Baby planning

Baby Planning – Astrological conception guide

Children are the fruits of our past karma denoted by the 5th house. Having good/bad children is entirely on our destiny and the condition of 5th house+Lord+karaka+influence of planets on 5th house. Children are the future pillars of family. All parents want their children to become their source of happiness and bring a good name to the family.

Baby planning guide helps you to know the auspicious and favorable periods for conception. This will also help you to know the planetary positions after 9-10 months when you want to plan your baby though having a baby exactly at those times would completely depend on your good luck and promise of children in your horoscope.

What do I get in Baby Planning or Conception Muhurta?

In this report, you will receive Free analysis of horoscopes of husband and wife with respect to promise of child in the horoscope, like the analysis of 5th house and lord, the dasha promise with respect to child, the gochara/transit with respect to conceiving etc. The remedies which can help to overcome problems in having/conceiving a child.

After this you will receive 2 months conception muhurta, i.e auspicious dates/timings to conceive.

If you are having problems with conception, problems of miscarriages, infertility issues. This baby planning – Astrology conception guide helps you to know the probable auspicious periods for conceiving along with remedies which can help those having problems in conceiving and infertility issues.