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Welcome to Jyotish Research – “Jyotisha” means Jyoti+isha. Jyotisha actually means the “Light of God”. Jyotish is actually a blessing of god to the man kind. It enables him to understand the purpose of life and improve his karmas to achieve the goals of human birth. A birth chart is nothing but a map of karmas of past present and future, which can be repaired and improved by the use of freewill which a man has. Jyotish is a divine illumination given by god to mankind which acts as a window to show the past, present and future of the concerned person. A person can then improve or repair his mistakes by using the freewill he has and rise higher spiritually towards salvation which is the only goal of human birth. It is much divine subject than a mere predictive tool which it has become today.

Jyotisha is a powerful tool in illuminating what may previously have been an “unseen” chain of cause and effect and thus allows an individual to understand and ultimately find alignment with the trajectory of one’s life path. The ability to see the patterns of karma of an individual or a particular situation is likened to the ability to hold up a mirror and become aware of what really is the greater truth. “Karma” actually means action and “phala” means the result or outcome. The knowledge that this “mirror” can provide then becomes a starting point for constructive change and re-alignment of our challenging life dynamics or for maximizing our already promising outcomes.
Paramhansa yogananda’s (An autobiography of a yogi fame) guru Swami shri yukteshwar giri describes the relationship of karma to jyotisha in the following way.
“A child is born on that day and that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.” The horoscope is a challenging portrait revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results.
Here you can observe the following words :-
“Unalterable past and probable future” .
It clearly means that past cannot be altered but probable future means it can be altered and changed according to your present karmas by the proper use of your freewill.
Here the role of a competent and wise astrologer comes in, he is the one who can make SWOT analysis of your horoscopes. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats and accordingly guide you to choose correct choices and make you understand and accept the unalterable past instead of making you fatalistic in approach
Welcome to Jyotish research where you will be guided to understand your destiny and accordingly plan your future with the best available choices.We give simple remedies, mantras, gemstones and vedic remedial measures which help you to improve your situation and give strength to face your bad times. Here we do not make any tall promises of changing your destiny and future like other astrologers do but we try to help you by giving solutions based on your birth horoscope reading to select the right choices. We at jyotish-research believe in “Honesty is the best Policy”.
We are also interested in collecting birth data of people to create research papers. You as a reader can help us by sending your birth details and 10 important event of life like education, profession, achievements, accident/surgery, illness, marriage, children, inheritance, financial. Suppose you are an IAS officer you can send your birth details to us for research along with dates of clearing exams, joining service, years in service and dates of promotion etc. Collecting 1000 horoscopes of IAS officers can statistically give some common parameters in horoscopes of IAS officers.

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  1. i am very much impressed by reading your article and I am giving my son
    date of birth, 28-03-1990. date of time 10-46 AM (Morning) birth place is
    Hyderabad (Telangana(AP). while he is doing BHMS he met with accident
    on 23-05-2011, he went koma and now he is alright and upto now he is
    doing nothing. kindly see my son date of bith and I am giving E=mail
    addres and kindly send his details. Thanking you

    1. Namaste SAtyaprabhu ji,

      Thank you very much for words of appreciation, I have emailed you the consultation details and my phone number.

      Kindly check the same.

      Thank you.

  2. Hello Sir.
    i need you to be online as i cant come to you.
    My details of birth-
    Time-11-35-10 Am

    DOB : 29/09/1993
    TIME : 11.10AM

    DOB : 05/04/1992
    TIME : 8.32AM


  4. Name : amit
    Dob : 31/10/1982
    time : 13:15
    place : vadodara , gujarat , india
    want to know that which gemstones to wear and combust planets remedies.

  5. My husband is manglik and i m not manglik .i have love marriage. My date of birth is 14/03/1987 and my husband date of birth is 27/07/1980.my name ravinder kaur and my huaband name gurcharan singh. My date of time 11:55pm and huaband time 3:30am.my marriage date. 26/04/2013

    1. Namaste,

      Since you are already married there is no need to check horoscopes now unless you are facing problems in married life. Do not panic if there is no problem in married life. You need not worry about it.
      Place of birth of both is not mentioned.

  6. Congratulations for starting website on Astrology.Do Research on profession like engineer,doctor,teacher,politician,minister,religious leader,general worker,driver,business man,house wife,chef and make rules.

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