Best astrology books for beginners

A lot of people send emails about about Astrology course which I was supposed to start some time back, but could not due to time constraint and other commitments. Then there are constant emails by astrology enthusiast and beginners to suggest the “Best Astrology books for Beginners”. I had written one article suggesting some good books to learn vedic astrology which you can find here.

Let us begin with 10 best books to learn Vedic Astrology

The above 10 books are classics which should be studied by every student of astrology. These are the best astrology books for beginners and even amatuers alike. You can buy these in both Hindi and english languages from different publishers.

Those who want to begin with Mathematical part of astrology can buy Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology by Deepak Kapoor here.

Apart from the above 10 best astrology books there are few more written by modern authors which may help you to understand basic concepts of panchanga to nakshatras and some advanced concepts like remedies and horoscope reading.

Best Astrology books for beginners

The above books should suffice for beginners and Amateurs alike for learning astrology. Having said that the predictive techniques are only developed over years if you have an austere lifestyle and good planetary position to become an astrologer as per your own individual horoscope. The above books can be a real treasure if learned under a competent guru.

Hope the readers will benefit from the above compilation of some good books to learn vedic astrology.

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