C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts

Becoming a parent carries a lot of sentimental value, your child is an extension of your own self and all parents want their children to be very happy, healthy, successful and get the best in everything right from education, career, marriage and financial success. A good C-section Muhurat can help you achieve this to a good extent.

Today 8 out of 10 child births happen through c-section which is a very high rate due to various factors like late marriages, late child planning, inability of having normal delivery due to stressed and highly busy lifestyles, hospitals pushing for C-section for their benefits.

Getting a Auspicious C-section Muhurat is becoming a popular trend as all parents want their children to take birth on auspicious time, If you are one of them, you have come at the right place, Read C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts to know how c-section Muhurta works.

Every human born on the earth takes birth in a planetary position which is perfectly in sync with his/her past karmas. The past is unalterable but the future definitely has scope for changes and improvements. The future can be improvised.

I get a lot of queries from people about selection of Auspicious birth time for c-section which prompted me to write this article about C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts due to many misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations held by people on this topic.

A Muhurta technically means 2 ghatikas or 48 minutes which are auspicious for performing an auspicious work/ceremony.

C-section Muhurat can be called as a foundation on which the entire life of a jataka can be firmly set. As we say, if the foundation of the construction is storng the building does not collapse in difficult times.

Marriage Muhurat and Upanayana Muhurat are two muhurats which act like a base/pillar for starting a new life giving a new life for the jataka. The horoscopes of this timings can be individually studied to find good or bad events happening in future. The muhurta horoscope works exactly like a birth horoscope giving a lot of valuable information like strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats.

Here is one article on Shubh Muhurat for C-section Delivery for those interested in consulting me for auspicious cesarean birth muhurats.

C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts

C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts
C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts

Cesarean Muhurat is not like any other Muhurat which is selected for performing ceremony/religious act/starting a work/setting out to accomplish some task etc. A muhurat is an auspicious moment during which any act performed gives immense punya/merits due to auspiciousness of that time. The outcome of doing such acts is positive for the doer or it ensures safety and protection.

It is like investing your money in a mutual fund which will give you manyfold returns in long run. A Muhurta is good for performing ceremonies, doing daan, doing religious acts, starting certain work, undertaking travel, starting a business, joining job, doing shodas sanskaras to get benefits of that auspicious moment over a period of time.

C-section Muhurat is casting a birth horoscope of a person about to take birth by selecting auspicious planetary configuration within a given time period. The horoscope is a blueprint through which one can understand the entire karmic pattern of the soul, it shows the positive and negative aspects of life, the strength, the weakness, the opportunities and the threats.

A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with that child’s individual karma. The horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing their unalterable past and its probably future results. Swami Yukteshwar giri – An autobiography of a yogi.

  • Cesarean muhurat starts with fixing the rising ascendant or sign in the 1st house which is the pillar of the entire horoscope.
  • The lord of the ascendant or first house should be strong and well placed to give strength of character and general success in life.
  • Moon sign is selected based on the auspiciousness of planets placed from moon and the condition of rasi lord where moon is placed.
  • The nakshatra of Moon is selected which gives dasha pattern from birth, this dasha pattern should be of auspicious planets for prosperity and success.
  • An Auspicious Tithi, yoga, Vaar, and Karana is selected for panchang shuddhi which is also an important part, though secondary to the planetary positions.
  • The navamsha horoscope is checked and placement of planets in navamsha is considered for strength and overcoming defects of birth horoscope to some extent.
  • All this above steps lead to a narrow window of about 10-15 minutes. The minute divisions beyond navamsha cannot be fixed by us as the time window starts getting smaller and many doctors often object that 15 minutes window is very short time which is obviously true.
  • The above steps are very crucial and take a lot of effort and time to select best timings from the days given by the client. This horoscope will affect the jataka for entire life, It is a blueprint of his karmic past, present and future.

What are C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts ?

