Planets and Travel Abroad

Planets and Travel abroad

Few months ago, one of my friends came to me and started asking me about astrology and was trying to make fun of me as he came to know that I do astrology since many years and he started asking for the sake of fun. I gave him some predictions and asked a few questions which proved correct and he was very happy and finally believed that there is something in astrology to believe. Next time he seriously came with his horoscope and asked me about his career and said that he wanted to go abroad to earn better as he was tired of working here for such a low income. There had been no increment and progress since 3 years. I checked his horoscope and gave the following predictions :-


He should try going abroad this year as jupiter will enter tauras his 8th house over natal jupiter and complete 2nd cycle along with aspecting the 10th lordn and 2nd house which will bring changes for sure. Saturn in libra will aspect his 10th house so jupiter and saturn will influence 10th house which is good for career.

His dasha was Venus-saturn-saturn.

As told earlier :-
* Saturn is the 4th lord in 3rd afflicted and aspecting 12th.
* D10 has 10th lord saturn placed in 12th showing that he will go abroad.
* 10th lord in Water sign in rashi gandaant along with 2nd lord also in water sign in rashi gandaant show family problems and chance for going abroad.
* 12th lord in 4th is another sign of going abroad.

Needless to say, He got a job abroad in the later half of 2012 and I was very happy for the prediction coming out true as it helped him in the time of his distress.

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  1. Dear sir,

    My birth date is 04-02-1985. 21.15hrs(9.15 pm).
    Presently looking for foreign jobs. will get foreign job if go and search over there.please give me ur comments. Will b settling outside india. past three years trying i cant get proper job.

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