Moon Astrology – Afflicted moon in a Horoscope.

Moon Astrology – Afflicted moon in a Horoscope.

This is not a post about daily forecast based on moon astrology which you read everyday, but a post on how afflicted moon in a horoscope gives results. You must have read a lot of astrology blogs, articles, books but none explains the significance of moon in a horoscope. The ascendent, moon and sun are the pillars of horoscope and moon is like a seed which decides how strong a tree would be depending on its quality.

By understanding the placement of moon you can understand Psychology of a person, his mental make-up, his reaction to a particular situation, his strengths and weakness. A powerful and well balanced mind can pull success on its own by mere concentrating on positive thoughts and goals. The greatest power is the power of the sub-conscious mind, we have to learn using this power to create wonderful changes in life. You need to visualize something before you can bring it to reality. A mind that can conceive only  can achieve, without inception there cannot be any conception and without conception one cannot achieve anything and moon is the planet that governs the domain of the mind.

The Ascendent is the physical body, moon is said to be the life force and sun is the soul. The five elements in almanacs or panchang are determined by the position of moon. Tithi, nakshatra, yog, karana, vaar are the five elements.

Moon Astrology
Moon Astrology

Moon association with other planets.

The more planets associated with moon the more colorful or eventful the life of person or his nature can be. It is said that all planets aspecting moon creates rajyoga. A strong moon is always a boon as a strong mind can give good inner strength or force to a person. It is often our inner-force which compels us to do something or stop us from doing something.

Moon’s association with saturn gives depressions, negative thoughts, pessimistic attitude on the negative side, but on the positive side it can give pin-point concentration and the power to be unattached at will with somebody.

Moon’s association with mars makes one aggressive and short tempered, such a person is full of energetic thinking and always ready to act at the drop of a hat. They don’t think much before acting and feel sorry later for being hasty. Such a mind needs to be channeled in proper direction to use power force positively.

Moon’s association with Rahu makes a person have strong likes and dislikes, such people have some fixed opinions or thoughts about particular things, some set of particular samskaras seem to have an impression on their mind irrespective of right and wrong. Such people also have some phobias or hate for particular things, or some habits which are weird, They might carry some habits from past life as well as rahu/ketu also show past life.

Moon’s association with mercury gives one quick wit, intelligence and good grasping power. This combination also gives a handsome pleasing personality and a soft skin, on the negative side this combination if afflicted can give several mental disorders like, split personality, schizophrenia, allergies, weird habits etc.

Moon’s association with venus tends to make one a lover of beauty and luxury. Such a combination can give an artistic bent of mind and happiness comes easily to such people as mind is always in exalted state, exaltation of moon happens to be in tauras the sign of venus. On the negative side this association can make a person a lover of wine, women and pleasures.

Moon’s association with jupiter makes one devoted and clean mind. These people have pious thoughts and big heart, Generous attitude, forgiveness, pure love, devotion, helping nature etc. Such people love to help others and think of expansion always, jupiter being the planet of expansion expands the mind and makes one a broad minded person.

Moon astrology - Afflictions to moon in a horoscope
Moon astrology

The more association of planets with moon, the more mixed traits you will find in a person. These combinations need to be within 5-7 degree orbit for more prominent results, Even placement of planet in kendra to moon or aspects of other planets on moon can alter the results. Besides this the paksha bala of moon and the kartari and adhi yogas need to be observed for more accuracy, paap kartari yogas and adhi yogas can make a person always live with worries and phobias of some kind or the other, other associations can be saving grace here. The more the association of planets with moon the more colorful personality one has.

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