Vastu Bedroom tips for happy married life

Our Vastu and its positive and negative energies also play a vital role in living a happy life. A bedroom is a place where husband and wife share a very private intimate bonding and relationship, it is where this relationship flourishes and bonding becomes strong. This room should be given its due importance according to vastu when it comes to having harmony in married life. Vastu bedroom tips for happy married life is about sharing some important tips for a good married life or reducing tensions in married life.

Vastu Bedroom Tips for happy married life

If you are facing problems in your married life inspite of everything being okay in your respective horoscopes, check the following in your vastu.

Vastu bedroom tips for happy married life

Vastu bedroom tips for happy married life.

Bed between two windows and bed in corners

  • Do you have your bed between door and windows?
  • Do you have your bed between two windows?
  • Do you have bed between two corners of a room?
  • Do you have a mirror in front of your bed?
  • Do you have your bed below load bearing column wall?
  • Is your bed above kitchen stove or toilet if you stay in an independent house?
  • Is your bed just above stair case?
  • Is your bed attached to wall of toilet behind?
  • Do you have paintings/photos of saints/yogis or weird paintings/ fight/ cruelty depicting paintings in your bedroom?

All the above settings will lead to problems in married life. Correction in above faults will help you to bring harmony in your relationships with spouse.

Vastu bedroom tips for happy married life

  • Keep a frame of Radha krishna looking at each other lost in love in your bedroom. This will increase love and respect between the couple.
  • Keep pair of mandarin ducks or pigeons kissing each other.
  • Keep pair of pink crystal hearts.
  • Having a photo album of yours with best romantic photos on the wall.
  • Always make sure that your bed is not between two windows, or between door and windows or in front of mirror/door etc.

There are many such simple corrections, remedies which can be carried out in any vastu depending on the individual problems of each vastu after careful study of entire surroundings/plot/bldg and flat.

A good vastu expert can help you plan your house/flat/office/commercial space to be aligned in sync with nature’s energy forces.

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