Venus in 12 signs – Venus sign and your partner

Venus in 12 signs – Venus sign and your partner

Venus is the planet of Love as we all know, She is called the goddess of love, Romance, carnal pleasures etc. The placement of Venus in particular sign in your horoscopes determines the taste of your love the kind of person of opposite sex you will get attracted to. We get attracted immensely by certain traits of opposite sex, Some people like homely partner, some like talkative partner, some fall in love with a partner who is adventurous and outgoing. You can find out what kind of person will attract you with the placement of Venus in your horoscope in particular sign or zodiac.

So guys read on to know what kind of person will attract you by checking out the placement of Venus in your horoscope and reading this article Venus and Love, Below are the people of opposite sex you will be most attracted to depending on the position of Venus in your horoscope. Read out the results of venus in 12 signs below.

Venus In Aries

People with Venus in Aries will tend to get attracted to opposite sex who is action oriented, sporty person with good looks and nicely dressed, Somebody who is self-made and driven by some ambition and a boss of himself will attract you. If a guy has venus in aries he is most likely to get attracted to a female who is fond of hot make-up, hot looks, nice figure, action oriented and quick female who can lead him. The relationship will be mostly on physical attraction and sex oriented as venus is in the zodiac of mars.

Venus in Tauras

You will fall in love with a person who has very romantic, artistic, Loves nature and believes in loving his family. These people will also look for somebody who is financially rich and can provide them luxurious life as Tauras is an earthy sign and these people want security first. A partner who is Very Romantic, nature lover, and somebody with soft skills will always tend to attract you.

Venus in Gemini

You will love somebody who is really very talkative, Expressive and has a good sense of humor, somebody who can spend hours with you pampering you and spending time with you on short journeys taking you to places. A person with good sense of humor primarily who can crack crazy jokes, laugh a lot and make you laugh, and somebody who loves to travel and talk a lot will attract you, Gemini being a dual sign can possibly attract you to two people at the same time and create confusion. Venus in this sign is a good indication of possibility of Love marriage.

Venus in Cancer

Ahh you will fall in love with somebody who is homely, Emotionally attached to you, loves to cook, loves to stay at home with family, totally family oriented person. You will tend to look out for emotional attachment more than physical one in a partner. Somebody who can shower you with motherly love and care will attract you the most. you can sit quietly in the arms of the person you love without uttering a word such is the high level of satisfaction you get by just being in the arms of the person you love.

Venus in Leo

You will be attracted to somebody who is high in social circles, a person well known and famous who is surrounded by people tends to attract you, someone you can flaunt proudly as your Husband/wife will attract you. Generally people who have very good expressive face, artists, creative people, leaders, bossy people and those who have good prestige and fame in society tend to attract you. You want to flaunt your partner proudly as if you have achieved something and people should be jealous of it.

Venus in Virgo

Being the debilitation sign of venus, these people don’t much get attached in love and all seriously though they may have relationships because they are more of people with critical attitude and very practical also. These people will get attracted to somebody who is very logical, calculative, critically examines things, the feelings, warmth or sentiments of love are often absent in such people as they are too practical and use their brains too much than heart. But such people can be romantic provided other factors are good like a strong moon and well placed venus in Navamansha.

Venus In Libra

You will get attracted to somebody who has good aesthetic sense, graceful appearance, diplomatic attitude, somebody who seeks balance in everything, an artist and a cool yet diplomatic person may attract you. Somebody who is cool and composed yet very intelligent in handling things will attract you most probably. Lovers of beauty and being the mool trikon sign of venus you will be attracted to beauty as well.

Venus in Scorpio

Sex is the word that turns you on, you will be attracted to people who are appeal to you physically, most of your love will be physical attraction first, unless you get physically attracted to somebody you won’t fall in love. Scorpio being the 8th sign of zodiac show secrets, mystery, element of surprise, people who are weird mysterious and very secretive may attract you too the core as you love surprises and discovering new things often. A magnetic personality is a prerequisite to attract you though as people with venus in Scorpio tend to be more lusty than others.

Venus in Sagittarius

Somebody with good physique, well built muscular body or broad body in case of girls might attract you. A fighter for truth, a person who is religious and fights for right cause may attract you more. You will be attracted to somebody who is physically broad, be it a guy or a girl, somebody who is religious, has good fighting spirit, respects traditions, dharma, fond of travels and seeks adventures.

Venus in Capricorn

These people will be attracted to someone who does his work with complete dedication, discharges his duties well without any complains, someone of traditional and cultural values who likes everything to be properly organized. You may also like somebody with industrious nature and workaholic attitude as capricorn being the 10th sign of zodiac and under the influence of saturn, It is also the exaltation of mars.

Venus in Aquarius

Someone who can intellectually and mentally stimulate you is the one who attracts you the most. People who exhibit high level of knowledge or are fond of knowledge and intellectual pursuits are your first choice, you will never fall in love with somebody dumb and dull. Those doing researches or avid readers, or involved in intellectual pursuits or works who can tickle your brains attract you most likely. Somebody matured and wise will be your first preference, you love to talk but even that should be matured and full of wisdom, somebody who cracks jokes and laughs all time without showing any streaks of maturity and wisdom will distract you in the long run. Philosophers are the kind of people whom you will be attracted to.

Venus in Pieces

Being the 12th sign of zodiac and the exaltation of venus, such people get attracted to someone who is Romantic, imaginative, dreamer, can woo you with beautiful words and imaginations. Beauty and arts will definitely attract you, a person having such qualities is bound to make you fall for him. You seek pleasures in a relationship, 12th house being the house of carnal pleasure you expect a lot of romance and sex as well and may be at exotic and beautiful places in the lap of nature especially near water. You love people who dream a lot and have very fertile imaginations.


Above are the general qualities a person would get attracted to in the opposite sex, with this ends the article Venus in 12 signs- Venus signs and your partner. I hope you will love this article and enjoy reading it, may be many of you can relate your choice of opposite sex matching the positions of venus in your horoscopes.

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