Astrological remedies for debts

I have written articles on totkas to get rid of debts and remedies for financial problems before this, but I thought may be I should write a new one with some fresh content which was probably not given earlier. Most of of the Astrological remedies for debts have been given in earlier posts but let us see some more about financial debt in astrology.

Planets Responsible for Debts

Mercury and Mars are the main planets responsible for Debts in astrology. Mercury when afflicted in any horoscope brings financial misfortunes, The horoscopes where mercury is conjoined with mars in 6th,8th and 12th houses are more vulnerable to get into financial problems due to loans.

Other Astrological reasons for debt problems and planetary combinations for debts have discussed in previous articles which can be read by clicking on the links above.

There is a small description of Planet Mercury in Shani mahatmya which says

बुध ज्यासी नीट त्यासी सर्व मार्ग सुचती सुभट..(those who have a well placed mercury will always find good ways to earn wealth).
बुध ज्यावरी कृपा करी लक्ष्मीवंत त्यासी करी !(The one who is blessed by Planet mercury will be able to earn money easily).

Shani Mahatmya

From the above it is clear that mercury should be good in the horoscope to steer clear from financial issues. Mars rules the natural 8th house of the horoscope while mercury rules the natural 6th house of the horoscope which is why these two planets cause financial disasters when conjoined together. Mere aspect of mars on mercury can also push a person into taking loans.

Astrological Remedies for debts

What are the astrological remedies for financial problems? Let us see some powerful remedies for financial problems.

  • Runamochak Mangal Stotra

This Runamochak mangal stotra is very powerful astrological remedy to get rid of debts. It should be recited daily 7 times with sankalpa of making you free of debts.

Astrological remedies for debts
Astrological remedies for debts

Keep a Mangal Yantra in your pooja room and do daily pooja of that while reciting runamochak mangal stotra. Donate Copper vessels filled with Urad daal in Raghavendra swamy mutt or to any sadbrahmana on Tuesdays with sankalpa of making you free from financial debts.

  • Budha panchavimshatinaam stotra

This is another powerful stotra of just 5 stanzas for planet mercury which can be recited 5 times daily with sankalpa of giving you financial success and making you free from debts. Donate Green moong daal in Raghavendra swamy mutt or to any sadbrahmana on Wednesdays with sankalpa of giving you good financial prosperity and you will see the results. Recite Venkatesh stotra daily with prayer to give you financial success. The above are excellent remedies for reducing financial debt in astrology.

  • Rudrabhisheka

Get rudrabhisheka done every Monday till you are in Financial problems, Do this with sankalpa of giving you financial prosperity.

One should always consult an astrologer before taking any debt. He should get his horoscope checked for any probable issues arising in future because financial problem is the biggest problem in life. Personally I have seen clients owning enterprises becoming paupers because of loans and debts.

For accurate diagnosis and remedies it is advised that you show horoscope to a good astrologer because every horoscope will have a different planetary combination indicating financial problem and the remedies will differ from horoscope to horoscope. The timing, the mahadasha pattern, the transits of planet with respect to your natal planets are all very important in determining the course of solutions.

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