Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects

Saturn become retrograde on 18th April 2018 for 6 months till 6th September 2018. We will see retrograde saturn 2018 effects in this article.

Saturn is a slow planet representing the wheel of time, he is a strict teacher who is in charge of giving justice. He does not have any favoritism, No one can escape the punishment of saturn when he casts his aspect.

The only way to reduce your punishment is to develop humility, accept your mistakes and do prayaschitta. Saturn loves humility, he will give 100 times back if you feel really sorry and do prayaschitta for sins committed by you.

Any planet is stationary before it becomes retrograde or direct, stationary means stand still. Saturn is stationary for approximately 7-8 days before it becomes retrograde and direct. This stationary motion also causes a lot of ups and downs and has to be studied carefully in every horoscope.

What are the effects of retrograde saturn ?

The primary effect is delay, delay and delay. Your important work will be delayed, you will find yourself facing delays in all matters of your life. There will be situations where your almost accomplished projects will suddenly face delay.

You will face denials and rejections where you were about to be selected.

Strong negative incidences of accidents, surgeries, health troubles, loss of life happen when saturn rules important houses in any horoscope.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Aries

Saturn rules 10th and 11th house of your horoscope, you have been lucky in terms of profession and income this year due to position of saturn in the 9th house. You have faced trouble when Saturn and Mars were conjunct in 9th house, some of you may have lost your jobs, got transferred, had fights with your parents, got injured or received some bad news about your friends, parents etc.

Now retrograde saturn can stall your projects, proposals may be rejected or kept on hold, some of you may be suddenly transferred or given a new project.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Tauras

Saturn rules 9th and 10th house of your horoscope and it is retrograde in 8th house of breaks, unexpected losses, gains, delays and denials, there will be unexpected changes on your professional front, your finances will soar as saturn is aspecting the 2nd house, there can be some bad news in family. You energies will be more focused on children, family and career during this time.

Some of you may change jobs or may have to resign, both saturn and jupiter activating the 8th house influence on your profession indicates undergoing transition.

This is not a good time for students due to saturn’s aspect on 5th, they need to improve their concentration and focus. Mars moving to 9th house is a big relief for tauras, do not forget to thank god if you have survived a very hard period which could have taken your life or broke off your marriage.

For those in business there will be change in business cycles showing a transition phase for your career.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Gemini

Your 7th house is fully loaded with malefics for the last few months causing high level of irritation. There will be misunderstandings with spouse, business partners leading to disturbance in relationships. Mars is entering your 8th house where transit ketu is already posited.

7th house having Saturn, 2nd house having Rahu and 8th house having Mars and ketu for your rasi does not augur well for family and married life, keep your calm and avoid any fights which can lead to big problems or even separation.

Those having Mithun lagna or rasi should be careful about accidents and health issues which can even lead to surgery as 6th lord Mars is transiting 8th under rahu/ketu axis.

Those planning for marriage should wait for this year to end and transits to improve.

Jupiter for you aspecting the lagna is very good and the only planet protecting you, Increase guru seva in this time period to increase your punya and get protected.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Cancer

Saturn is your 7th and 8th lord posited in 6th house, Much disturbance is visible on your health front, the position of mars in 6th with saturn may have caused debts, enmity, problems in married life, separation from spouse, accidents or surgeries for some of you with bad horoscopes.

The bad time still continues for you with Mars entering your 7th house over transit ketu resulting in probability of more fights. Please remain calm or stay separated for few months and focus on your respective careers, you will be fine after a few months. Career wise this can be a very good time for karka rasi.

Those planning for marriage should wait for this year to end.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Leo

Saturn is your 7th and 6th lord in 5th house, it is not very badly posited for you but it was with mars in last few months causing bursts of anger, loosing your cool and lack of clarity in thinking.

Now mars moving away to next sign is good for your career but at the same time be careful while driving and buying properties because mars with ketu in 6th is not good especially in the months of June, July when it will make Shadastaka and Kendra yoga with sun increasing the possibility of injuries and fatalities.

Saturn in 5th and Jupiter aspecting your 5th is a good time for marriage or financial & family planning for the next 6 months.

Students need to focus more on studies as saturn in 5th will make them lazy.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Virgo

Saturn rules the 5th and 6th house of your horoscope so virgo people will have a hostile atmosphere in domestic life, there will be lack of clarity in thinking. Mental agitation and lack of peace will be quite visible in your behaviour. Students and those in love would especially face lot of problems.

Saturn retrograde indicates problem on your professional and health front, there are indications of problems in dealings related to property, land etc. You are advised not to take any major decisions for next 1 year.

Those who are pregnant should be very careful as mars+ketu are transiting your 5th house for next 6th months.

You are also advised to control your temper. Offer til and til oil to shani bhagwaan on saturdays and light diya with til oil on saturdays in shani temple.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Libra

Saturn rules your 4th and 5th house and becomes a yogakaraka planet for you, the position of saturn in 3rd house is beneficial for you but you are advised not to take extreme risks for it can prove harmful.

You will have an extremely beneficial period in terms of taking new initiatives, starting new projects, some of you may change residence as mars moves out of Sagittarius and enters your 4th house.

