Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions
Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions

2020 is a year of Major changes in the world because all 4 Major planets are changing sign in this year. First Saturn moved to Capricorn, Jupiter has moved to Capricorn and returned to Sagittarius, it will again change sign to Capricorn in November 2020. Rahu-Ketu axis is now ready to change signs on 23rd September 2020. Both these planets will leave the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and enter Tauras-Scorpio axis from September 2020 onward. Let us see the Rahu ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for each of the 12 signs in the rashi chakra.

Impact of Rahu-Ketu axis in Vrishabh Vrischik

Since they are chhaya Grahas, they do not have their own effect, Rahu-ketu always give effect according to their rashi lords and the planets they conjoin with. This is the first and foremost important principle to keep in mind while predicting results of rahu and ketu. The changing signs of Rahu/Ketu axis is being predicted to be the beginning of the end of Covid 19 pandemic in India by many astrologers.

Rahu will enter Vrishabh a sthira rashi, symbolized with a bull, ruled by venus and of prithvi tattwa. This is a sign of luxury, wealth, earnings, stability, beauty and glamour etc. Rahu entering this sign will bring upheaval in the above areas. Stock markets will be volatile and see lot of investments, There will be increase in prices of commodities and daily necessities, economy will be hit but at the same time it will also start growing again in this phase, there will be ups and downs. The common man is going to suffer with increase in prices and cost of living. It will be a good time for entertainment/media and glamour industry, these things will boom in the coming time. People will be spending more on luxuries and means of entertainment, good food and wine etc. Since Saturn is also transiting in trine from Rahu in Makar rashi there is high possibility of drought/mahamari (diseases) and mass deaths in coming 2 years.

Ketu will enter Vruschik rashi a sthira sign, symbolized by a scorpion, ruled by Venus and of Jala tattwa. This is a sign of transformation, secrecy, rasayana, poisons, occult and mystical areas etc. People will be attracted towards occultism and mystical studies, new researches in chemical and medicine areas will be demystified. New developments in areas of Nuclear technology, Artificial intelligence will probably take place. Secret missions or planning of wars, warlike situation can take place in this transit. There can be increase in rate of crime on the coming time as ketu enters the sign of Mars.

Now let us see the impact of Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 on 12 signs.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Mesha Rashi

  • Rahu-ketu will transit your 2/8 axis from lagna or chandra rashi.
  • Gochara rahu in vrishabh rashi in your 2nd house aspected by benefic planets will bring financial success and prosperity, rahu if conjoined with yogakaraka planet in natal chart will bring good financial success and good news in the family.
  • Since shani is transiting your 10th house in gochara trine of Shani and rahu will increase your responsibilities and workload in career. Jupiter also transiting 10th house next year will increase chances of growth and promotion in career.
  • Rahu will cause financial upheavals if there are malefics in 2nd or 8th house of your horoscope, there will be problems in family and possibility of loss only if there are malefic planets associated with the 2nd house.
  • Think before you speak or commit to anything as it can land you in problems later.
  • Keep a close eye on your bank accounts and be careful of frauds through digital transactions.
  • Ketu in 8th house will arouse spiritual interest and interest in mystical subjects for some of you.
  • Ketu in 8th can cause infection, allergy or skin issues to area near private parts.
  • Do remedies of jupiter+saturn in the coming year.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Vrishabh Rashi

