Vedas.

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Kanya rashi

Jupiter has entered the 7th house from your moon sign or the lagna. This is a good transit for you with respect to getting your desires fulfilled the initial 3 months till saturn is in the 6th house will be bad as rahu in the 8th and saturn in the 6th are making a papakartari yoga to the 7th house and afflicting the 6th and 8th houses due to which you should take care of your health and well-being of your spouse.

Rahu passing through the 8th house will be giving you chronic health issues or diseases/infections in the reproductive organs or gynecological issues in women. There will be a possibility of contracting STD’s and infections so be careful and avoid unhygienic places or practices.

This year with aspect of Saturn and jupiter on the 11th house there can be good rise in your income and gains. Push yourself to put more efforts and hardwork for your business. Business will flourish and give good success with more efforts and hardwork. You will make good friends and new contacts in the coming year which will be helpful for you in the future.

Jupiter’s aspect on the lagna will protect the health once saturn moves back to capricorn in July 2022. Those who are looking forward to get married can get married this year with some difficulty and delays but the transit is good for marriage to get finalized.

Students will need to work really hard to get the expected success this year, it will not be very easy to score so be prepared for it.

Kanya rasi remedies – Donate til on saturdays and light deepam in shani or hanuman temple reciting shani stotra and hanuman chalisa in the temple itself. This reduce the intensity of the negative results

The astrologer.

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Tula rashi

Jupiter is transiting through your the 6th house from your lagna or the moon sign. Passing through one of the trika houses in the artha trikona jupiter will be blessing you with growth and success in your career and overall financial prospects.

There will be good financial gains, growth in career and possibilities of foreign trips this year with jupiter’s positive aspect on the 2nd, 10th and the 12th house. You will have happiness and abundance in family life and there will be good news in the family.

Rahu passing through the 7th house aspected by saturn till July 2022 will be delaying your marriage and causing friction in the relationships. There will be friction in married life due to false assumptions or assessments. An engagement or a relationship can break away due to some misunderstandings.

Jupiter in the 6th house can give health issues due to over-eating and eating unhealthy food. So follow a healthy food and regular exercise regime and you are good to go. Those who are looking for foreign travels will have opportunities this year so pack your bags and start the preparations.

Saturn in juggling between the 4th and the 5th house is good for you, some of you will be able to buy your own house with saturn the 4th house lord in the 4th most of the year.

The marriage talks may not go through as rahu in the 7th house and saturn aspecting it from May to July will probably cause a break of relationship/engagement or will result in delay. Rahu’s presence in the 7th is not good for marriage this year.

Students will have good success provided they put in hard work and efforts as your 5th lord saturn does not give you results unless you work hard to achieve your goals.

Tula rasi remedies – Donate til and til oil on saturdays, light deepam in shani temple on saturdays and recite shani stotra.

The astrologer

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Vruschik rashi

Jupiter has entered your 5th house which is very shubha for you. This transit is extremely beneficial for those who are planning for children. The position of jupiter in meena rasi in own house is excellent and comes once in 12 years.

Rahu entering the 6th house will relieve you of many a problems within yourself and your married life. The Rahu/Ketu axis in your lagna and 7th house must have caused a lot of self-doubts,i nferiority complex, mental frustration and toxicity in your relationships which is almost over now.

Rahu has moved to the 6th house making it an excellent time for you to go out and win the world. You can get huge success in competitions or competitive environment. Your enemies who troubled you in the past must have gone or left all of the sudden due to some or the other circumstances.

Jupiter transit on your moon sign or lagna will give you a long desired mental stability and peace, it will slowly restore your health and well-being. There will be bhagyodaya for you in the coming year with good opportunities and stability in your life. The jupiter has come to bless you with increase in wealth, family, success and prosperity.

Saturn moving to the kumbha rasi can be good for some of you to buy your own house/invest in a property. Whenever saturn is involved with the 4th house a resale or old property is more suitable for such person if there is Saturn connected with the 4th house also in the birth horoscope.

Ketu in the 12th and Jupiter in the 5th are good for spiritual inclinations and will be helpful to find answers by delving deeper into your own self. Foreign travels could be possible this year for some of you.

Students will have a very good year and can score really good. So this is going to be a good year all in all.

Vruschik rasi remedies – Do go-daan if your financial condition permits or donate to go-shala or vedshala to fund a child’s education. Doing bramhana bhojane seva on thursdays will be beneficial.


Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Dhanu rashi

Jupiter has entered your 4th house in its own sign which is good for you as it will help you to grow in your professional life as well as spiritual life. This transit is a great balance to meet both ends. It is transiting through one of the moksha trikonas as well as aspecting the house of your karmas which will lead to karma-shuddhi. The theme of this transit should be spiritual progress through karma-shuddhi. (Cleansing your karmas).

The transit rahu in the 5th house is not very good as it can cloud your thinking through unrealistic thoughts and goals. It is also not good for those who are planning for a child, if already your 5th house in the horoscope has afflictions rahu passing can cause miscarriages/abortions.

Students will need to be realistic in their expectation and keep focus intact, rahu in the 5th will try to take you away from studies/goals and divert your focus to time wasting stuff. Those in relationships should also understand that this time is going to be difficult and can create many misunderstandings and cause breakups. Any unrealistic expectations will lead to problems.

