2013 Transit of jupiter in gemini a preview

2013 Transit of jupiter in gemini

“Expansion” is the Keyword for jupiter. Jupiter is considered as the greatest benefic in astrology and also regarded as the spiritual adviser (guru) whose work is to advice the king and provide mental solace in worse times. He owns the 9th house of dharma, spiritual conducts, guru, blessings along with the 12th of moksha, life after death, peace from dharmic activities (4th to 9th) etc in the natural zodiac.

Jupiter enters the zodiac of gemini/mithun rashi on 31st may 2013. Gemini being the 3rd sign in natural zodiac belongs to mercury and 3rd house representing communication, Correspondence, information, small journeys, neighbors etc. Gemini being the first of the air signs in zodiac also represents intellect, sense of humor etc, In medical astrology it represents shoulders, arms, ears, respiratory system etc.

The symbol of Gemini is Couple/twins which show expansion of love and affairs. Love will be in the air through communications and correspondence.

This jupiter could bring innovations, new inventions in the field of communications and media. There could be huge growth in communication sector and things related to it. This jupiter will stabilize the negative effects of saturn and rahu in libra and bring some relief to the present scenario of chaos in the last quarter of 2013.
Good time for those in field of media, Acting, Kpo’s, Bpo’s, Call-centre, telecommunications, etc.

The present chaos caused by saturn-rahu in libra will be well controlled by the aspect of jupiter after june 2013. There will be some relief to people, a lot of changes in law, reforms, spiritual/religious reforms may take place. Formation of new and better laws and improvement in  judiciary system of the country can be expected with jupiter aspecting 7th, 9th and 11th houses of the natural zodiac.
There will be relief to markets and traders when jupiter comes to gemini as saturn and rahu in libra will be balanced by the aspect of jupiter and the economy will be well balanced.

Those waiting for love can find their partners through communication and expression of thoughts, gemini being a sign of communication people are encouraged to speak out their minds. Many of you may find somebody while travelling as 3rd house of natural zodiac also indicates travels. Those having sun in gemini, libra, saggitarius and aquarius are going to have a very good time and boost in their careers. Expansion is the keyword for these people.

Jupiter will station retrograde on October 4, 2012 at 17 Gemini. It will station direct on January 30, 2013 at 7 Gemini.

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