Astrological benefits of gemstones

What are gemstones and what are the astrological benefits of gemstones ?

Gemstones are nature’s reservoirs in form of cosmic rays, There are many reasons for using gemstones for generation of curative rays, Chief amongst them is that the gemstones emit pure and single colors and not the mix of colors, they are exceedingly brilliant with their rich content of cosmic rays, Gemstones easily and generously release the rays contained in them without showing any sign of exhaustion, the main astrological benefit of gemstones is that they are perennial sources of cosmic rays and rarely need to be changed. The ash or bhasma of gemstones is used to treat various ailments including snake bites in Ayurveda, Thus gemstones have many medicinal uses and regarded as effective in treatment of many ailments as per ayurveda system. We will take a look at the astrological benefits of gemstones in this article.

you will be surprised to know that the wavelength of the person in photograph and the actual person is same and the wavelength of two people is never identical, with cosmic ray therapy you can treat someone even through a very long distance by just keeping his photograph under cosmic ray or light of particular color depending on the ailment. Chemotherapy done on the cancer patients is nothing but removing tumors with ultraviolet radiations which are too strong and hot to burn the tumors. From this it is enough to conclude that gemstones can be useful to heal people both astrologically and medicinally. Gemstones are minerals found under the earth and rocks and hence they are rich and perennial source of cosmic radiations. They have specific hardness, diamond being the hardest of the gem and also the costliest. Gemstones are gift of nature to humans.

Astrological benefits of gemstones

As said earlier, the wavelength of a photograph and its owner is always same and wavelength of two people is never identical, There are 7 chief cosmic rays and all the tangible things and objects are the condensations of these rays, the koorma purana deals that even the 7 planets are the condensations of 7 cosmic rays, like all other tangible objects gemstones are also condensations of cosmic rays. If you check your photograph under a prism you will see different colors very prominently on various parts like eyes, nose, tongue, ears etc. You sense different emotions and objects through 5 elements or 5 senses. You can hear sound due to ether element, You can sense touch due to air element, You can see things due to fire element, You can taste various things due to water element and breathing is controlled due to earth element. The cosmic ray of ether is blue and we hear sound through ears, so if you see ears under prism you will see rays of blue color surrounding the ears. Similarly you can see red color on eyes when you check your photo under the prism, each organ would show a color related to its particular element.

A photograph of person suffering from fever will emit more of yellow color due to more heat in his body, once he fever is gone and his body temperature becomes normal, the yellow color will become balanced and normal in the photograph. So there are many astrological benefits of gemstones as gemstones have healing properties and medicinal uses, hence wearing gemstone of a weak planet can help in fulfilling the deficiency of that particular planet in the same way a tonic prescribed by doctor helps in fulfilling the deficiency of energy.

Gemstones heal the body through cosmic rays and balance the colors in human body, if there is excess of red color or heat, wearing emerald or pearl can help to balance the heat through cosmic rays of cool green and orange colors balancing the effect of red resulting in better metabolism, reduced stress, more sleep and hence sound health which in turn increases the energy, productivity and creative thinking capacity of the jataka. These changes happen on the internal level and the results are seen on the external level in form of output of hard work in right direction, more clear thinking, increase in energy, strength thus giving more recognition and money which we call Luck due to gemstones.

Astrological benefits of gemstones
Astrological benefits of gemstones

Astrological benefits of gemstones are as follows :-

Astrological benefits of Ruby : Wearing ruby provides one with increased vigor and activity, it helps in increasing the immunity against disease giving good health and heat, Ruby should be used if the sun is weak in the horoscope or afflicted. People having strong sun do not need to wear ruby as it would generate excess heat thus disturbing the health by giving problems related to heat and boils.

Astrological benefits of Pearl : Wearing a pearl provides one with increased metabolism and good digestion, it helps in secretion of juices in the body and hence giving a calm and composed disposition by means of good digestion and improvement in health and mental activities. Those having an afflicted moon can wear pearl, there is no need to wear pearl for those having strong moon as it may cause emotional imbalances as full moon causes imbalance in the water properties and our body is 70% water.

Astrological benefits of Coral : Wearing a coral will give nearly same result as that of Wearing a ruby, but coral would give you increased energy levels, stamina and the fire required to do hard work and guts to fight back. It will cure blood related problems. It is helpful to overcome mental fears, phobias and make one firm in actions. Mars is energy, those having a weak mars can wear coral and balance the energy requirements of the body. Red coral helps to give manhood for those having a weakly placed mars.

Astrological benefits of Emerald : Wearing an emerald soothes the nervous system and activities of nerves, brain etc. Those having a short temperament should wear emerald, those with a weak memory or retaining power can try wearing emerald, emerald is for mercury who is the karaka of nervous system and brain. Those having skin disorders can also try using emerald.

Astrological benefits of yellow sapphire : Yellow sapphire improves functions of liver and helps to make you matured and responsible person. Improvement in health is definitely seen after wearing yellow sapphire, it is said to give all round success in life by creating a balance and sense of contention. Those having a weak or afflicted jupiter should try using yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphire is called a natural “Bhagya ratna” as it improves overall luck and helps to bring stability in life. Those who have problems in fixing of marriage can try using yellow sapphire.

Astrological benefits of Blue sapphire : Blue sapphire should not be used by anybody unless consulting an astrologer as this gem is only for those who have lots of patience and liking for truth, honesty, this can however be used by people having problems with bones, fits, career, those having an afflicted saturn can try blue sapphire, those wanting success in spiritual pursuits can also try blue sapphire for creating vaccum and loneliness.

Astrological benefits of Diamond : Diamond can be used by those who are newly married, those having problems related to sex, sexual organs, sperms can make use of diamond. It strengthens the thick lyms of the body, the glands and the whole of the sperm system. Those having afflicted venus can make use of diamond, newly married couple are recommended diamond for more physical intimacy. Using diamond also helps in fixing of marriage and marriage related issues.

Gemstones should never be suggested for planets who have too much strength because having anything in excess causes side-effects, neither should they be suggested for planets who are very weak because such planets do not have the potential to give any results, However gemstones can definitely be suggested in case of planets which are strong enough to give results but blocked under affliction of other planets by aspect, conjunction or kartari yoga etc. Thus there are many astrological benefits of gemstones provided you choose the correct gemstone for yourself.

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