Venus mahadasha

We saw the effects of Ketu mahadasha and its effects in the previous post. The next Nakshatra after Ashwini of Ketu is Bharni ruled by venus and hence we will see the results of venus mahadasha or shukra dasha in this article. Venus is the second most benefic planet in astrology after jupiter.

  • Venus rules Tauras And Libra.
  • Mool Trikona Sign is Libra.
  • Venus Exalts in Pieces/Meen Rashi.
  • Venus Debilitates in Virgo/Kanya Rashi.
  • Bharni, Purvaphalguni and Purvashada are nakshatras ruled by venus and people born on these nakshatras get venus dasha by birth.
  • Dasha of venus is of 20 years the most longest dasha in astrology.

Venus mahadasha in astrology

Venus is the Karaka of Beauty, Luxury, Arts, Creativity, Romance, Sensuality, Passions, Relationships, Entertainment and also Vidya. He is the ruler of 64 arts and also known as Shukracharya the guru of Daitya’s/Asura’s/demons. Venus is the natural karaka of wealth along with jupiter and marriage ruling the 2nd and 7th house of Natural zodiac, it is also a prabal maraka being the ruler of 2nd and 7th house. Downfall of a man begins with his increasing lust for wealth and women. Venus rules eyes, face, kidneys, area above private parts (Urinary tract) and semen which is Ojas (wastage of ojas Results in weakness of aura/character/spirituality/ loss of bramhcharya). There is no man who does not get swayed with accumulation of huge wealth and power, people commit mistakes when they are wealthy and powerful which ultimately leads to downfall as your punya sanchaya starts depleting, this slowly over generations destroys the family/kula or vansha of the person. Venus also being the guru or asuras will most probably pull you towards enjoyments and entertainment in life forgetting the spiritual discipline/conduct and dharma. In ketu a person is like slowly getting detached from the world due to backstabs, emotional break downs, bad experiences and slowly gets attached towards god, spirituality if such combinations exists in his horoscope, He experiences the Dictum “Sukh ke Sab saathi, Dukh me na koi”, at that moment he says “Sab moh maya hai”, but as soon as his venus dasha begins he forgets all god and spirituality getting swayed towards enjoyments and forgets all spirituality unless venus is connected to spiritual yogas in a horoscope. Venus in trine to Saturn and ketu can give purity of thoughts without lust.

People coming under venus mahadasha suddenly blossom in life like a flower from the bud, Their attraction increases immensely as the flower attracts bees. You will see an ugly duckling suddenly turning into a Swan by the onset of venus dasha, Many people experience this as they enter venus dasha, their life style, looks, aura and everything around them suddenly changes with the onset of venus mahadasha in their horoscope. People suddenly start getting attracted to them and flock around them to stay in their company. A priyanka chopra of early days in her school where nobody liked her and the priyanka chopra post winning miss world and movie Aitraaz can be perfectly called the venusian magic.

A benefic and strong venus in the horoscope will give all luxuries and pleasures in his mahadasha, there will be gains of costly gifts, articles, jewellery, watches, blue and red articles, there will be happiness and prosperity all around and well-being of family. A well placed venus in the horoscope will definitely give rise and success in career, the person may do well in arts, creativity, entertainment, theater, drama, precious stones, jewellery, interior designing, animation, cinematography, photography, Make-up artists, singers, dancers, musicians, consultancy, adviser to ministers, high profile people, there will be success and prosperity through whatever the jataka does in venus mahadasha. Venus should be well placed in the horoscope with good asta-varga points and benefic to the ascendant. Lady luck smiles on the person having a strong and well placed venus, prosperity follows after marriage or birth of a daughter. Venus mahadasha will give good results to people born in Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, Libra and Tauras Ascendants or if the venus is placed in exaltation, own house, mool trikona in the horoscope.

A malefic and weak venus in the horoscope will make one devoid of prosperity, wealth and comforts. There will be problems in marriage and married life, disharmony in family life, lack of support, health issues related to urinary tract, kidneys, semen, venereal diseases, lack of conjugal life or inability to enjoy sex. Such people fail in making impact on others in life, they can remain behind in spite of having good talents as they do not get proper support and mentoring from right people at right time. Failure in relationships, love and problems due to women/opposite sex can be prominently seen in such horoscopes, the above good and bad results will be experiences more prominently in venus mahadasha and venus antardasha in any mahadasha.

Venus mahadasha Remedies to Strengthen Venus

  • Recite Mahalaksmi Astaka
  • Lakshmi Dwadashnaam
  • Shree sukta, devi sukta
  • Vaibhav lakshmi vrata, fasting on fridays
  • Donating Shringar items, helping widows or helping poor girls to get married, donating jewellery or diamond.
  • Worship of Vishnu-Lakshmi/ Lakshmi-Narayana together with faith will give immense phala.
  • Wear bright clothes, keep cleanliness of body, mind and home, keep a cheerful atmosphere.

