A Research on Love marriages – Gun milan, Match making method in Jyotish

Love Marriages-Gun Milan match making method, Manglik dosh???

1)During the time of Ramayana & Mahabharata there was no concept of matching the charts. As we all know, Rama’s was “SwayamVara”. Draupadi’s was swayamvara.

What does Swayamvara mean? Either the bride had the rights to choose groom or those who won some challenge were allowed to marry.

 2)During the occasion of Draupadi Swayamvara Karna Had lifted the Bow but She refused to marry a soota putra. (Son of a charioteer).

3)When All Kshatriyas failed, King Drupada asked Brahmins to try. So intercaste marriages were present at that time also with the permission of Kings/Dharma Shastras. In addition to this I can add examples of Sages Bhrigu, Chyavana, Agastya-Kaveri, Jamadagni-Renuka, Yayati-Devayani etc etc…

4)Till Prithviraj-Samyukta period we can notice Swayamvara.So this so called matching system of Gun Milan is recent development which doesn’t work at all. I have seen those who have scored 34/36 getting divorce within few days to few months.

If that system is correct, Whole globe must have accepted it by this time as western people really weep when we predict divorce for 2nd time.

Think about people of East also who are having pretty good stable married life with an average of 80+%!!! Matching the charts is an art which needs great skill like Plus & Minus theory or better I say evaluating the charts totally.

For example there is a concept that a manglik person should marry a manglik person only. Mars represents Fire/Agni Tatva, in Astrology. Suppose we add Fire to Fire, it becomes bigger fire! So if a male or girl is having short temperament the other should have extra patience! I hope you got it.

If the love is pure Jaimini Dara Karakaas will be either same or will have Mutual aspect in both the charts.

Article Originally Written By Shankar G. Hegde for Vedang astrology group on facebook.

Our Readers can help us by contributing Birth data (Date of birth, time of birth and place of birth) for research purpose. The aim is to do original researches and banish the blind faiths and beliefs related to astrological combinations such as mangalik dosha, gun-milan etc.

we want horoscopes of couples having less than 18 points, naadi dosha etc, and have led a very good married life. Exceptions are also welcome. Such horoscopes will help us to destroy the blindly interpretations and use of match making. It would be a great help to us to formulate a research and remove the blind beliefs related to traditional concepts of gun milan, Match making in jyotish.

18 thoughts on “A Research on Love marriages – Gun milan, Match making method in Jyotish”

  1. My name is akanchha patel
    Dob 14 april 1995
    Birth time 6:01 am
    I want to my bf but he is manglik plzz suggest me what to do
    His name is prateek kumar sharma
    Dob: 7 october 1993

  2. My name is AVINASH GUPTA
    And i m manglik
    and my girl friend is non manglik
    i want marry with her . Please suggest me . What can i do for it.
    we cant leave with each other.
    please help us.

  3. Hey there!

    Need some help for matchmaking with my partner. Our kundlis do not match. Kindly help. My email address is attached. Waiting for appropriate response.

  4. My name is pritpal and my date of birth 02/02/1990 at titime 04:00 pm . I want to marry with non – mnglik girl . I love her so much . we have gud understanding . but the problm is my mnglik dosh… Sir please help me . I NVR leave her … Pls tell me the solution as soon ass possible .

    my I’d is


    Pls contact me at my I’d … Please please sir .

  5. My dob is 27/09/1991 time 16:26
    My patner dob is 06/10/1991
    I have low mangal dosha and he has no mangal dosha
    Can i marry him!
    He is very intrested at me

    1. Namaste Lakshmi ji,

      Please opt for paid consultations if you wish to consult for match-making.

      Thanks and regards,
      Ashish Desai.

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