Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020

The greatest benefic in astrology, planet Jupiter is going to enter its own Moola trikona Sign Sagittarius on 5th November 2019. Sagittarius is a fire sign and out of the 4 rasi tatvas Fire, Earth, Air and Water, fire signs are the best signs indicating high energy, high level of activity, high enthusiasm and confidence. This gochara of jupiter in dhanu rasi will last for a year, it will move into its Debilitation sign Capricorn on 30th March, 2020 and move back to Dhanu rashi on 30th June, 2020 and stay there till November 20th, 2020 before finally moving to its Neecha rashi Makar. Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 will be a true game changer on mundane level as well as personal level for many as guru will try to restore dharma and justice with the planet of justice saturn too transiting in Dhanu rasi till January 2020.

Jupiter in Dhanu rasi will be associated with Saturn and Ketu in dhanu rasi which is the dharma-karmadhipati yoga involving ketu making it a more spiritual combination than a materialistic one. Saturn and Jupiter are the natural significators of the 9th and the 10th house of Dharma and Karma. This combination overall will be more favorable for sadhaks and the spiritual than the materialist society.

For India if Makar lagna is taken as given by Varahmihira or even Vrishabh lagna at the time of Independence is taken the initial period of 3-6 months will be a period of economic slowdown, recession and crash as the 12th and 8th houses respectively will get activated. There will be reform or transformation across banking and finance sectors, the oil and crude/mining/gas industries will see surge in prices and there will be rising demand or good growth. Gold prices will continue to rise with jupiter the karaka entering its own sign. Saturn entering own sign capricorn after 30 years in January 2020 will probably bring some positive news in area of agriculture and labour class people. In the initial 6 months from Jupiter entering Dhanu rasi there will be some strong justice delivered or some religious movement will come into news. Many who have earned money by wrong means or cheating/deceiving will probably suffer. Jupiters entry in Dhanu rasi will prove favorable only after Saturn and Ketu move out of Dhanu rasi which means jupiter’s good results will come to pass mostly in 2nd half of 2020.

Let us see the Jupiter transit 2020 predictions for all 12 signs.

Jupiter transit in dhanu rasi 2019-2020 predictions
Jupiter transit in dhanu rasi 2019-2020 predictions

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Mesha

Jupiter enters 9th house from your lagna or moon sign indicating a very much favorable year for you. The initial 4 months will see things picking up in a very slow and phased manner but as saturn enters Makar rasi and Jupiter also speeds up in Dhanu you will be on fire with new opportunities/projects and good progress showing up for your zodiac.

The transit of jupiter will become more favorable after saturn’s movement to capricorn giving you a very good period for realizing your goals and highest ambitions in the time to come. A bright future awaits you, make sure that you are geared to make the most of this good time.

This year will also prove very good for students having mesha lagna or moon as jupiter will aspect their 5th house, do all your preparations before March 2020. The aspect of Jupiter on moon/lagna will bring positivity and optimism in most of you. Anyone who wants to learn a new vidya or start education should immediately start without any hesitation.

Those who are planning for children should definitely try for conception this year as jupiter aspects your 5th house from 9th house, increasing seva, daan, dharma karya, religious ceremonies will fetch you more punya and as a result chances of conceiving good progeny increase.

Increase your japa, tapa, daan, dharma karya to get most beneficial results as jupiter is aspecting 5th house of punya and progeny. A good year for those who are into speculation or stock markets.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Vrishabh rashi

Jupiter enters your 8th house indicating a good time for you to relax, learn yoga, engage in spiritual pursuits. This is a good transit to learn any occult or research-oriented subject, This transit can be good for those who are into research areas, Insurance, taxation, revenue and finance. On the negative side health should be given due priority. Saturn’s transit in 8th along with jupiter can cause upheavals and losses in the initial 4 months, this is not a favorable time to make any switch or moves on career front. Stay patient and keep doing your work. Some inheritance or sudden gains are indicated. Also make sure to look into health of your parents. Re-analyse your financial aspects. Students will need to put extra hard work into studies. There will be an overseas opportunity for some people in near future.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Mithuna rashi

