Will I clear Visa interview

Many countries require a visa and passport for foreign travels. Students and job seekers are always asking queries regarding clearing of visa interview. Especially job seekers abroad and those who want to settle abroad ask this query to an astrologer. Will I get a visa? Will I clear visa interview?

A client of mine had applied for Visa and had scheduled his interview on 12th October 2016. He came to me and asked whether he will clear the interview and get the visa for USA?

I told him to give a number between 1 to 249 by doing the following steps.

Pray to god for right guidance.
Think about your query in your mind, focus on it for sometime, Will I clear the Visa interview?
Give any number between 1 to 249.

He gave the number 52, I cast his prashna horoscope as follows:-

Will I clear visa interview
Will I clear visa interview 

The rising sign is mithuna and moon is placed in the 7th house with the 6th and 11th lord mars indicating the query to be of success in interview. Moon is placed in the nakshatra of Sun who is signifying 3,4 signifying Visa (document) and change of place.

The query is correct.

The 3rd cuspal sublord should signify the 11th house and the 11th cuspal sublord should signify the 3rd house for success in interview. The 6th cuspal sublord signifying 11th house also gives success in job interviews usually.

Here 3rd cuspal sublord is rahu and does not signify 11th house. The 11th CSL  is saturn and it does not signify the 3rd house. It is in sub of mercury which is a dual planet indicating that there will be no success in 1 attempt.

The rules do not satisfy the required criteria and hence I told him that he will not clear the VISA interview. The 6th cuspal sublord is also rahu and does not signify 11th house for clearing the interview.

The answer was clearly negative.

His Visa was rejected which is what he informed me after the interview. I told him that his birth horoscope indicated foreign journey in this antardasha and he should try again for getting the VISA since mercury the planet of duality was present, he will get success in subsequent attempts.

I have seen some websites giving services to select best timings for visa interviews, this is not going to work unless there are combinations in horoscope to go abroad, the dasha, antardasha, pratyantar dasha should hold to promise for foreign travels.

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