Astrological Combination for dentist

Astrological Combinations for Dentist

Doctors are considered as next to god for their life saving skills. Medical profession is a very lucrative profession which gives both respect and money. Many youngsters aspire to become doctors as this profession enables one to get high respect along with excellent remuneration and opportunity to help people. I have checked many horoscopes of doctors and will be writing about astrological combinations for dentist in this article.

There are many combinations given in astrological classics for medical profession or expertise in medicine. Connection of moon, mercury for quick grasp, diagnosis, strong sun as sun is the giver of life, strong moon as it gives nourishment. Strong 3,6 houses plus mars for surgeons and 5th house plus Jupiter for physicians.

Surgeons need very flexible hands along with good hand and eye co-ordination. The 3rd house in the horoscope of surgeon often has strong connection with 10th house or the lord. Dentist also have this combination of 3rd and 10th houses either form ascendant or moon. They are skilled in complex surgeries which go on for hours, it requires a lot of patience, persistence and good flexible hands to become a skilled dental surgeon.

I have checked horoscopes of many surgeon and found the 3rd and the 10th lords connected to each other by position, aspect or conjunction. Below is the horoscope of a young dental surgeon who owns a big clinic in Mumbai with all modern technology and facilities. Both parents also share the same profession.

Astrological combinations for dentist
Astrological combinations for dentist

See the striking features in the following horoscope:-

  • 10th lord and 3rd lord are conjunct and placed in 3rd house.
  • 10th lord establishes connection with the 3rd house.
  • Lagna lord and 10th lord are placed in 3rd with 3rd lord.
  • From moon the 10th lord aspects the 3rd house.
  • Mars is placed in ascendant very close to rising degrees.
  • The combination of 3rd and 10th lords aspecting each other in navamsha repeats.
Astrological combinations for dentist
Astrological combinations for dentist

See the horoscope of another dentist and note the features again.

  • 3rd and 10th lord is the same planet.
  • 10th lord is aspecting 3rd house.
  • 10th lord has made connection with lagna lord in this horoscope also.
  • From moon the 10th lord and 3rd lords mutually aspect each other.
  • In the navamsha 10th lord in 3rd house is aspected by the 3rd lord again establishing the connection of 3rd and 10th houses.

I have many more horoscopes in my collection having same combinations. Surgery requires flexible and quick hands along with good hand eye co-ordination. Horoscopes of almost all surgeons should exhibit the combination of 3rd and 10th house from birth horoscope, moon and the navamsha. The combination can be present in one or all 3 horoscopes. I have not included the dashamansha and other divisional horoscopes here.

Those aspiring to be in dental profession can check and see if the above astrological combinations for dentist apply in their horoscopes.


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