Saturn transit in scorpio 2014

Finally the time has come for “The justice maker” to leave its favorite sign libra this year in november 2014. Saturn will part ways with its dearest sign libra and enter into the dark scorpio on 2nd November 2014. As I said earlier in my previous post on transit of jupiter 2014 in Cancer, “The time for transition in the world is ripe”, India has been witnessing the transition phase this year slow as saturn crossed the 20th Degree of its exaltation in Sign libra last year, The AAP wave and then later the Modi Phenomenon have been the striking features since saturn came to its exaltation to do the justice. The people, the masses represented by saturn are going to get justice soon with the change in political scenario with the fall of the mighty ruling Congress in 2014 loksabha elections. Saturn the strict task master has did its job and given justice to all, by punishing the guilty and setting a new trend for India. This is bound to happen when 4 big planets change in the same year, the transition was bound to happen. It is a time to thank saturn for the good changes and the justice it has done with masses and we are hoping to see very positive changes in the coming time due to this. Now we will take a look at the Saturn transit in scorpio 2014and the results of this transit for all the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Saturn will enter into scorpio in november 2014 starting a new cycle of 30 years till it comes back to its exaltation sign again.


saturn transit in scorpio 2014
saturn transit in scorpio 2014

Saturn transit in Scorpio 2014

Saturn in Libra gave you a clear picture into your relationships, partnerships, marriages, business etc, all these things were put to test and you must have realized the true worth or real relationships, those who really loved you stuck to you and the liars or cheats were exposed in the hour of need. Now saturn transit in scorpio will make u dig deeper into your subconscious to get the answers of the doubts lingering inside your mind. Deeper probe into your own self or life will bring out deepest emotions and secrets to the surface. Scorpio being the 8th sign of the natural zodiac and one of the most secretive and occult signs indicates digging deeper into till you find the answers, the re-evaluations of your traditions and values, understanding the true worth of them. Scorpio being the sign of mars will also bring jealousies and greed the negative side to the surface, being the debilitation of moon it will stir your deepest emotions and make you mentally depressive till you find your answers. On the mundane level the activities related to mining, oil reservoirs, petrol, diesel, natural gas, Iron, metals, occult, construction, change in infrastructure would take place. There may be focus on preservation of underground resources as their depletion has started, many alternatives and innovations may crop up during this period for the benefit of people, some great discoveries in science can be expected during this tenure of saturn in scorpio. The faith in religions and dharma may be instilled by working on it in a positive direction, interest in occult and spirituality may increase due to stirring of the deepest emotions in human mind by entry of saturn in Scorpio in 2014. Let us see the effect of Saturn transit in scorpio 2014 on all the 12 signs in zodiac.

Saturn transit in scorpio for Aries :-

scorpio is your 8th house and saturn being the 10th lord in the 8th might give sudden jolts and breaks in career or a change in your profession could be possible. Saturn being the 11th lord in the 8th and aspecting 2nd will also show loss of money and friends to some extent. The aspect of saturn on your 10th, 2nd and 5th will make you work more on your career, family, Finances and children in the coming 3 years. Its presence in the 8th house would be good for interest in occult, sudden gains, money from insurance claims, inheritance etc.

saturn transit 2014
saturn transit 2014

Saturn Transit in Scorpio for Tauras :-

Saturn transit in scorpio 2014 for you will bring deep emotional bonding with your partner, some of you may get married during this transit. There are possibilities of you having misunderstanding with your spouse so you should take care while dealing with matters related to 7th house, Those in business will experience a good time and a good time for those who are in jobs as well, you will have to work on relationships with father, sister/brother in laws, your body, health and mother and also pay attention to your domestic life, make sure that you balance domestic life with professional life. Saturn aspecting 9th, lagna and 4th wants you to work hard on the above said areas. Your Bonding with your life partner will grow deeper in this phase.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio for Gemini :-

Saturn in your 6th house will be very good for competitions, defeating your enemies, malefics in 3,6,10,11 promote material growth. You need to take care on health front and not to over exert yourself in work as saturn is the 8th lord in 6th and aspecting 8th, it could result in fatigue, illness, chronic diseases and stomach disorders due to faulty eating habits. Saturns will aspect the 8th, 12th and the 3rd houses, you need to take care of your health and hit the gym to build your resistance and keep yourself fit and healthy. There may be a probability of sudden increase in expenditure, and foreign trips may be on cards. Good time for sports people as it will help them to score well in competitions.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio for Cancer :-

Saturn will be transiting in your 5th house of Love, romance, studies, children. Be ready to put more efforts in your relationships with your lover, spouse because saturn in 5th aspecting 7th may cause misunderstandings but the emotional bond will deepen, probability of you falling in love is good, good time for those expecting love marriage and marriage. Saturn aspects 7th, 11th and 2nd house. You will have to work on Relationships, Relationships and Relationships which is spouse, friends and family. Do not ignore these three things. Pay attention to your studies, laziness may creep in resulting in ignorance. There may be some emotional discord with children, saturn being your 8th lord also can cause health issues or some problems on children front. Rest over all a good time for you people.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio for Leo :-

