Lottery yoga in Astrology

Winning a lottery requires extreme luck as the odds are like one winner in a few millions. It can be a metamorphosis, a huge transformation in your life if the prize money is big. What are the lottery yoga in astrology and how to use astrology to win a lottery ?

Lotteries are a form of Gambling which involves drawing of lots for prizes. Usually governments endorse lotteries in form of National or State lotteries. Euromillions, Eurojackpot, Vikinglotto are some of the national lotteries in European nations, nordic and baltic countries. Australia has state lotteries. Some popular lotteries in United Kingdom are Lotto, Lotto Millionaire Raffle, Thunderball etc.

The mega-millions and the powerball lotteries have become a key feature of monthly consumer spending in the United states, the profits generated by the national lotteries are very huge. Lottery proceeds also help to fund public sector programs like Education, Park Services, Funding for seniors etc.

Lottery yoga in Astrology

Since lottery is a part of Gambling, it falls under the domain of the 5th house in the astrology and the 8th house for sudden gains. 5th house is a lakshmi sthana, a house of your purva-punya and having a very good wealth or being wealthy is often because of your purva punya irrespective of whatever people may say.

The 5th house and the 8th house are the key houses for winning through gambling and lotteries. The 9th house can also be considered as it is another lakshmi sthana and the connection of these houses with the dhana sthanas in the horoscope can make you lucky in winning a lottery.

The dasha of the planet connected with the the 8th house and 5th house can make you win a lottery if they are under aspect of benefic planets and connected to dhanayoga giving houses. The transit of planets play a crucial role in such good dasha/antardasha.

Do I have luck to win a lottery ?

Lottery winning is a game of chance and your odds of winning a lottery are determined by a lot of factors like winning numbers, their combinations, number of people participating in a lottery etc. Winning a lottery is a matter of maths and luck together, if you know how to use mathematical strategies in lottery and also have knowledge of astrology as well as astrological combinations for winning a lottery in your horoscope then you can be closer to being the lucky one in a million person.

Lottery winning yoga in Kundali

People search for terms like best muhurat to buy lottery ticket or lucky time to buy a lottery tickets, or remedy to win a lottery, best transit for lottery, best hora for lottery etc. But trust me guys unless and until you have the astrological combinations for winning lottery in your horoscope you cannot just win lottery buy using muhurats.

  • 5th House and 8th house lords must be strong and connected to the 2nd house or the 11th house which are the money giving houses.
  • Benefic planets along the 5th house and the 11th house axis can give good wealth and possibilities of winning lotteries or stock markets.
  • Benefics in 8th house can give sudden gains through lotteries/inheritance.
  • Dasha related to a 5th and 8th house increases the chances especially when the transit/gochara of benefic planets and moon is associated with the 5th and 8th lords in any of the wealth giving houses especially 2nd, 5th, 9th or 11th house.

Let us see a few horoscopes of lottery winners

Case study 1Lottery yoga in Astrology

Lottery yoga in astrology

This is a horoscope of a Lottery winner who won a Million dollars in Canadian Lottery.

  • It is a Simha lagna and Simha rasi horoscope.
  • 5th and the 8th house are both ruled by a single planet Jupiter and Jupiter is posited in the 11th house both from the lagna and chandra lagna. Jupiter is retrograde making it more strong.
  • 11th house where jupiter is posited has 40 astavarga points and Jupiter’s bhinnastavarga in 11th house has 7 points which makes it very strong.
  • He won the lottery in the Dasha of Rahu and the Antardasha of Jupiter. Rahu is in the 5th house in the bhav chalit and Jupiter is the 5th lord of the horoscope.
  • It was a amavasya tithi, Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury all planets were transiting his 5th house in Sagittarius and aspecting his natal jupiter. Moon was in perfect aspect to jupiter and Conjoined Venus and Sun within 3 degrees orbit at the time of his winning the canadian lottery.

Case study 2 – Lottery yoga in Astrology

Lottery yoga in Astrology

This horoscope has 5th house lord mercury posited in the 5th house. It is aspected by the 8th lord Jupiter from the 9th house.

Mercury and Jupiter also own the houses 2nd and 11th and are posited in trikonas (Lakshmi sthanas) which makes an excellent dhanayoga.

From chandra lagna the dhanayoga gets interesting.

2nd lord Saturn and 11th lord Mars are posited in the 8th house together.

She won the lottery in Saturn dasha – Mercury antardasha. Saturn is the yogakaraka for this lagna and mercury is the dhanakaraka for this lagna.

Transit jupiter was passing over 2nd house and Venus+Rahu were passing over 9th house Jupiter and Moon of her horoscope.

Interestingly saturn+mars were conjoined in the 8th house at same degree.

So winning a lottery definitely requires activation of the 5th and the 8th house in connection with 2nd and the 11th houses, the transit of planets can be crucially connected with planets passing closely over either the 5th lord, 11th lord, 8th lord or the houses 2,5,8,9,11.