Venus mahadasha can be an excellent life changing period after having a very trouble some ketu mahadasha. One should never forget lord in the good times as your punya sanchaya starts depleting once you start indulging in enjoyments. The Mahadashas in astrology represent the karmic deposits from previous births which can be redeemed in that particular period and venus mahadasha in astrology is probably the best and the longest mahadasha one can ever have. Lucky are those to get a good venus mahadasha in life if they have a benefic, well placed and strong  venus in shadabala and asta-varga.

On the beautiful occasion of Deepawali and new year, I take this pleasure to wish all the blog readers a very very “Happy Deepawali and a prosperous new year ahead”. May your life be filled with joy, happiness and prosperity. Hope you like this article on venus mahadasha.

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  1. Hi Sir

    My DOB is 25th Dec 1968 1420 hrs Delhi
    Presently started venus dasha in mrach 21 ketu was very troublesome lost job etc. Since then

    Can you please tell if Venus dasha would be good for me or not as I heard that Venus is not good for Aries ascendant. But my Venus is in 10th house… Please please reply

    1. Namaste Sanjeev,

      Your Venus is good in the 10th house, it is aspected by jupiter. The dasha of Venus will be good.

      For detailed and specific analysis you can go for paid consultation by sending a mail to

      Thanks and Regards,
      Ashish Desai.

  2. Good Afternoon,
    My name is Sneha Pathak. DOB- 03/07/2001. Time- 09:56 am
    My ketu dasha is going really bad. Please tell me will my venus Dasha will be good?

  3. Respected Sir,
    I am writing for my son, Navneeth Lal
    DOB-14/12/2001 at 12.28 PM at Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala
    His Ketu dasha is going really bad. Will Venus dasha be better ?

    1. Namaste Nisha ji,

      His Venus is with Moon in scorpio and amavasya birth. Make sure that you keep a good eye on him and give emotional support as he has strong combinations to get carried away into wrong things. For detailed analysis kindly opt for paid consultations.

      Thank you !!!

  4. My name is Pooja and my date of birth is 02-12-1987.Currently we are looking for marriage proposals.My current dasa bukthi is Moon dasa and Rahu Bukthi.Can u tell me my marriage prediction?

  5. Which mail id to send ji for analysis and report of my chart–
    Do u want horoscope to be sent?
    Bank details and fee details plsase
    How long it ‘ll take for you to send report ji?

    1. Namaste Dhinesh ji,

      You can send the details on email id mentioned in contact page or home page. I will require your birth details in following format.
      Date of birth
      Time of birth
      Place of birth

      The payment can be done via instamojo link given on home page/contact page using debit card or net banking securely.

      It will take around 3-5 working days to get back with the analysis.

      thank you.

  6. I currently going through Shukar mahadasha, How will 2018 be for me? Will I get a job? My date of birth is 12/12/1975 in Jammu city (India), at 05:11 am.

  7. Hello dob is 10th Feb 1978 4.00 pm Gwalior( m.p.).I am an actor by profession and done couple of feature films..some says my shukra mahadasha is starting by August 18 th 2018 is it gonna be beneficial..will I make a successful career as n actor..waiting eagerly for your reply.. regards and love.

    1. Namaste Amit ji,

      Venus dasha will be good, indicates good dhanayoga but also lot of instability. Please opt for paid consultations for detailed analysis.

      Thanks and regards,
      Ashish Desai.

  8. My dob is 30-7-1983, 1100hrs, place Samastipur Bihar …. my shukra dasha has started… its placed in 12th house . Nd I am moving abroad with my family, how’s it’s going to b for me Nd my family? What puja is recommended for me ? Thanking you in advance..

    1. Namaste Manisha,

      Congratulations for the new phase of life, Kindly opt for paid consultations to know about detail analysis of horoscope.

      Thank you.

  9. Now Surya dasha is running for 4yr old daughter in rahu dasha with kalasarp yoga.I am Taurus ascendant. I am facing sudden problems from every where .is it because of my daughters effect or my Surya dasha effect

    1. Nothing can be predicted or told based on just dasha or certain yoga. Most probably your problems will be due to your bad time. Since destinies are interlinked all in a family get affected. The intensity for each one varies as per his individual horoscope.

  10. Hi my lagna (ascendant) is cancer and I’m going through Venus mahadasha since may 2015 and causing a lot of problems as mentioned. Does it harm your chances of passing competitive exams also? I’m a CA student and I desperately need to pass due to financial problems in family. Please reply soon

    1. Namaste anaya,

      Entire horoscope needs to be checked for that, nothing can be commented on basis of incomplete data like this. And your passing and failing in one exam does not decide your destiny. Just remove the rubbish from your head. Don’t bother about all these things and focus on your studies.

      Venus dasha for cancer is good for gains if venus is well placed and strong in horscope both from moon and ascendant. So you will start earning in this dasha slowly and improve financially.