  • Rahu-Ketu will transit your lagna and 7th house.
  • Rahu in your rashi or lagna can cause hallucinations or mental aberrations for some of you. Rahu conjoining moon can bring mental frustration, emotional upheavals and interest in toxicating substances. Rahu intoxicates the mind with wrong perceptions.
  • You are advised to take help of experts and seek counseling if you find yourself in depression.
  • Health can be affected if there are malefics aspecting rahu, do not take any risky adventures in the coming 1.5 years. This is especially for those with Moon in Vrishabh.
  • Shani+Guru in your 9th house in coming year will be a mixed phase for you, though there is neechabhanga for jupiter rahu in trine to it is not good and will block your luck for sometime. Jupiter’s aspect on rahu however is good to control negative results of rahu.
  • Ketu in the 7th house will cause separation like situations from spouse, there can be sudden lack of interest in relationships. Do not take hasty decisions because it is a temporary phase.
  • Health of spouse will be a matter of concern for those who are married. Women trying to conceive will have obstructions and may require medical help.
  • Do remedies of jupiter+Saturn in coming year. Visiting teertha kshetras or undertaking religious trips will prove to be very good for you in coming year.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Mithuna Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu will transit your 12th and 6th house.
  • Rahu in 12th will increase your expenses, you will be spending money on unnecessary things which will burn a hole in your pocket.
  • This transit of rahu is very good to give you foreign travels for both work and leisure.
  • There can be increase in your hidden enemies, so you do not trust people especially if you are in the corporate world.
  • Shani+guru passing through your 8th house in 2021 will be bad for you, it is a period for financial losses, problems in family life and too much pressure of responsibilities. Trade carefully in stock markets.
  • Ketu in the 6th house is good for success in competitions, competitive exams and overcoming your enemies.
  • Ketu in 6th house is afflicting planets like Venus be very careful of venereal diseases if you having many physical relationships. Ketu aspected by malefics will a trouble maker here.
  • Those who planets like sun or moon or lagna lord in 6th house will have more trouble with this gochara of ketu in vruschik rashi.
  • Students should concentrate on studies instead focusing on leisure.
  • Strongly suggest to do remedies of Shani+guru and Rahu+ketu as they are passing through your 6/8/12 houses.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Karka Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu will transit your 11th house and 5th house axis.
  • Rahu passing through the 11th house is very good for you, it will give financial success and gains in the coming period.
  • Rahu in upachaya house will be very beneficial for you as it can give results of venus the 11th and 4th lord, you may invest in a property and vehicle in coming time.
  • Be little careful not to trust your friends and colleagues in financial matters as rahu in 11th can get you cheated by someone close to you.
  • Shani+guru are passing through your 7th house, the coming year will be good for those seeking alliance to marry.
  • Ketu in the 5th house will be negatively affection prospects of children, it is not a good time to plan children if you are having malefic planets in the 5th house. There are chances of miscarriage/abortions during this 1.5 years period only if you are having malefic planets in these houses.
  • You are advised to take informed decisions instead of taking rash decisions, since ketu is a headless planet it can make you take wrong decisions in hurry without much thinking.
  • Students are strongly advised to focus on studies and keep their cool during examination period as chances of missing questions in hurry is possible. This transit is very good for those in technical education.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Simha Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu will transit your 10th and 4th house axis.
  • Rahu passing through the 10th house is very beneficial for you in terms of career growth and sucess. If your Venus is well-posited in the horoscope you will find good opportunities and growth in the coming year.
  • Saturn in trine to rahu will increase your workload and also give enemies, you are advised to tackle it with diplomacy.
  • Saturn+jupiter passing through your 6th house signal you to be very careful about your health. It is a very bad transit for health matters. Ignorance can prove to be dangerous for some of you.
  • Take care to avoid getting involved in legal issues/litigation.
  • Ketu in the 4th house can cause some domestic troubles, it can also give separation from home or family through transfers or relocation.
  • Ketu in 4th house can also make you feel lonely and create a vacuum inside you. It is however good for spiritual pursuits.
  • Do remedies of Saturn+Jupiter along with sun for you rashi/lagna.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Kanya Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu will transit your 9th and 3rd house respectively.
  • Rahu transiting your 9th house will be beneficial for you, there will be long journeys and foreign trips are quite possible with rahu in 9th house.
  • Jupiters aspect on rahu in 9th is good for those aspiring to go for higher studies.
  • Some issues with neighbors and siblings are possible, take your time to read and understand any legal clauses before you give your consent and signatures.
  • Saturn+Jupiter in the 5th house are good for gains and planning for child, however karaka jupiter is neecha so women folks are advised to be careful during pregnancies. Rahu in trine to 5th house also is not good.
  • There will be gains through speculation, stock markets etc.
  • Ketu in 3rd house will be good for giving courage, determination and zeal to pursue your goals and ambitions.
  • It is overall a good time for students to score good grades in the coming year. It is a good time for competitive exams as well.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Tula Rashi

