manglik dosha remedies

I have already written an article about Manglik and Non-Manglik marriage which covers most of the aspects of manglik dosha and the meaning of manglik dosha, this article is about manglik dosha remedies or the kuja dosha remedies. The placement of mars is the main parameter to check the manglik dosha, mars placed in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses in the horoscope is said to cause manglik dosha.

Mars is basically a fiery planet symbolizing aggression, fire, energy. The houses 1,2,4,7,8,12 are connected with self, family, domestic life, marriage, longevity, conjugal pleasures in the order of the houses given above. Placement of mars in any of the above houses will give excess energy and create havoc related to karakatwa of those houses. You can read more about that in Manglik and non manglik marriage article.

manglik dosha remedies
manglik dosha remedies

Manglik dosha Remedies

Remedies give full effect depending on your faith and the intensity with which you perform them. The intensity of affliction in the horoscope due to manglik dosha and other factors needs to be seriously considered before blaming the remedial part which people often do. The manglik dosha cancellation should also be checked properly. Consider this simple example before proceeding further, You are treating a cancer patient, the doctors simply evaluate the stages of cancer before starting the treatment, the expenses for treatment are also directly variable to the stages of the cancer. Medicines are continuously taken and health is monitored by the doctors.

The person having last stage of cancer has no hope of recovery or perhaps hardly 10-15% chances that too only if some divine intervention is there. Similarly there are horoscopes which have severe afflictions and combinations for divorce and widowhood, doing simple remedies once do not help these people at all which first needs to be understood, when you do something it should be done over years in the long run with faith, navagrah pooja etc should be regularly performed, remedies according to afflictions in horoscopes should be performed over a period of time to get best results. The horoscopes which have severe afflictions have very less hopes inspite of all the remedies due to heavy pending karmas which are to be suffered, people having these horoscopes have very less hopes, the best thing for them is to identify this since childhood and do continuous remedies like one would take continuous medicine for life time in case of chronic disease, the problem does not stop but it is controlled due to that.

  • Kumbh Vivah/Vishnu pratima vivah is one of the popular manglik dosha remedies, kumbh or ghat means earthen pot, the person having manglik dosha is made to marry the earthen pot by wearing a thread along with bridal clothes, jewellery etc. The marriage is celebrated like normal marriage with all rituals, kanya daan, and saat pheras, the thread is in the end tied to the earthen pot and the pot is immersed in water or visarjan is done considering the bride/groom as free from the manglik dosha now.
  • Ark vivah is another popular manglik dosha remedies, In this the groom is married to a tree. The Legendary actress Aishwarya Rai did all the above remedies including the ark and the kumbh vivah at various places in India, this is a classic example of remedies performed continuously and extensively, they also did Rudrabhishek, mangala aarti, marriage with peepal tree in varanasi, banyan tree in bangalore, marrying lord vishnu pratima in ayodhya. These are the extensive “Publicly Known” remedies they performed though they could have done just once and left, the unknown remedies they did must be many alongside this.
  • Worship Seeta-Ram for protection of marriage and good married life.
  • Marriage to somebody having mars in the same house as yours, the best would be both having mars in same house and same rashi. Daana of copper items, performing shaanti of mars and pooja with 1/10th havan.
  • Donation of Red Coral, Red Silk, Sindoor and Copper items on Tuesdays.
  • Donation of honey will relieve of stress, tensions and problems for those suffering in marriage.
  • Remedies are also categorized in Tamas, rajas and Satwa. Never resort to tamas remedies those mentioned in laal kitaab etc which do not give benefit or permanent happiness in the long run. Always resort to Satwik remedies, worship of lord narayana, Seeta-Ram is the best as Hari is sarvottama.
  • Manglik dosha gets cancelled if mars is placed in aries/scorpio his own houses or in exaltation but these placement should be without affliction, there should be no affliction to such a mars placed in 7th or either the 7th house and lord. Only then these cancellations work, It is always best to perform manglik dosha remedies to be on the safer side.
  • Always select a good muhurta for marriage, do not take muhurta lightly as it can seriously impact the future married life. Muhurta is the pillar or base of marriage, the planetary position of that time is like a birth chart of union of two souls meeting forever.

The below book of Mridula Trivedi ji on the topic of kuja dosha gives very elaborate remedies apart from the one mentioned here. You can buy the book to read about the impact of kuja dosha, it is a fantastic book and contains a very deep and genuine research on kuja dosha with hundreds of case studies.

The best solution here would be to identify the problems in the horoscopes since early years and remedies performed over years by self and by brahmanas to reduce the ill effects slowly. Remedies are not popping pills which will give result after taking them immediately. It is best in some cases to delay marriage if the dasha and the transits in the marriageable age are adverse. The manglik dosha remedies should be sought out after scrutinizing complete horoscope, blunders should be avoided while kundli matching, avoid checking horoscopes in softwares and matching them since kundli matching is a lot more than just checking scores in the software. A good muhurta for marraige + sound remedies + proper match-making can go a long way in controlling the bad effects if the horoscope of the concerned person has some scope of improvement in terms of marriage with remedies.

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