  11. Venus is placed in my Kumbha lagna. My Venus dasa starts after 4 years. How this dasa is going to be. My lagna lord saturn is in 2nd house, Moon placed in 5th house, guru and ketu in 8th house, Mars in 9th house and sun in 11th house and finally budha is in 12th house. Right now, I am in ketu dasa which is not giving good results. Hence wanted to know how my sukra dasa will be. Thanks

  12. i am borm 0n 9th may 1964 at 5 44 pm. how are the coming years for me. My daughter borm on 27 may 1991 at 4.30 am is mentally handicapped

    1. Namaste,

      Kindly provide the place of birth for both horoscopes. Also email the horoscope of husband if possible.

  13. My husband’s date of birth is 7 oct 1977 at 10 37 am delhi..He is facing a lot of problems in his business since last 2 years. Why all this is happening ..will it get even worse. Plz help sir

  14. hello sir,

    I have venus-mars conjunction in dhanurlagna. Rahu in 11 house.. Sun,Mercury,Jupiter conjunction in 12 house,I have kaalsarp dosh. I am going through the mahadasha of Venus and venus antardasha. what can I expect in this dasha.

    1. Namaste Sastry ji,

      Venus+mars in dhanur lagna would give very good personality due to being in a fire sign. Venus would generally give health issues in its dasha since it is the 6th lord for dhanur lagna. It being with mars would make you health conscious. Parivartana of mars and jupiter can make you quite secretive.

  15. Hello Ashish Ji,

    Very good blog post

    For aries ascendant with venus in 9th house conjunct 11th lord Saturn and in maha parivartana yoga with Jupiter in 2nd house would the venus dasha be bad? As venus is strong maraka ruling both 2nd and 7th house. What can a native expect in such case?


    1. Namaste Sasha ji,

      It will give good dhanayoga and you will get things easily in life. Jupiter as 12th lord in second shows tendency to spend too much money. You have to curb that for financial success. It shows wealthy spouse if saturn and venus are deep conjunct.

  16. Namaste ashish Ji,

    I have Venus in conjunction with rahu and mercury in the seventh house in sign of Scorpio. There is another conjunction of sun and mars in the same house.
    I am going through the mahadasha of Venus and bhukti lord is also Venus. The period is still giving troubles. My wedding was fixed and it didn’t happen. I will be entering in antardasha of sun next week. Hope that does something good…

    1. Namaste Mohika,

      The conjunction of Venus with rahu is not good since it is tauras ascendant venus also becomes the 6th lord as its mool trikon rashi falls in the 6th. Complete analysis of the horoscope will be able to give more accurate clues. Recite Lakshmi dwadashnaam regularly.

      1. Thanks for replying,

        I find it hard interpreting the meaning of five planets in one house..
        but then, don’t mercury, sun and mars being 7th lord have any impact ? They are also in 7th house…
        Other than that ketu is in first, Jupiter sixth and Saturn are in 10th house..

  17. Thanks Ashish sir

    Ve is most benefic for Kumbha lagna. i read it is also considered bhadkesh. can a planet be both yogakarak and bhadkesh. If Ve is placed in 12th house in capricorn in moon nakshatra and get aspect from Shani. What does it indicate. Is 12th house not a good position

    1. Namaste Rajni,

      Yes, 9th house for Sthira lagna is badhak and 9th lord badhakesh. Venus will give both results but as a yogakaraka it will be good. 12th venus is very good for pleasures and conjugal life. Being under aspect of saturn it will delay marriage. foreign travel yoga can be there but saturn/venus being on 6/12 axis make a weak rajyoga as lagna and 9th lords in 6/12 houses. Saturn as lagna lord in 6th in cancer will give chronic diseases. Study of whole horoscope will be able to tell more in detail.

      1. Thanks Ashish sir. So kind of you reply. Please continue write more and educate readers.

        What is the best position of Saturn ? If Saturn is in kendra 10th house and aspects Ve, then. I mean does meaning of 3rd aspect different from 7th aspect?

        Classics say when kendra and trikona lords are together Raj Yoga is formed. Can Raj yoga give results in dusthana houses – If Ve/Su/Me are together

        Can combination of Markesh cancel the yoga?

        If Lagna lord Shani aspects trikona and kendra lords. does it create another raj yoga. I had these questions while reading about raj yogas and found not clear. Hope you can guide with simple one liner for each.

  18. Namaste Ashish ji, would you please explain why blue and red articles are connected to Venus? I thought they are Saturn and Mars related?

    1. Namaste Sudha ji,

      It is mentioned so in classics in the results of dashas, blue and red costly items. The cosmic ray or diamond used for Venus is Indigo which is variation of blue.

    1. Namaste Murugan ji,

      The results of venus mahadasha depend on a lot of factors and placement of venus in the horoscope. The house, sign, degree, nakshatra, shadbala, navamansh bala, astavarga bala and transits which deliver the promised fruits all have to be considered.

      1. I was born in shukra dasha , my dob was 22-06-1987 at 8:45 AM , Warangal, India. Can u explain what would be the possibilties?

        1. Namaste Sharath ji,

          The mahadasha of shukra has ended for you, so there are no possibilities now. Kindly opt for paid consultations for readings.

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