South Facing House Good or Bad ?

All the Vastu granthas and authorities have condemned “South Facing House or a plot”. But hold on, Did they say that one cannot stay in a south facing house ? Is a south Facing house good or bad ?

Well to be honest the answer is that a “south facing house can be good or bad depending on the varna of the person and the horoscope of the person”. By Varna I am not talking about “Jaati”, I am plainly speaking about the profession/occupation of the person.

A person can be born in a Vaishya family but he is into a profession of Police or an IAS officer then he is a Kshatriya by Varna. The varna system actually divided people based on the profession exactly like a corporate firm which has different designation for various posts in the company.

When can be a “South facing house good or bad” ?

There are certain conditions for this. Firstly it depends on the horoscope the person/owner of the house, secondly it depends on the Varna of the person/people staying in that house. Two people can have different professions in the same house, but the one whose varna does not match with the direction of the house will eventually face problems and move out after a certain age as per his dasha pattern and succeed. Let us check the conditions when a south facing house can be good or bad.

Conditions when a south facing house or south facing entrance can prove good.

  • When a person’s horoscope has exalted Mars in the 10th house or Makar rashi.
  • The profession of the person/jataka belongs to the karakatwa coming under planet mars eg. A surgeon, A police officer, Fire fighters, administration related professions, Army officers, Sports persons, Businessmen into hardcore engineering professions, Construction related professions.
  • If the Main Gate and Main door are in Grihakshata pada in south direction.
  • Apart from above condition, if there are more positive aspects on the opposite direction which is North, then the negative impact of the south will come into check or reduce considerably.

There are many other conditions but a bare minimum mentioned here will suffice for now.

Conditions when a south facing house or entrance can prove bad.

  • When the varna of the person does not match with the direction of his house.
  • When the horoscope of the jataka has afflicted mars and afflicted Makar rashi along with strong afflictions in the 10th house.
  • When the south facing house has declivity towards South.
  • There are vedhas to the house/property in the south direction. Vedhas are of many types and they have to be checked very carefully.
  • If the North direction has more afflictions, it will cause more damage to the south facing house/plot.
  • If the plot/house is closed from North and East and has more openings in the West and the South.
  • If all the 3 directions are closed or have houses of bigger size blocking all 3 directions with only South Opening.
  • If the door is in the yama pada in the south then it can trigger bigger tragedies for the people staying in that house provided it has other negative factors too.

The prashna horoscope in such cases would give us very important and magical clues to the problems faced in that house and also the solution for that if the problem is solvable.

Case study of a south facing house

South facing house good or bad

This is a south facing house which I was consulted.

  • The house is pretty old and built like 40 years ago.
  • At that time the plots around the house were unconstructed so all sides were open, it did not cause any trouble to the owners.
  • There is a road on the south side in front and a vriksha/tree causing vedha, but since all sides were open there was no problem.
  • As the houses started coming up around, this house got blocked from all 3 sides. The positive energy flow stopped.
  • Now at present there are legal issues going on, owner has health issues and undergone few surgeries, extension of the family has stopped as the only son did not get married.
  • The owner of the house lives under a lot of stress/tension and chronic health issues.
  • There are troubles with relatives occupying a part of the house leading to legal issues now.
  • This case study is also to show that there is a great impact of the nearby things and surroundings on your vastu. I have not talked about any doshas inside the vastu because the doshas from outside itself are enough to cause problems.

Fortunately no tragedies have happened in this house till now, which could otherwise happen in such a house, this is due to the good dashas in the horoscope. Those who were not destined to suffer left the house on time and prospered in their life, the one’s who are staying there are stuck in their life now without a solution.

There are other case studies where severe tragedies have happened but will post them sometime later. On the other hand there are many rich people and celebrities who have south facing houses, but this does not mean that south facing houses are good and and neither is south facing house is bad a superstition because it has pramanas.

There is much more to vastu shastra than just concluding anything on analysis of just one direction. The surroundings, the vedhas, the type of the plot, the declivity, the cuts and the extensions, the study of North and other directions with respect to south doshas etc are the things to be considered completely before passing a judgement.


South facing house can be good or bad depending on the other factors affecting the vastu right from the shape of the plot, position of the house on the plot, the declivity of the plot, the vedhas affecting the vastu etc. In no case is a south facing house completely bad or good. There are always conditions apply, a thorough investigation and study needs to be done along with casting horoscopes of owners and the prashna horoscope to identify the problems and the solutions in a vastu.

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