Jupiter aspecting your 10th house will be extremely beneficial for you to get desired success in your career and professional life. There will be growth and abundance in your career, there will be opportunities for you to go abroad.

Saturn in the 3rd house till July is good for foreign journeys and trips, while its position in the 2nd house will be good for increasing savings/wealth but will give separation from the family.

Dhanu rasi remedies – Recite sarpa badha nivrutti stotram if you are pregnant or planning for a child and do sarpa sanskar as remedy if possible.

Your astrologer

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Makar rashi

Jupiter has entered your 3rd house the first of the kaama trikonas and you will continue to reap the reward of your hard work which you have done in the past 2-3 years. It is the time for fulfillment of many of your desires.

You will have financial gains, increase in your earnings and good success through networking, you will develop good contacts and friends. Business will flourish and become more profitable. If you are looking for angel investors you will be successful in getting them.

Marriage proposals will come for those who are looking for marriage, this is a very good year to get married and there will be success in it. The jupiter’s aspect on the 9th house will cause all round prosperity and bhagyodaya for your rashi/lagna.

Rahu/ketu axis entering the 4-10 house can create some disturbing atmosphere at home and affect your mental peace. The health of parents can be concern. Ketu in the 10th so make sure you do not take some rash decisions without thinking and repent later. Saturn in the lagna aspecting Ketu in the 10th can make people have too much expectations from you and you may not be able to fulfill them so focus on your work and short-comings and try to fill in the gaps.

Focus on wealth creation for the next 3 years as Saturn enters your 2nd house in January 2023, it will be a good time to focus on increasing your savings and plan for the future endeavors.

Students will have a decent year with respect to studies. Avoid investing in properties without proper check up in terms of legal aspects and vastu shastra aspects both. Rahu in the 4th often leads to a property with many doshas.

Makar rasi remedies – Offer Ooti bharan to mahalakshmi devi or durga devi on Fridays and give for tulsi archana seva in Raghavendra swamy matha with sankalpa for isthartha.

The astrologer

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Kumbha rashi

Jupiter has entered the 2nd house from your moon sign or the lagna which is going to be auspicious transit for you in terms of growth in the family, progress in your career and financial prosperity. The aspect of jupiter on the 8th house can give sudden gains or inheritance to some of you.

The transit Rahu passing through the 3rd house will be beneficial for you to make bold moves and take risky decisions. You can succeed by taking risks, but as lagna lord saturn is in still passing through the 12th between July to January you are advised to take care of your health and avoid undertaking risky adventures/travels.

Jupiter will give you good opportunities in your career to grow which will also increase your reputation. Your respect in the society will increase along with your financial prosperity. There will be good news in the family, celebrations in family are indicated. There will be get-togethers with family members. Addition in family is also on the cards.

Try to remain avoid enmity with others, there will be situations of creating enmity with people. Avoid getting into any legal issues. Health wise you are advised to undertake some physical activity and exercise to stay fit. This will be a good year for those who are connected to banking/law/teaching/consulting/agriculture/farming etc.

You can look forward to take some risks in career to establish yourself and your identity. Business will flourish with risks and efforts. The year is good with respect to students as they will be able to score good marks.

Kumbh rasi remedies – Recitation of vishnu sahasranamavali is good for you. Give for bramhana bhojane seva or tulsi archana seva on regular intervals.

The astrologer.

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for Meena rashi

Jupiter has entered your moon sign or the lagna which will be good for you to lift your moods and infuse positivity and new found optimism in your psyche. You will feel happy, cheerful and lighter as the year passes.

Presence of Rahu in the 2nd house aspected by Saturn for sometime between April to July can cause disturbance and misunderstandings withing the family. Financial expenses will increase and you could be financially burdened during this time.

This year is great for those who are looking forward to get married, you will find your jeevansathi or soul-mate and get married. There will be prosperity and abundance overall as jupiter is aspecting the 9th house of the bhagyodaya. You rise will be possible from this year onwards.

Those who are looking forward to having children should definitely make use of this year as jupiter is aspecting its exalted sign karka in the 5th house, if you are someone who has moon in meena rasi then there could be no better year than this to have children from April 2022-April 2023 as Jupiter is conjoined your 5th house lord moon in gochara and also aspecting the 5th house.

Meena rasi students are going to have an excellent year as you have full planetary backing, if you study hard some of you could even get into the merit list or get some fame. Those who are into creative fields can expect to get fame and recognition, especially the movie artists/actors/directors/content creators/professors/educationist. If you are someone who has moon in meena rasi you can create a masterpiece with your creativity/acting skills and gain fame popularity. Some of you can even gain fame through writing/authoring.

Meena rashi remedies – Spend on funding someone’s education, give for ved-shala, go-shala and brahmana bhojane seva. Do spend some part of your income in vedic karya and you will gain great merits as your 5th house lord moon is with jupiter if you belong to meena rasi. Those having meena lagna will have jupiter’s aspect on the 5th house and 9th house both.

Astrologer Ashish Desai.

This is all in jupiter transit 2022-2023 predictions for all 12 signs. These are general predictions and may not be applicable on each and every person with certain rashi as each person has a different horoscope with a different running dasha/antardasha. Even the influence of other planets on the moon or lagna in particular sign brings a difference due to its karakatwa and temperament.

For more personalized predictions you can connect with me on Whatsapp here or mail me to jyotishresearch@gmail.com. The consultation charges are applicable for all astrology consultations.

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