Jupiter enters your 7th house making this transit a favorable one for you as jupiter will aspect your lagna/moon sign bringing enthusiasm, hope, positivity and improvement in health for you. You will have a feel of breathing fresh air in the coming year. Aspect on 11th house will give gains, new friendships, new avenues of income will open up and there will be financial prosperity if jupiter is aspecting your moon who happens to be 2nd lord for your lagna or moon sign. Aspect of jupiter on 3rd house will give fruitful short journeys, gains from travelling and new contacts, improvement in relationships with neighbors and siblings, improved communication skills.

Those who are looking for marriage will have a very good year ahead as jupiter has entered 7th house of your moon sign/lagna. Venus entering Sagittarius from 21st November, 2019 to 15th December 2019 will be very good period for those who are looking to convert their love alliances into marriage.

Although the transit of jupiter is good for you, saturn and ketu too in the 7th house from your lagna and moon can disturb marital relationships and partnerships. You have to let the bad transits pass before taking any major decisions, Saturn will move out by January 2020.

2020 will be a very good year for sadhakas or those who are into profession of karmakanda, yoga instructors, professors, spiritual writers, or researchers as Jupiter ketu conjunction is favorable for you. Jupiter as 10th lord for your lagna in own sign will also give good progress in career and professional area with many new opportunities and responsibilities, some of you may experience some lag or delay in the professional success or promotions as saturn will be aspecting 10th from January 2020.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Kark rashi

Jupiter enters your 6th house this year which is not good for your health and well being as it will be with two malefics saturn and ketu, while saturn moves out in January 2020, Ketu will remain in Sagittarius for almost 9 months of 2020. Your should take care of your food intake and diet, get your your junk food habits to be on the safe side. Those who are into drinking can get into serious liver troubles this year.

On the positive side, jupiter aspecting 2nd, 10th and 12th will help you achieve your career goals, give success and recognition in career and as well as bring improvement into your finances and family life. The aspect on 12th will make you spend your money on good things as well. Rahu in 12th warns you to control your expenditure. Those who are looking for fresh jobs will also get good opportunities and postings, people into competitive exams are going to have a very good year so make the most of it.

If any of you have Mars in Aries or Leo with cancer lagna, you will be having the best time of your career/professional life. Recognition and success is sureshot there for you, unless you are running a bad dasha.

It is overall a good time for students to score well and get recognition. The key mantra is to take care of your health and eat well to avoid liver and stomach related issues.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Simha rashi

Jupiter entering your 5th house from moon/lagna is going to bring lot of improvements in your life in terms of health, positivity, creativity, enthusiasm and great energy levels as it aspects your lagna or moon. Those who are looking to plan for baby have a very good year ahead as jupiter is passing through your 5th house, 2019 is a good year to conceive with both saturn and jupiter passing through the 5th house. Those who have malefic planets in dhanu rashi should however avoid or either plan very carefully with expert advise because saturn and ketu are also passing through dhanu rasi.

Jupiters aspect on 11th house will bring financial improvements, financial stability and good gains from friends, business etc. You will develop new contacts which will prove helpful to you in near future. Aspect of jupiter on 9th house promises good spiritual progress and fruitful long journeys in the coming year. Doing dharmakarya/religious ceremonies this year will give extremely good result. It will increase your luck and punya as jupiter from 5th aspects 9th which is very auspicious combination for simha rasi/lagna. You are advised to do more religious ceremonies, daan, remedies this year.

This is an extremely good year for spiritual initiation for those looking to get into spiritual realm. Some of you may find your guru and get initiation it is a rare combination of Jupiter+ketu in 5th house aspecting 9th, When sun passes through Mesha in April/May and Simha during August/September you will experiences divine results of this combination.