  • Rahu – ketu axis will be transiting your 8th and 2nd house respectively.
  • 8th rahu in the sign of venus can increase your libido and push you to seek pleasures out of wedlock, you are advised to be careful of venereal diseases, over indulgence can be bad for you.
  • 8th house rahu if conjoined venus or moon will prove bad for health and mother’s health. There can be some issues with the in-laws.
  • Ketu in 2nd house will cause separation from family for a short period, there are possibilities of misunderstandings and problems due to fights. Ketu in 2nd house if aspected by malefics will cause the above troubles, otherwise there can be a bit of feeling to cut away from the family.
  • Saturn+Jupiter passing through the 4th house in gochara will be good for gains through property, purchase of property and growth in career. Health and well-being of parents can be a matter of concern.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Vrischik Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu transit your 7th and 1st house respectively.
  • Rahu in the 7th house will cause disturbance in married life, more so if it is aspected by malefic planets.
  • Ketu in lagna can make you introspect yourself, you may be subject to taking some illogical decisions as ketu is headless and rash in behavior acting without thinking.
  • Ketu in lagna can give you lack of confidence or inferiority complex but don’t worry this will be a temporary phenomenon. Those having aspect of jupiter on lagna will experience divine bliss and interest in mystical/occult and puranic/vedic literature.
  • Saturn+Jupiter passing through your 3rd house will give you short journeys, jupiter’s aspect on 9th house will be good for religious trips in the coming year. Saturn in 3rd house will prove good for giving you the courage to achieve your desired goals.
  • Those who are looking to get married have a good year ahead, but since rahu is in 7th house you are advised to be careful while choosing your match.
  • It is a good time to establish your contacts and networking.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Dhanu Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu axis will be transiting your 6th house and 12th house respetively.
  • Rahu in 6th is a very good time for success in competitions, those looking to crack civil services or competitive exams will be having a good year ahead. The chances of getting success increase if your dasha is also favorable.
  • There will be victory over enemies and success in sports etc.
  • Ketu in 12th house is very good for spiritual progress if you have jupiter aspecting ketu in your horoscope. This year will prove very good for spiritually inclined people.
  • saturn+jupiter in 2nd house cause a good dhanayoga and will make your bank balance increase. There are good indications of financial improvement in your coming year.
  • Health will be an area of concern as lagna lord jupiter is debilitated and rahu is passing through your 6th house. You are advised to take care of your health.
  • Since rahu passes through 6th house possibilities of getting into legal disputes is also there.
  • This period also marks last phase of sade-sati for dhanu rashi hence you should remain humble and focus on your work. You will definitely reap good results.
  • Students will have a very good year with respect to studies.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Makar Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu will be transiting your 5th house and 11th house respectively.
  • Rahu in 5th house house will make you interested in speculation, stock markets. Rahu in 5th house spikes interest in gambling.
  • Rahu in 5th house is hindrance to smooth pregnancy though it will be aspected by jupiter. Karaka of children jupiter will be neecha/debilitated. You have to be careful during pregnancy.
  • Rahu in 5th house diverts the mind towards entertainment and leisure activities and too much indulgence in these activities can be bad for students. Parents are advised to keep watch on their children as they can be prone to going astray.
  • Saturn+Jupiter will be transiting your rashi/lagna which is mixed transit, it is 2nd phase of sade-sati for Makar rashi, saturn transiting over moon makes one take wrong decisions, hence listen to your elders, seek advice of elder and your gurus/teachers as jupiter is with saturn in your rashi/lagna.
  • Those seeking alliance for marriage will get success as saturn+jupiter both aspect your 7th house.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Kumbh Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu will be transiting your 4th and 10th house respectively.
  • Rahu transiting your 4th house is good foreign settlement, foreign travels or relocation to other city/state.
  • Rahu in 4th house and ketu in 4th house will be bad for health of your parents, there can some problems in domestic life.
  • Ketu in 10th house indicates that you should focus on your career because there are possibilities of you taking rash decisions which you will repent later.
  • Saturn+Jupiter in 12th house to your rashi/lagna indicates onset of 1st phase of sade-sati for kumbh rashi, you are advised to not act by your own decisions and choices, take counseling from elders on important for your benefit.
  • Your spending on unnecessary things will increase leaving you with a financial problem in the future as your lagna lord and 2nd/11th lord both are in 12th to your rashi/lagna in gochara. Control your spending and plan your finances wisely, be well prepared for the balance 7 years of sade-sati.
  • Recite hanuman chalisa and shani stotra daily and light deepa in shani temple on Saturdays for your sade-sati to be mild. While doing all this you should maintain humility and never show your ego.

Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Meena Rashi

  • Rahu – Ketu are transiting your 3rd and 9th house respectively.
  • Rahu in 3rd and saturn in 11th two malefics in upachaya houses in gochara will make you fearless and courageous in your ventures.
  • Rahu in 3rd can make you take risks and become adventurous, there are high chances for your risk being successful as planets are positioned to bless you.
  • Ketu in the 9th house is highly beneficial for spiritual pursuits, more so if you have jupiter posited in the 5th or lagna in your horoscope.
  • Saturn+Jupiter in the 11th house indicates a very good time for gain, jupiter though debilitated will prove good in the 11th house giving growth in career and business.
  • You will have good financial gains in the coming year till jupiter is in Makar rashi. Make the most of this time as you will be having high chances of fulfillment of your goals and ambitions.
  • Those who are seeking a child have a good year ahead to try for a child.
  • Do remedies of Jupiter as your rashi/lagna lord is in debilitation.

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