Powerful Remedy for removing debts

Once a person gets stuck into the vicious cycle of debts/loans it becomes extremely difficult to get out from it so it is always advisable to avoid getting into the debt trap. But if you are already stuck into a debt trap there is a powerful remedy for removing debts.

Which graha is responsible for debts/loans ?

Mars is the primary planet responsible for debts and loans. Mercury along with Mars if afflicted in the horoscope can bring one into lot of bad debts and court cases. So people who have mars and mercury afflicted in their horoscope should avoid getting into any kind of debt traps. If Mars and Mercury are afflicted in your horoscope then you must avoid taking loans or take very less loans as possible in your life.

Simple remedy for reducing your debts before I give the powerful remedy for removing debts.

Always take a loan more than your requirement. Suppose you need 100$ then you should take a loan of 120$ and keep the 20$ aside without spending it. Use the 20$ to pay your first EMI.

Pay your first EMI on the day Moon is transiting through Ashwini nakshatra and Aries ascendant is rising


Pay your first EMI on the day when Moon is transiting through Anuradha nakshatra and Scorpio ascendant is rising.

NEVER TAKE A LOAN OR GIVE LOAN WHEN VYATIPATA YOGA IS OPERATING on any day. You can see this yoga in panchanga.

Jyotindra hasbe guruji

Powerful remedy for removing debts

This remedy is called as “Runamochan prayog” and is mentioned in a classical texts.

  • You need Kattha/Khair wood bark for this. Get a kattha wood and burn it till some part of it turns black coal types.
  • Draw 3 Straight lines on the ground in soil with the coal of this kattha/khair tree bark.
  • Then while reciting the following mantras ERASE the lines with the HEEL OF THE LEFT FOOT.

दुखदौरभाग्य नाशाय पुत्रसन्तानहेतवे ।

क्रुतरेखात्रयं वामपादेनैतत्प्रमार्ज्म्यहम् ॥१॥

ॠुणदु:खविनाशाय मनोभीष्टार्थसिद्धये।

मार्जयाम्यसिता रेखस्तितो जन्मत्रयोद्भवा: ॥२॥

Once you are done with the above step then with folded hands meditate on the feet of Mars/Mangal graha and recite the following stotra of 5 stanzas.

धरणीगर्भसम्भुतं विद्युततेज:समप्रभम् ;

कुमारं शक्तिहस्तमं च मन्गलं प्रणमाम्यहम्॥१॥

ऋुणहर्त्रे नमस्तुभ्यं दु:खदारिद्र्यनाशिने ।

नमामि द्योतमानाय सर्वकल्याणकारिणे ॥२॥

देवदानवगन्धर्वा: यक्षराक्षसपन्नगा: ।

सुखं यान्ति यतस्तस्मै नमो धरणीसुनवे ॥३॥

यो वक्रगतिमापन्नो नॄणा विघ्नं प्रयच्छति

पुजित​: सुखसौभग्यं तस्मै क्षमासुनवे नम​: ॥४॥

प्रसादं कुरु मे नाथ ! मन्गलप्रद ! मन्गलम् ! मेषवाहन रुद्रात्मन् पुत्रान् देहि धनं यश​: ॥५॥

Do the above remedy everyday for 28 days or do it for 7,21 or 28 Tuesdays and you will find ways to quickly become free from your debts.

This is in my opinion the most powerful mantra for debt removal or the most powerful remedy for removing debts.

This remedy will definitely work if you do it sincerely with full faith and keep doing your hard work/karma to get money. Those who are drunkards/gamblers or cheaters may not benefit from this remedy if they are not doing the required hardwork/karma after doing the remedy.

No one will ever get money by just doing remedies and waiting for magic to happen, you also have to keep working and finding ways to repay your debts on time. Always remember that any remedies for debt removal will only work when you are sincere in your efforts to reduce your debts/loans.

So instead of searching for very very powerful mantras for very good business profit etc one should also analyze what wrong he is doing in his business and try to improvise on the short comings and the negative aspects alongside doing remedies.

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