A very good year for students to score good in exams, Keep your focus on your goals and you are all set to achieve your targets.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Kanya rashi

Jupiter enters 4th house from your moon/lagna, it is in a way good as the aspect of jupiter falls on the most important house in horoscope which is 10th house giving you a scope of improvement and growth in your profession/career. Those who are looking for new jobs will get good opportunities, it is important to apply for the right jobs in such good transits.

Foreign journeys can be undertaken this year with jupiter’s aspect on 12th house, Money will be spent on daan, dharma and good things as a result of this aspect. Jupiters aspect on 8th house will protect you from many misfortune, some of you may get good inheritance and sudden gains.

There can be possibilities of relocation, renovation of house as well as health of mother being affected due to affliction of jupiter ketu in 4th house.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Tula rashi

Jupiter transits the 3rd house from your moon/lagna this year and aspects your 7th, 9th and 11th house respectively making it a very good transit for those who are looking to get married. Jupiter will help you solemnize your marriage with its aspect on the 7th house, it will also give long travels and religious trips as well has increase in dharma karya and spiritual progress. The aspect of jupiter on the 11th house will be good for financial prosperity and increment in monetary inflows.

Jupiter in 3rd is very good for authors, writers and those into areas of advertising and communications, this jupiter transit will bring opportunities to increase your status, give recognition and financial success if any of you has sun in 9th or 11th house. Those into the field or writing, creativity will have a good year ahead. Saturn and jupiter both in Makar during 2nd quarter of 2020 will be extremely favorable for career/professional success. You may get your fair chance for rise in career in the year 2020.

On the downside you are advised to look into your relationship with siblings and avoid any misunderstandings with your colleagues. Increasing dharma karya will help you amass good punya and even good progeny as jupiter has aspect on 9th house. This will be a good year for spiritual and religious leaders, politicians, Yoga practitioners, healers, doctors occultist, professors and researchers.

Students too have a good year after January 2020 as saturn enters own sign makar leaving ketu behind making you able to focus on your studies.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Vruschik rashi

Jupiter enters the 2nd house from your moon/lagna in its own sign Sagittarius, this year will prove good for you from many angles as there will be improvement in family life, financial status, career and professional growth along with success in your desired area.

Jupiter aspecting 10th house is going to take you to heights and give good recognition if any of you have sun in the 10th house in Leo, this combination is very good for those into people oriented professions like politics, acting, theater, sports etc You can reach the pinnacle of your career in the coming year with right efforts and hard work. The possibility increases for those having Sun and Mars in digbala in the 10th house. Right kind of work and opportunities may knock your door this year.

Jupiter’s aspect on 6th and 8th will give scope of improvement in health, victory over enemies, competitive success and protection from misfortune or any unforeseen danger.

Those who want to make additions to their family can plan to have child this year as jupiter your 5th lord is in own sign, There will be many good news and religious ceremonies or get-togethers in family in the coming year. This year will be good for students as jupiter is going to bless you with good vidya prapti.

One good news for vruschik rashi is they are going to be free from shani sade-sati from January 2020 as shani leaves Dhanu rasi and enters Makar in January 2020.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Dhanu rashi

Jupiter transit in your moon sign or lagna is going to be a very beneficial transit for you in the coming year. You will be blessed with good health, cheerfulness, optimism and enthusiasm. You will feel quite energetic and active to take on with fresh perspective.

The first thing you should do this year is to increase your dharma karya, daan, japa, religious activity and try to amass as much punya as you can because punya is like bank balance which helps you to sustain in your bad times. Jupiter’s aspect is all set to say “Tathasthu” to whatever you wish for as it aspects the 5th and 9th house two important trikonas which is why any worship or seva done with sankalpa will give quick results this year.