C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts

  • Days like Shivratri, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepawali do not mean excellent muhurta, these muhurta is based on panchang shuddhi and Solar/Lunar yogas and has nothing to do with planetary positions on these respective days.
  • You may not always be lucky to get good timings when you go for a c-section muhurat consultation. You consult an astrologer during certain days which means that the destiny of child is fixed with the planetary positions during those 15-20 days. Slow moving planets don’t change at all, Saturn,Jupiter, Rahu and ketu will not even change navamsha, Few planets can be badly afflicted during that time frame, 1-2 or more than 2 planets are debilitated during certain days.
  • Moon signs and nakshatra can be good and bad depending on conditions prevalent at that particular time.
  • Moola nakshatra is not bad as it seems, people born on moola nakshatra get 20 years venus dasha in their teenage and early youth because child was born in ketu dasha and ketu rules moola nakshatra. Besides gandaant nakshatra indicate transformations in life as they are junctions of water and fire.
  • Moola nakshatra birth, Ashlesha nakshatra birth or jyestha nakshatra birth etc won’t kill anyone unless they are destined to die as per their own horoscope. The child’s horoscope is just an indicator of these events and it does not cause these events independently.
  • Rahu-Kaalam, chogadiya are not primary factors and not so impact causing in c-section muhurta unless the planetary position, navamsha, dasha all are bad.
  • Rahu-kaalam is considered good for marriage especially Gandharva vivah which means love marriages.
  • One will never get a super-human child with c-section muhurta with all good yogas only. Both the good and the bad operate at any given time.
  • A child is always born to parents according to the promise in their horoscopes. You will not bore good children if you are destined to have a bad child as per promise in your own horoscope. Always remember children are a fruit (phal) of your own good and bad karmas (5th house indicates purva punya/paapa) which is why Pumasavana samskara etc were done to have a blessed child by our purvaj, but people hardly have time now.
  • Broad time windows like 10:30 to 12:30 defeat the purpose of auspicious c-section muhurtam. 9 navamshas change in 2 hours, degree of ascendant changes in every 4 minutes, placement in bhav chalit changes as lagna degrees shift ahead.
  • Your punya karma in this birth will still be able to nullify many bad combinations and have children at good time through god’s divine grace. The punya karma of parents often guide the astrologer to select a good time as the astrologer always works through divine channel.
  • It is always good if the mother and father do lot of punya karma when the child is in the womb, Pre-natal and Post-natal samskaras help to shape and individual, the child learns right through the womb, What you read, do and follow in those 9 months has a lot of impact on the child. The story of abhimanyu in Mahabharata proves this point.

If you have read and understood this post C-section Muhurat Myths and facts you will not select birth timings loosely and consult a good astrologer for getting Auspicious C-section Muhurat for you own benefit.

Some experiences while doing astrology consultations.

It has come to my notice that some websites are literally cheating people by giving, broad c-section timings in name of auspicious c-section muhurat citing starting and ending time of particular lagna, there is no consideration of dasha pattern, navamsha lagna, position of planets in navamsha whatsoever.

They just give a very appealing astrology PDF report containing all jargon of astrology and general meanings of planets in sign which is same for all. Some clients sent me such reports from other websites and I was literally blown off reading it, a good presentation even if it is meaningless attracts people and they like it.

To all such people who are not concerned with quality of birth time or actual muhurta as they lack understanding of astrology, I have only one thing to say, do not consult me.

I believe in detailed study and give only time windows based on my analysis and understanding of placement of planets from lagna, moon sign, dasha factor, navamsha lagna, navamsha position of planets as primary factors followed by panchanga analysis like day, tithi, yoga, karna.

I am taking a limited C-section Astrology consultations and do not believe in doing 100’s for 2 reasons,

1- it sucks my energy and

2- erodes my sadhana/punya,

So if you are someone who wants it cheap and free and thinks that astrologers are available everywhere, please go somewhere else. If you want quality you should be prepared to pay, else cheap hustlers are everywhere you are free to keep your child’s future at stake.

Some people expect Free auspicious c-section timings or free astrology consultations while others try to bargain as if they are purchasing vegetables in the market.

I charge for my expertise and experience and I know my work, the consultation charges for Auspicious Cesarean Muhurta is 3999/- INR or 70 USD in which you can get any number of changes in dates/timings till delivery. Please ask for discounts at the hospital if you want to save money, do not ask me for discounts/free consultations.

Get in touch via WhatsApp here or mail to jyotishresearch@gmail.com auspicious C-section Muhurta.

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