Saturn enters your 4th house in november 2014, plans to purchase your house on loans could materialize in the coming time, good time for properties, land, vehicle purchase. Relationship with mother may be strained due to not giving enough time, saturns aspect on 6th, 10th and lagna demands more efforts on fitness, heart problems, career, and looking into self. 4th house also rules heart, so you people need to take care of heart problems, be sure to get medical attention if you feel any problem, do not ignore it. Leo also rules heart, and 4th along with 5th also rules heart. Good time for those looking to have foreign journeys as jupiter coming to 12th and aspecting saturn will be good for that. Do not take hasty decisions in career.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio for Virgo :-

Saturn in scorpio enters your 3rd house of communications, short journeys, neighbors, valor, efforts etc. A malefic in upachaya is very good, and saturn transiting 3rd will be giving good results to you, A very good time for sports people as 6th lord transiting 3rd will give victory in competitions, aspect on 5th demands more efforts in studies, children, love etc, probability of fights with siblings due to miscommunication is possible, do not sign documents without reading them, pay attention to relationship with father and a check on your expenditure. Good news for you is your Saade saati will end in november 2014, Sigh of relief !!! isn’t it ?

Saturn transit in Scorpio for Libra :-

Saturn leaving your sign in November 2014 this year to enter the 2nd house from your sign. Librans enter the last phase of saadesaati from November 2014. Money matters and Family life will take precedence over other things, You will be focused on making money and planning with investments of the saved money. saturn aspects the 4th house the 8th and the 11th house, You will need to work more on domestic peace, home environment, investments in land property or selling of these things, friends, elder siblings, increasing your income etc. You should be careful about chronic health issues. Good time for those thinking to invest in property, purchase of house, expecting good monetary gains and expansion of business.



saturn transit in scorpio 2014
saturn transit in scorpio 2014

Saturn Transit in Scorpio for Scorpio sign :-

saturn comes to your sign over the moon in debilitation, This is a time for you to delve deeper into your subconscious and introspect your own self, some of you may feel deep emotional crises and depressive tendencies creeping in as saturn nears your natal moon, there will be a feeling of void and detachment for sometime, you need to keep your emotions in check and take care not to get depressed or upset with things, a good time ahead for your career and marriage if you work hard in those areas, aspect of saturn on 3rd, 7th and 10th will give success after you put efforts and hard work in these areas. Do not get upset or depressed over things as it is just a passing phase, saturns transit over moon in its debilitation causes suicidal tendencies, depression, deep stir of emotions, underestimation of self etc but you should not give up and remember that “yeh waqt bhi chala jayega”.

Saturn transit in Scorpio for Sagittarius :-

Dear Sagi’s you begin your first phase of saadesaati after november 2014, be ready to learn valuable lessons of life from the best teacher of life and biggest task master, “the mighty Saturn”. A person learns the best possible things in the saade-sati and you should look forward to get a great learning experience with your teacher, being jupiter’s sign saturn won’t harm you much, but since it will be coming into 12th from your moon sign you should take care of your finances as you might spend on unnecessary things and become extravagant, you may have to spend on health and fitness as saturn aspects the 6th house, finances will suffer due to aspect on 2nd and relation ships with father might be strained, however those looking for a chance to go abroad may luckily get it during this time frame since jupiter will also aspect your 12th house and keep a bit of check on saturn.

Saturn transit in Scorpio for Capricorn :-

It may be a best phase for you since saturn is going to enter your 11th house and give you a lot of gains after a heavy period of suffering in career or workplace, you will reap the benefits of your hard work in the coming 3 years from november 2014 onwards, saturn aspects ascendent, 5th house and the 8th telling you to focus on these areas, introspecting self and the mistakes you did in the past 2 years, increasing your sadhana and paying attention to children and your health. This transit will greatly benefit you in terms of money and finance, Things will tend to improve due to 11th saturn and you will get all your wishes fulfilled slowly.

Saturn transit in Scorpio for Aquarius :-

Saturn transits in scorpio in your 10th house and may give you a hard time in your career with respect to work load, responsibilities may increase on your shoulders, you might be told to work more harder and suffer in terms of loss of money, conjugal life with your spouse and domestic peace, you need to strike a balance between work and pleasure now and make sure that you spend enough time with your spouse and family. You will be thurst with more responsibilities on work place which is a positive sign for you as you may reap the benefits of this transit later after 3 years. Good time for a kick start in career and those looking for employment.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio for Pieces :-

Pieces may feel choked or out of luck due to saturns entry into your 9th house, but it is definitely going to be better than the previous transit in libra. Saturn aspects the 11th house making you focus more on gains and earning more money and investing time in friendships, aspect on 3rd may demands attention to efforts and struggle with communication, siblings, neighbors, drafting, contracts etc. Be careful while dealing with contracts and agreements, aspect on 6th will expose your enemies as they may suddenly revolt against you but it won’t work for them. Good for those looking to go for higher studies and spiritual journeys.

The good times are here now with saturn completing its term in libra punishing the guilty, pulling the wrong people down and doing justice with the masses on the whole. The change of sign of 4 planets ahead is sure going to be a golden period for India as jupiter’s entry in cancer will also see formation of new reforms and laws which will be very strong and good in public interest. They guilty will fall gradually and vanish with this new era in the Indian history. “Kudos to Saturn”.



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