Horoscope 2022 Tauras

People born with Tauras rising or Tauras Moon sign can check this article Horoscope 2022 Tauras. Here are the key transits for Vrishabh rashi people.

Venus retrograde at the start of the year in your 8th house

Mercury retrograde in January 2022 in 9th house.

Rahu/Ketu axis entering your 6/12th house axis.

Jupiter to transit Pisces on 13th April 2022 in your 11th house.

Saturn to transit Aquarius on 29th April 2022 for a short stay of 3 months in your 10th house

Saturn moves back to Capricorn on 12th July 2022 (Retrograde from 5th June to 23rd October) in your 9th house.

Jupiter retrograde 29th July to 24th November

Mars Retrograde 30th October to January 2023

As per Drik Siddhanta

Horoscope 2022 Tauras

Vrishabh rashi will be having a good year in 2022 although the start of the year may be little low as your rashi/lagna lord is passing through the 8th house in retrogression. You should be careful about your health and well-being in the initial 2 months of the year 2022. The first half of the year will be mixed as only jupiter from kendra is positive. Rahu in your lagna will be trouble maker if you are a krittika nakshatra person as Rahu is passing through your janma nakshatra.

The lagna/moon gripped by rahu and the lord Venus retrograde passing through 8th house overall is not a very good picture for you at the start of the year. Mercury’s retrogression can cause communication gaps/misunderstandings and some issues in areas related to children/studies and family.

You will see some improvement in your life in the later part of the year as Rahu moves away from your rashi/lagna and Jupiter enters your 11th house with saturn entering the 10th house of the horoscope. Rahu entering the 12th house can bring opportunities for foreign travels.

Career/profession horoscope 2022 Tauras

The start of the year will be normal in terms of career as jupiter is posited in the 10th house, though not a shubha planet for tauras people it is still a benefic signifying expansion, growth and betterment. Jupiter as the 8th lord can indicate changes in profession for some of you as it speeds up its journey through your 10th house.

Saturn entering your 10th house after April 2022 can give you additional roles/responsibilities which could be crucial. A change of project, a new project, a new position/responsibility can come your way in the next half of the year in terms of career. You will prosper through networking, gains through your colleagues/friends in the later half of the year. Try to make new contacts and network with people which can be helpful for you.

Financial prospects Horoscope 2022 Tauras

This year will pan out good for you in terms of financial prospects, there will be possibility of getting an increment in your job either in the same job or through some other opportunity. The jupiter aspecting the 2nd house is good in the first half while Jupiter entering the 11th house in own sign in in April 2022 will also prove good for gains/earnings through business. The 2nd half will be especially good for business owners/entrepreneurs in terms of getting good gains/income.

Your expenses will also increase with the rahu entering 12th house, much of the money could be spend in just useless purposes with less or no outcome from it. Saturn will be aspecting Rahu between April 2022 to July 2022 in the 12th house which can cause useless outflow of money. Avoid the temptation to spend too much at that time if it is not really required.

Marriage/Married life/Relationships Horoscope 2022 Tauras

The first half for some of you can be difficult as Ketu will be in process of removing its last leg from the Anuradha/Visakha nakshatra preparing to enter tula rasi. Avoid any decisions affecting the future of your relationships. Some distance can be a good distance for the time being. Give free space to your spouse if there are problems between you. Your differences will get resolved after April 2022.

Those who are looking forward to get married will have a positive year after April 2022 when Jupiter and Saturn both enter Kumbha and Meena respectively. Vrishabh folks will have an exciting year after April in terms of relationships and marriage.

Health Well-being Horoscope 2022 Tauras

As mentioned at the beginning the start of the year is not very good for you with your rasi/lagna lord retrograde and transiting through the 8th house. Those who already have health troubles should be very careful in the first 2 months of the year. Take your health and well-being seriously in the first 2 months of the year and you will be doing good after that. Remain physically active and do as much exercise as you can. Look at your cholesterol, weight and sugar issues if you have any of these. The more you exercise the more better for you.

Remedies Horoscope 2022 Tauras

  • Get Durga saptashati paaths done in the first 3 months of the year with sankalpa for protection, well-being and good health.
  • Get 10000 japa of moon done and donate Rice, White vastra, Pearl, Silver and yathashakti dakshina to a bramhana if too much mental frustration, health problems related to mother or domestic troubles if you are a person born in Krittika nakshatra as gochara rahu is passing through your nakshatra.
  • Donate medicines and blankets to the poor and needy people between April 2022 to July 2022 and light deepa in shani temple on Saturdays.
  • Recite Vishnu sahasranaam for financial prosperity.

DisclaimerThis is a general prediction and does/may not hold good for everyone as each and everyone will have a different planetary position, different astakvarga, different bhinnastavarga points and different dashas in his personal birth horoscope. The positive/negative effects can be amplified based on the overall structure of your personal horoscope.

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