Those looking to tie the wedding knot have a very good year ahead. You will be blessed with marital bliss and even happiness of children. The aspect of jupiter on 5th is also good for conceiving and birth of children. Any seva done with sankalpa for good children will bless you with the desired result.

With the aspect on 9th house there will be good increment and activation of your luck giving you edge over many opportunities, religious travels and dharma karya will take place. Saturn’s entry into Capricorn next year in its own sign in 2nd house promises good financial progress as well.

You are also entering the last phase of your sade-sati with saturn’s entry in capricorn, hence expect things to improve for you from this year onwards.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Makar rashi

Jupiter transiting in the 12th house from your moon/lagna this year which is good for foreign travels, relocation and spiritual progress. Jupiter will be with ketu in 12th house which is an excellent combination for spiritual progress and study of vedanta/vedas etc. This jupiter can give you very good opportunities to explore and travel with many mystic experiences. It can help you document your travels and write about your experiences so this is a very good transit for authors, writers and researchers in general.

Jupiter’s aspect on 4th house is a very good if you are considering for relocation or moving about to some other place/town or country as jupiter being 3rd/12th lord will help you with movement. Some of you can expect to get transferred in jobs, those who want to get transferred can try to do so in the coming year. It is also a good time to invest in land or property as expenses are also seen in the coming year.

Aspect of jupiter on 6th and 8th will help you make progress in job/service and also protect you from misfortunes. The downside is that your savings and financial stability is at highest risk with saturn/ketu and jupiter all in 12th house. After January 2020 saturn entering own sign will be slightly better but having said that those with makar rasi are already in sade-sati and with 2nd phase of sade-sati starting, you are advised to take important decisions after consulting a professional astrologer.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Kumbh rashi

Jupiter entering your 11th house is an excellent time for you, Saturn is already in Dhanu rasi your 11th house till January now which is already good, you can make the most of the good time by taking every opportunity and chance to make it to your goals.

Overall jupiter transit in Sagittarius in 2019-20 will prove good, those looking for alliances will be able to find good alliance to tie the wedding knot. Business will flourish and give good gains, new contacts and connections will be established. You will gains from short travels and new contacts. Financial gains will heightened till January 2020.

The aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on 5th house till January 2019 is extremely beneficial for conceiving and blessing you with progeny. 2019-20 is a good year to conceive and have children. Students will have a good year in terms of studies and education. Foreign trips will take place after January as saturn enters Makar.

Having said this, a word of caution for kumbh people as they are also going to enter Sade-sati period from January 2020 as saturn enters Makar rasi. Your first phase of sade-sati begins from 2020 January, you are advised not to take big risks and financial adventure without consulting any professional. Chances are that those having a bad horoscope will get themselves into serious trouble if proper financial planning is not there. Saturn entering 12th sign capricorn will make you spend unnecessarily and get lured into ponzi schemes or leaving your well set profession/business in case of some people. You are advised to take decisions very wisely after consulting professional astrologer.

Jupiter transit in Dhanu rashi 2019-2020 predictions for Meen rashi

Jupiter enters the 10th house of your moon/lagna which is a very good indication for rise in career/professional front. The 10th house for your sign belongs to jupiter and its entry in its own sign will give you very good opportunities to move up the ladder in your professional sphere.

The aspect of jupiter on the 2nd house will considerably improve your financial situation, give rise in income and bring happiness in family. There will be good news in family and religious functions/ceremonies will bring the family together. The aspect of jupiter on 4th house will increase your domestic peace/happiness and feeling of content. You will feel happy and elated inside.

Aspect of jupiter on the 6th house will be good for those in service/jobs and also for those into competitive careers. Those looking for new jobs will get good opportunities after January 2020 as saturn enters your 11th house. Financial prosperity will be there due to both planets being favorably disposed, your hard work of previous years will pay off once saturn leaves 10th house and enters 11th to give fruits of your labor.

For more precise readings readers are requested to opt for personalized horoscope prediction for Jupiter transit in Dhanu 2020.

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