How to Cultivate Good Habits in Children

Readers may be surprised to read the above topic on an astrology blog and wondering what relation does astrology have with “How to cultivate good habits in Children”, yes this topic is not about cultivating good habits of brushing, reading, writing, sleeping early but this topic is about upbringing your children by imbibing good samskaras in them and how it can be beneficial for you in the long run, this topic is about making your children wise, spiritual and gentlemen/women. Why I am saying that we should make children do small spiritual things, make them pray since early years will be covered in the paragraphs below.

how to cultivate good habits in children
how to cultivate good habits in children

When a Child is small, he grows up looking at his parents, he copies them in the early years, he is mostly the reflection of his parents in the early years, these early years are very crucial in growth and development of a child for good and bad. When your child is small you should try to cultivate good habits in him by making him do “Namaskara” to god, Even a 1 year old child does that if he sees his parents doing it regularly, make them sit with you in the morning and evening and pray to god, do aartis, sing bhajans or recite stotras like poems slowly, make them chant name of the lord, This will definitely reap benefits in the long run when you see them grow as wise human beings. Whenever you go to a temple or feeding animals, take them along with you, make them do those small acts which will become a part of their psyche and habits, small acts of compassion go a long way in making a gentle-man. Parents should also do these things regularly infront of their kids because as the kids grow up, they start noticing “Oh my father does this, Oh my mother does this, I should also do this”, they start copying you. Cultivation of these habits will definitely go a long way in making them grow spiritually, emotionally and save them from adverse situations in life due to regular sadhana.

Another most important habit which today’s society needs to cultivate in children is to make them respect women which is the most important requirement of today’s era, Since people are not taught to respect women and treat her nicely be it a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law, abortion of girl child all this happens because children are not taught to respect a women and look at her as a friend, a sister, a mother figure, a twin soul of a man (other side of the same coin) without women there is no man should be remembered first. A women can make of break your life, Educating children to respect women is the need of the hour looking at the present scenario of rapes and violence against women. I hope you do not want your children to do that or be a victim of it, you can be in both shoes tomorrow.

Those earning very good income should make a habit to donate 10-20% of their income for good cause, for charity purpose, for getting poojas done at your residence to cultivate a good atmosphere, this also helps in upbringing of children when they see you regularly doing it, they will also start copying you, If god has given you a good life and financial status, make sure that you use some money to help others in need, The samskaras cultivated in your children is the biggest wealth you have in your life which will follow from generations to generations and never cease to leave you. This brings in name, fame and respect in society. Financial wealth ceases to leave you sooner or later, if you have good children they will earn wealth on their own and if you have bad children then they will just wash your money in bad deeds, so there is no need to worry about money since good children will accumulate it with their own karma, so focus more on upbringing of children and making your putra a “Suputra or Suputri”.

Regular spiritual sadhana saves your children and family from big mishaps, destiny cannot be averted sometimes but the impact can definitely be lessened and tamed or controlled, a poor man will not grow rich by doing this remedies but he will definitely have the peace of mind and learn the art of living gracefully even though his outer world remains strife torn. Cultivating good habits in children go a long way in making a good society and a good country at large, this post was not out of the context of astrology completely but it is sure an offbeat post on this blog which may make sense to many readers and hopefully create few gentlemen for the future, even if some people try to change themselves or start cultivating good habits in their children, the intention of writing “how to cultivate good habits in children” will be successful.

2 thoughts on “How to Cultivate Good Habits in Children”

  1. Excellent article 🙂
    I have 2 daughters of age 6 and 3. I am searching for articles which can suggest me on things like when to initiate them on pranayaam, sequence in which I should focus on certain sanskars etc.

    If you can post the same, It would be beneficial to a lot of people.


    1. Namaste Kaushal ji,

      You can initiate them into pranayama with help of an able person who can teach them to do properly, do not attempt to do it without prior knowledge as breathing exercises can be fatal if done wrongly. Initiation can be done by a vedic brahmana who is well versed in these things, seeking advice of a vedic brahmana on this would be more beneficial. You can ask archakas in Raghavendra swami mutt near you for advice regarding this.

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