how to read a horoscope ?

How to read a horoscope ?

Horoscope reading is an art in itself and requires logical bent of mind to read a horoscope, I am not here to teach you how to read a horoscope ? This article demonstrates how your horoscope can reveal a wealth of information about you, your family, your parents, siblings, prosperity, status, wealth etc.

This article is just about giving an idea on how you can read your own horoscope and know basic things. I am taking a horoscope of a very wealth person I personally know about just to explain and give an idea of how your horoscope can reflect about your past, present and future.

Here is a screenshot of one horoscope in my collection and the details and degree of ascendent has been erased for security and privacy purposes.

How to read a horoscope








The above horoscope is of a very rich businessman, the well placed 2nd lord in the 9th house aspected by jupiter moon and involved in the gajakesari yoga explains it all. The prosperity obviously started from venus mahadasha and is yet to reach the peak in by the end of moon dasha which will be coming within a year. The lagna and 10th lord mercury is debilitated in the 7th house and with ketu so how did the person prosper in business ?
Usually a strong mercury is required for business, but here it is debilitated and conjuct with ketu even though jupiter aspects it.

What is the striking feature in this horoscope ???

Here you can see the placement of 9th lord venus and its involvement in Gaja kesari yoga, Does something strike your eye ??

Okay now take a look at the exalted sun, does anything strike you now ?

9th house and sun is for father, Here it is clear that the father is the architect of his destiny. It is the father who has sown the seeds for bright future of his children, It was father who had a great vision and who established, obviously the person has worked very hard to achieve success but the vision is of father without which such a big success could not have been possible. The family of this person owns many businesses in their town and were the first to establish them in that place, now it is kind of a monopoly for them as they have a history of many years being in various businesses in that place.


Here if you see the placement of venus, it is the 2nd and 9th lord in 9th involved in gajakesari yoga with aspect of 7th lord jupiter and 11th lord moon giving huge dhanayogas. The debilitation of mercury shows that the jatak has just taken the business ahead with hard work and toiled to make it a success but hasn’t established something new on his own, so it is the lagna lord whichs hows if a person will achieve or create something like the father of this jatak did. Here it is the 9th lord venus involved in gajakesari yoga with moon and jupiter where the brothers (especially elder) of the jatak has also helped him, it is a chart which shows ideal family bondings as well, the siblings are also rich and prosperous like him.

This person also owns a big house now in the dasha of sun, Here is what classics say about owning a big house :-

  • Jatak tatwa says moon and venus in 4th give multi-storied house (here moon and venus are connected to 4th lord in the 3rd house).
  • Benefic in 3rd, 4th lord and lord of navamansh of 4th lord – strong multi-storied house with a compound (here there is a benefic in 3rd with 4th lord, navamansh lord of 4th lord jupiter is sun and exalted so its strong.)
  • 4th lord strong in its own house or in (3,6,10,11) upachaya houses, aspected by benefics, gain of much property. Here 4th lord is in an upachaya house aspected by benefic venus and with a benefic moon, He has other properties as well.

This is the way one can read horoscopes, the stronger the lagna lord the more self-made the person is, other planets strong can give results through other factors as shown above, the above horoscope also shows a strong luck factor as 9th lord in 9th is aspected by jupiter and it shows a divine grace of goddess Lakshmi. The prosperity has increased after the birth of a daughter which is quite clearly reflected in the chart. I hope readers must have got an idea about how to read a horoscope now and they can now be able to relate/find out things in their horoscopes. I have not used divisional horoscopes in this article but they are also to be seen, this article is just to give a rough idea about horoscope reading.

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