Indu Lagna and your financial position

Uttarakalamrita a classical text on astrology has given a method for assessment of wealth and prosperity a jataka can have in his life. The sign arrived by using the calculation given in this method is known as INDU LAGNA. You can find the Indu lagna and your financial position in life using this method.

How to Find Indu Lagna in your horoscope

  • The 7 planets from Sun gain in their order Sun 30, Moon 16, Mars 06, Mercury 08, Jupiter 10, Venus 12 and Saturn 1 Units or Kalas respectively.
  • Note the 9th lords from the lagna and the moon sign
  • Add the units contributed by each of them
  • Divide the total arrived by 12 to remove the multiples and note the Remainder.
  • Count the Rasis from Moon as this remainder Suggests, that will be the INDU LAGNA.

An Unblemished Benefic or an Exalted Malefic in the Indu lagna can make one a Multi-millionaire. Ordinary malefic influence can create only ordinary financial status.

Now in practice it is not possible to find everyone with an exalted Malefic or benefic planets associated with the Indu lagna to be a rich person, Why ?

A lagna remains for 2 hours and 15 minutes approximately while moon stays in one sign for 2 and half days roughly. So people born in the 2.15 hour time frame on any given day with the same moon sign will have same indu lagna, there can be thousands of people born on the same lagna on any given day and considering same lagna next day also with the same moon sign again few thousands will be born.

So it is impossible that all of them will be rich or enjoy huge prosperity or poverty based on the Indu lagna position alone.

So how are you going to assess the wealth status of a jataka based on Indu lagna ?

Since Rishi vakya cannot be wrong, there is definitely something else one should check to know whether the jataka will enjoy good financial prosperity. As jyotish sutras are scattered in any classical text they should not be interpreted literally.

Here is a Video on Indu lagna and Your Financial Position for a better understanding if you prefer to watch videos.

First let us check some horoscopes to verify the Indu lagna.


In the horoscope given below the Indu lagna is Tauras/Vrishabh and it has a benefic Venus in its own sign, the venus is posited with another benefic Mercury. The jataka is a friend of mine and works in a top position in one of the top international banks. He is indeed a multi-millionaire as mentioned under the results of Indu lagna.

Indu lagna and your financial position
Indu lagna and your financial position

9th Lord from the Lagna is Venus who gets 12 units/Kalas.

9th lord from the Moon is Mercury who gets 08 units/Kalas.

Total is 12+8=20.

20/12, We get 1 as Quotient and 8 as the remiander.

Counting 8 signs from Libra (moon sign) we get Tauras as the Indu lagna.

Tauras has 2 benefics including a self-posited Venus which is excellent.

So Indu lagna is having a benefic Venus in own rasi which indicates that the jataka has the combination to become multi-millionaire as per Uttarakalamrita. He is indeed a wealth person and the dhanayogas in the horoscope also clearly indicate it.


The horoscope given below has Cancer as Indu lagna with an exalted Jupiter in the Indu lagna, he is even more successful and a multi-Billionaire person known to me. He is working in one of the top motor companies in the world and into artificial intelligence.


The 9th house from the lagna is ruled by Sun who gets 30 Units/Kalas.

The 9th house from the Moon is ruled by Mars who gets 06 Units/Kalas.

The total of both is 36 which when divided by 12 gives “ZERO”.

In case of remainder being “ZERO” you have to consider the remainder as 12 and count 12 houses from the chandra rashi.

So 12th From the chandra rashi is KARKA WITH EXALTED JUPITER.

The Indu lagna is Karka with Jupiter exalted in it.

What is the common factor between both of these two horoscopes in terms of Dhanayogas ?

Case 1 – The 2nd and the 11th lord is Jupiter posited with an Exalted Sun in the 3rd house, he has earned his wealth through self efforts. From chandra lagna the 2nd lord Mars and the 11th lord Sun both are exalted and Mars aspects Sun.

Case 2 – The 2nd lord Saturn is vargottama in the lagna, the 11th lord Venus is posited in own house in the 11th house. 9th lord Sun even though debilitated is in the upachaya house in 11th. Moon is also vargottama. From chandra lagna 2nd and 11th lord Mercury is aspected by Yogakaraka Mars and 5th lord Jupiter both.

So both cases have very good dhanayogas apart from benefic planets influencing Indu lagna, both are born in Middle class families but rose to a pretty good status in life.

Conclusion – Indu lagna and your financial position

The above two cases prove that Indu lagna can be a very good indicator of your financial position in life, however one should always cross check if there are good dhanayogas and good dasha pattern to come up in life. There can be cases where the Indu lagna is having benefic planets/exalted malefics but the person is having an ordinary life. So what is your indu lagna and your financial position ?

Note: In Jagannatha hora, you can find the Indu lagna in the box where you see the planetary degrees besides the horoscope. You just have to right click anywhere in the planetary degrees box and Choose “SELECT BODIES TO BE SHOWN” and put a tick in the Indu lagna box if it is unchecked, Now you will be able to see Indu lagna if you scroll down in the planetary degrees box.

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