Mars in 4th conjunct ketu in next 6 months will cause trouble in relationship and marriage, you are advised to behave maturely in handling relationships.

Make sure that there is no leakage of gas or electricity points to avoid fire hazards in property. Also take care of your vehicle.

Overall a good time for libra people.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Scorpio

Saturn rules your 3rd and 4th house and will be retrograde in 2nd house, saturn in 2nd house with mars caused a lot of problems in family and financial area in the last few months, mercury retrograde and debilitated in last month may have made you take some bad decisions.

The transit of Saturn in 2nd house is good for your financial success but it indicates that you should focus on your finances, those looking to buy property can do so after 6 months, some of you will be actually investing in property in coming months.

Mars your lagna lord is entering your 3rd house in exaltation and it will be with transit ketu, avoid doing stunts, going for risky adventures, you will be full of enthusiasm and energy and may take rash decisions or do things in high spirits. It is a good time to take calculated risk as you will get the much required push. Travels for many of you seems to be on cards.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Sagittarius

Saturn rules your 2nd and 3rd house and posited in the lagna, you should be having a good time as your lagna lord jupiter is well posited in house of gains. The position of Saturn+Mars in lagna may have made you an aggressive person in past few months, you could have felt the adrenaline rush within.

Since you are also in sade-sati saturn+mars over moon may have given lack of peace and lot of mental trouble. Moon being the 8th lord may have brought some transformation or given near death experience through sudden illness. Mars moves to your 2nd house so avoid having fights with family members and focus more on saving money, you will find yourself spending in unnecessary things. Loss of money and hostile atmosphere in family is indicated, you are advised to speak less and avoid talking when you are angry. You may tend to hurt near and dear one’s which may affect the relationships.

Wild speaking habits will land you in problems.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Capricorn

Saturn rules your lagna and 2nd house this is the worse period for those who are born with makar rasi moon and lagna because saturn in 12th from rashi, ketu in lagna and mars over saturn in past few months may have caused havoc in life of many of you people.

It is a bad time for you with regards to Family, health and finances. Thank god and your good stars if you have survived this period.

You are advised to avoid taking loans and debts, do not start any venture or anything new in the next 2 years. Next 6 months retrograde saturn will slow you down in terms of speed, you will find yourself roaming aimlessly, delaying things by yourself due to lack of clarity, sit silently let the bad time pass away, worship shani bhagwaan by offering til and til oil on saturday and lighting diya with til oil every saturday.

Just try to do your work efficiently, look after your family needs and focus on financial planning to avoid getting bankrupt.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Aquarius

Saturn rules your lagna and 12th house and so far has been in the best position for your horoscope, saturn in 11th house promises all gains and success to you in these two years.

Saturn in 11th and Jupiter in 9th is the best position you could ask for, both retrograde will be good for your sign to give chappar phaad ke returns.

Mars moving to 12th house now will give overseas job opportunities or travel opportunities to many of you. It will at the same time increase your expenses and unnecessary spending.

retrograde saturn will bless you with success in all endeavours, dont get upset if things get stalled for sometime, you will find success in pursuit of happiness.

This is a very good time for family planning as both saturn and jupiter are ready to bless you with children, your creativity will also be at the best now with venus entering your 5th house pretty soon. Venus mercury will be in a rasi parivartana yoga from 4th and 5th house in coming 6 months.

Students will be seen shining in their area of specialisation, it is a good time to put all your efforts and reap the rewards. Recognition is there on cards.

Retrograde Saturn 2018 effects for Pisces

Jupiter your lagna lord in 8th house almost till the end of 2018 is not good for you, saturn retrograde in 10th house will bring obstacle in your career. You will actually experience delays, denials and rejections in your professional front. You may have to put overtime and do a lot of hard work to reap the rewards later.

While doing all this focus on your health and do take care of your body needs. Make sure that you do not over exhaust yourself.

Take out some time for your hobbies and try to develop new skills. Some of you may get a chance to go overseas or there can be good financial gain in coming time as mars enters your 11th house.

Rahu in 5th aspected by mars will create disturbance in studies for those who are into non-technical areas, you are advised to focus more on your studies and take major decisions after consulting someone you trust. Avoid falling in the love trap as it will completely drain you out.

On Mundane level for India Saturn has entered 12th house as per the horoscope given by Varahamihira which has Makar lagna and Saturn Mars passing through 12th house of India’s horoscope has brought out the huge frauds worth many crores of rupees. There have been Income tax raids at many places, there is a chaos in the Indian economy at the moment due to various scams, demonetisation and Bank frauds.

The coming time will see focus on religious things, religious leaders, religious agendas, marriage related laws, some politicians could suffer, implementation of new laws/legal frame works.

There will be need of more security for women in month of June-July as Mars and Venus come in opposition under capricorn/cancer axis with rahu/ketu also stalled there.

There will be good to heavy rainfalls this year and flood like situations in east, south, landslides in North hilly regions due to Saturn transiting in Moola nakshatra in retrograde motion.

One should be careful from fire hazards and accidents when Mars conjuncts Ketu in June 2018.

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