Astrology Combinations for success in hotel business

Astrology combinations for success in hotel business

Food is the most essential and basic need for sustenance of human life which is why ‘Food business’ will always be evergreen business. This article is to show the astrological Combinations for success in food business which can be of any type like road side food joints, fast food joints, small hotels, big hotels & restaurants, tiffin service or take-away joints etc. Some hotels and food joints enjoy a huge popularity since generations, they have people lined up to eat there day and night. What are the Astrology combinations for success in hotel business ?

Astrology Combinations for Success in hotel business ?

Food and Financial success is represented by the sign Tauras and its ruler Venus. Moon and cancer represent hospitality, care and nourishment. These two signs and planets Venus+Moon are primary planets to check for success in hotel business.

Strong Moon and Venus connected with tauras and cancer signs can be a good astrological combinations for hotel management, hospitality management, catering, home science and nursing. Virgo will be more successful in home science and nutrition as this sign belongs to natural 6th house ruling the pancreas, bladder and stomach.

Your size of business, popularity and earnings will depend on the dhanayogas and other planetary factors in your horoscope. Venus in pisces can give connections with 5-star hotels, cruise lines, airlines etc when combined with rahu for ultra luxurious life. Chefs and cooks in star hotels definitely have this combination.

Liquor or wine business is most successful for those having venus+moon in watery signs.

What are the Planetary combinations for success in food business

Following planets and signs give success in hotel and restaurant business

  • Venus or mars in tauras in 2nd or 10th house can be very good for success in food business. This combination happens in Mesha or Simha lagna.
  • Venus in cancer in 2nd or 10th house will give good success in fast food, small hotels, cafeteria’s etc. This combination happens in Mithuna and Tula lagna.
  • Venus in scorpio or pisces in 2nd or 10th house would give success in liquor business or continental food business, pisces venus in 10th or 2nd can also give success in opening big hotels, bar and restaurants. This combination happens in tula, kumbh lagnas.
  • Moon or Mars in Tauras, Cancer, pisces or scorpio can also give success in hotel, cafeteria, fast food joints or continental food business. This moon should be connected to 2nd, 10th or 11th house in horoscope.
  • If one wants to start a tea stall or small food cafe, planets in tauras, or watery signs cancer, pisces are good enough to make him successful.
  • Success in bakery business also requires moon+venus yoga in cancer, tauras signs, jupiters connection with above will give high success in business of sweets.
  • Mercury is the karaka for business so one should have a well placed and strong mercury in the horoscope.
  • Dasha period of a planet involved in dhanayoga will give good success if your horoscope has astrology combinations for success in hotel business.
  • Strong 3rd house gives the courage to take risks which are required in starting or doing any business.
  • Rashi parivartana yoga between Venus and Moon from Tauras and cancer or Rashi parivartana yoga of Moon+Mars from Scorpio and cancer are also good for restaurant and liquor business.

Two people with exact same combinations for success in food business can have different size of business one can be a owner of a big hotel while other can be an owner of small road side dhaba or a small food stall, it depends on the background one comes from and the ability to take risks. Both will earn well according to their business capacity and dhanayogas in their horoscope. What matters is having the astrological combinations for success in hotel business.

It has become more easier to have a online food business in India with rising popularity of apps like zomato, Swiggy which have made it more easier for people to order food from the comfort of their home. The concept of “Cloud Kitchen” and “Take-away restaurants” are becoming hot right now and the investment required for these types of food business set-ups is also pretty less.

The apps like Zomato and Swiggy are helping many small tiffin providers, take-away restaurants and small food joints to get more business, especially the food joints in the corners or back of the streets with no visibility are now getting more visibility and more orders and business.

With new innovations like food delivery apps, take-away restaurants and cloud kitchens, becoming a successful food business owner has now become more easy and more profitable.

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