Music Broadcast IPO Should You invest

Music Broadcast is all set to launch its “Initial public offer” (IPO) tomorrow on 6th March 2017. Music broadcast limited is the owner/operator of leading Radio brand popularly known as the “Radio City FM station”. ┬áMusic Broadcast IPO starts on 6th march 2017 for subscription and closes on 8th march 2017. One client asked me the following query? Will investment in Music Broadcast IPO be profitable for me or investors in the long run?

He gave horary number 29 and the analysis are as follows:-

Music Broadcast IPO Should you invest
Music Broadcast IPO Should you invest

Music Broadcast IPO Should you invest

The number 29

2+9=11 (gains).

1+1= 2 (gains).

The number itself indicates that investing in music broadcast IPO will be profitable, but I checked the prashna horoscope and the analysis are as follows:

The prashna horoscope has Vrishabh lagna rising with Moon in lagna. Moon is signifying 3rd house indicating that the query is about subscribing to some share issue. It is in sub of ketu who is signifying 2,5,7,9,10,11 which makes it clear that the query is about gains.

The 12th Sublord is mars who is signifying the following houses. (Long term Investment).

Mars 7,11,12

Nakshatra Ketu 2,5,7,9,10,11

Sub Venus 1,6,11

Mars is strongly signifying 2,6,10,11 houses which indicates that the Investment in Music broadcast will be profitable in the long run for investors.

The present dasha of moon indicates that the start may not be very good till 2019 as the antardasha are of mixed planets signifying both 8,12 and 2,10,11. Overall it will give average profits till 2019. Mars dasha starts after 2019 November which is signifying very good houses as above, so looking to invest in long run will derive good profits. The Value of shares might be down between 2018 May to 2019 November but even people investing during that time will derive very good profits post 2020.

The chain of dashas is very good in the long run indicating that the investors will have good gains for this public issue. They have already raised 146 Crores through primary investors

Conclusion: The investment in music broadcast IPO will be profitable for long term investor giving very good profits. The shares of Music Broadcast will start touching heights in mars dasha which starts from 2019 November making it look like a safe bet for long term investor.

Note:┬áDo your own research before investing in it, every person’s horoscope does not promise gains and will not get the same results inspite of company making profits. The timing of entry and Exit in share market matters a lot and hence company making profit does not always mean investors making profit unless one is a very long term investor and has patience to wait and earn.


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