Toilet in East and health issues

I have been doing vastu consultations along with astrology since a few years now and it has been observed by me that there is a strong connection of Toilet in East and health issues in a vastu. It does not matter where the facing of the toilet is because the sewage and draining system of such a toilet also happens to be in the east. So even if you change the face of the sitting, you cannot change the drainage/sewage lines connected to that toilet.

The classical texts have no objections with Bathrooms in the east as far as they are only used for Bathing and not for latrine. Toilets in the south are acceptable only when they are outside the house and not inside. Atleast they should strictly not be there in the South-East which has to do with Agni Tatwa.

But with the flat system taking precedence now we have 2-3-4 toilets inside the house depending on the size of the apartment and they are spread in many directions creating multiple vastu dosha.

The west direction is the only ideal direction for discarding all the waste, so the flats/house where toilets are in the west are ideal.

East is the direction of the rising sun, it governs good health, vitality and reputation. Having a toilet in the east or even the South-east direction is primarily seen affects the health and the vitality of the people staying in such house/flats. South-east having lack of agni tattwa will give health issues among the women folks in the family. Miscarriages/mishaps are common in such type of flats/houses.

Toilet in east and health issues

Case-study of Vastu dosha caused by toilets in the east

The above layout is of a 2bhk Flat with east facing entrance which is very good but all the toilets of the house were in the East direction only. The toilets are also adjacent to the temple of the house.

I asked the owner if they have faced health issues after coming into that flat, and everybody in this particular wing is suffering from health issues. They said “YES”, they are diabetics and have had many health issues since they came to this flat. Their own parents had shifted on the upper floor few years back after which they had many health issues and surgery as well.

The owner’s mother passed away this year while staying in the flat on the upper floor, they were staying on rent for 5 years. The interesting thing is the owner of the flat above them came back to live after this person vacated the flat, the owner has also faced the same series of problems.

Other people staying on the floor below also had severe health confirmed by my client. The common thing in all the flats here was the vastu dosha caused toilets in the east.

Vastu Remedy for toilets in the east direction

Burying manikya (RUBY). can be done in such a flat near the toilet area, but it will not remove the problem 100%. They had done ratnadhyaay in that flat (burying gemstones) as suggested by some other vastu shastri earlier, though the remedy gave them results it was only 30-40% not more than that.

They asked me if there are any other vastu remedy for toilets in the east direction like changing the direction of the toilet to the west etc. I simply replied you have already done what you could, there is nothing more you can do here.

Changing the direction of the toilet seat will not change the sewage lines that create the dosha for all the flats, so it is not a sound remedy.

I asked if Ratnadhyaay helped them in any way since it was done, they said yes, their children faced a lot of problem in getting married, but after doing this remedy they got married within a year and also got success in career. Their son is an administrative officer in the government though he does not stay in that flat now. He also had a son recently. This couple still stays in that flat and has to battle health issues, those who were not destined to suffer moved out.


Avoid purchasing a house which has Toilet in the east or the south-east. A toilet in south-east can cause severe health issues and mishaps to women in the house, while the toilets in the east generally give chronic health issues and other problems depending on the intensity of overall vastu dosh.

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