If you have ever won a lottery or any kind of jackpot do feel free to share your horoscopes for research with winning dates and your birth details.

For consultations on lottery yoga in astrology you can get in touch with me here.

24 thoughts on “Lottery yoga in Astrology”

  1. Hello, my name is Surya. I was born in Namakkal, time 09:41 am. Date 01st Feb 1995. I have minor wins in lottery, can I win big?
    Now Jup- Ven antardasha

    1. Namaste,

      Next 5-6 years are good for you to keep trying. More than Venus the Sun/Moon antardashas can be good. Venus in nakshatra of ketu is good for financial prospects even though it is in gandaant bhaga.

  2. Hello, my name is MMALAVDESAI, I was born in Valsad Gujarat, time 8:14 pm. Date 30th Sep 1986. I have bought lottery this week, hope I win.

    1. Namaste,

      Your horoscope has combinations for gains through speculations/stock markets. Lotteries chances are there but antardasha at present is of the 8th house saturn which is not very good for 2 years.

  3. Hello Sir ,
    This is Probal Datta Gupta . My dob is 26/04/1978, time :15:02 pm , place :- Kolkata. Do I have any combination to earn unearned my like speculation , lottery etc . If yes when ?

    1. The horoscope has some combinations for sudden gains and wins through lottery but the navamsha does not support it. Your horoscope shows more success with efforts and hard work due to parivartana of 3rd and 11th lords. Speculation will give gains through long term investment, else heavy losses are also indicated.

    1. Namaste Deepak,

      The horoscope does not indicate any strong lottery winning combinations. There are tendencies to get into gambling which you should avoid. However you can go to a foreign country.

      Thanks and regards
      Ashish Desai.

  4. Dear Ashish Sir,
    My name is Deepak from Ahmedabad.
    I was born on 26th February 1974 , 01.33 AM
    Is there any chances of winning lottery by current transit of Jupiter/Venus in 5th house
    Or any other yoga?

    1. Namaste Deepak,

      You can try for Lottery or speculation when Transit jupiter nears the degree of your natal moon which is 25. Whenever Venus comes to meena rasi around 23-27 degrees you can for lotteries/speculation.

      The horoscope shows better combinations for interitance of property, gains through properties, rental income through properties. Gains through teaching/education/institution/trusts etc.

      Thanks and regards
      Ashish Desai.

  5. Hi sir, do i have lottery yoga in my horoscope? Date of birth 20.2.1987, time of birth 7.06 pm, place Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

    1. Namaste Thilagavadhi,

      The horoscope indicates decent gains through lotteries/speculations. However your dasha of Venus is from 2038 which is good for gains. The antardasha of Venus in mahadasha of mercury was between May 2018 to 2021 March which was good for gains.

      Next year when jupiter transits Mesha rasi and aspects the 5th house and moon it can give gains to a good extent.

      Thanks and regards
      Ashish Desai.

  6. Hi,This is Sreeram from Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu,India. I was born on April 25,1996 7 pm IST. Do i have lottery yoga in my horoscope

    1. Namaste Sreeram,

      Nothing significant of sort. But you will gain through inheritance and marriage. The dasha of Venus from 2031 to 2051 will be good for this.

      1. I’m Libra ascendant. Venus (Lagna lord) and Mercury in 8th house (hidden/unearned money) is favourable for lottery and stock market right??

        1. Yes, 8th house is favorable for stock market. However it is not much favorable for lottery. 8th house also indicates inheritance and gains from insurance/death/2 number income, money earned easily without efforts, wife’s money etc.
          In your horoscope sun+mars are coming in the 6th house in bhav-chalit so you should also be careful from debts and legal issues.

          1. My date of birth is 6th April 1983. Time 9:43am. Do I have lottery luck? If yes, how to take tickets like any lucky number ending or adding all digits in the ticket?

          2. Namaste Muhesh,

            Your place of birth is missing. If you are born with Vrishabh lagna there is no lottery luck in the horoscope. If you are born with Mithuna lagna you can try your luck in lotteries.
            4 and 6 are your lucky numbers. 4th, 13th, 22nd or 6th, 15th, 24th can be lucky dates for you and total of date having number 4 or 6 can be good for you.

            Thanks and regards
            Ashish Desai

    1. Namaste Lokesh,

      Unfortunately the yoga is not strong, so no substantial gains. Dasha of Rahu who is in the 12th house again doesn’t support.
      Can try your luck in Rahu-Jupiter between 2024 January to 2026 May, but I don’t see any substantial winning/gains.

      Thanks and regards
      Ashish Desai.

    1. Namaste Akash,

      Yes, The horoscope has Combinations for gains through gambling and lotteries, but 2nd lord mercury in the 6th house with the 12th lord is not very good. Do not get consumed by it and never take loans to gamble. You can earn in stock markets if you master it properly. You horoscope shows tendencies to get into speculation/gambling and art.
      The dasha is not very much favorable yet.

      For more detailed analysis kindly opt for paid consultations.

      Thanks and regards
      Ashish Desai.

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