Balarishta yoga

Balarishta yoga is considered one of the arishta yoga in astrology which is said to give short life or death in infancy. But is it true that all people having balarishta yoga will have short life? Are there any remedies mentioned for balarishta yoga? What are the cancellations for Balarishta yoga in horoscope? Let us understand more about Balarishta yoga in astrology.

What is Balarishta yoga?

“Baal” refers to Infancy or childhood and “Arishta” refers to suffering, evil, pain or death like suffering. It is not necessary that everyone having Balarishta yoga will die in infancy. There are cancellations of balarishta yoga and the “Ayurdaaya” chapter deals exclusively with combinations for longevity which should be ascertained before jumping to any conclusion regarding Balarishta yoga.

The horoscope should checked first to ascertain the longevity whether it is:

  • Alpayu Horoscope (upto 32 years)
  • Madhyayu Horoscope (upto 70 years)
  • Poornayu Horoscope (upto 120 years)

Only after applying these checks should one proceed further to analyze the horoscope. If you come across balarishta yogas in the horoscope you should check for the yogas indicating cancellation of balarishta yoga. There are chapters given on Balarishta yoga, Arishta yogas and Arishta bhanga which gives combinations for cancellation of balarishta and arishta yogas in horoscope.

Balarishta yogas

  1. Weak Moon in lagna aspected by all 3 malefics.
  2. Moon in 6th or 8th house or moon ruling these houses and aspected by all malefics.
  3. Birth in Twilight and Moon’s hora when malefics are strong and aspecting lagna or moon.
  4. When Birth is during the end of “A tithi, A nakshatra, A sign, A navamsha, A day, or Night” and ascendant or moon be under malefic influence.
  5. Birth during thunder stroke, A comet, Earthquake or any natural calamity.

Like this there are many balarishta yogas mentioned in the classical texts.

Cancellation of Balarishta yoga

  1. Lord of Ascendant with strength posited in Angle or trine and aspected by benefic planets.
  2. Jupiter with clear bright rays full of strength posited in lagna and angular houses are not occupied by 8th lord.
  3. When both Moon and the ascendant is aspected by benefic planets the child is free from all afflictions.
  4. Moon and lagna or lagnesha aspected by benefics, or Jupiter aspecting them. Rashi lord and lagna lord posited in angles cancels balarishta yoga.
  5. Malefic planets posited in upachaya houses and benefics in angles protect longevity and remove many arishta yogas.
  6. Shukla paksha night birth, Krishna paksha day birth protects longevity even if moon is posited in 6th or 8th house.
  7. Moon during night birth in 11th and Sun during day birth in 11th removes many crores of evils as said by Garga rishee.
  8. All planets posited in own sign at birth of child ward off all the evils in horoscope.
  9. Rahu posited in 3rd, 6th or 11th house aspected by benefic planets wards of all the evils, same effect if rahu is posited in Ascendant with signs, Aries, Tauras or Cancer.
  10. Moon aspected by Venus wards of all evils or full moon in its exaltation point dispels all evils.

Remedies for Balarishta yoga

The remedies are always horoscope specific and cannot be generalized for any event. The first 8 years of the child are governed by the punya or meritorous deeds of his parents, hence parents are advised to do more and more japa, daana and avoid doing any sinful acts which can affect the child. They should seek prayaschitta and perform remedies according to malefic planets in their horoscopes.

One is also advised to avoid falling in traps of “Balarishta yantra” etc, If you really want to have protection of your child you yourself can take up some purascharana or get any remedies done via a brahmana with sankalpa for protection of a new born.

The following remedies in general can be performed:

  • Propitiation of planet causing arishta yoga.
  • Tula daan and ayushya homa.
  • Mrityunjaya japa and homa only in critical cases.
  • Some anusthana with sankalpa like recitation of Ram raksha stotra, Vishnu panjar stotra which protect can be under taken by parents to protect child.

They should seek advise and remedies from a good daivagnya if they see any balarishta yogas in the horoscope of a new born child.

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