Horoscope 2022 Yearly astrological predictions

We are all set to enter the English Calendar year 2022 within a few days. People are very much looking forward to reading Yearly astrological predictions for their zodiac signs. We will see the Horoscope 2022 astrological predictions for the 12 zodiac signs one by one.

Before moving to the horoscope 2022 yearly astrological predictions let us see the highlights and major planetary changes happening in the year 2022.

Venus retrograde at the start of the year

Mercury retrograde in January 2022

Rahu/Ketu axis to transit Aries/Libra from 12th April 2022

Jupiter to transit Pisces on 13th April 2022

Saturn to transit Aquarius on 29th April 2022 for a short stay of 3 months.

Saturn moves back to Capricorn on 12th July 2022 (Retrograde from 5th June to 23rd October).

Jupiter retrograde 29th July to 24th November

Mars Retrograde 30th October to January 2023

– As per Drik siddhanta.

This coming year will be a slow economy lifter with all the big planets changing their signs in a single month especially jupiter entering its own sign pisces. There are many positive changes happening but a slow movement. It will take 5 years before we see a complete transformation from the present world scenario as Jupiter, Rahu/Ketu and Saturn complete one cycle of the entire zodiac one by one.

We are set to enter a new era with a huge transition and transformation all around us. There will also be very bad effects of it, but we will probably want to focus on the good things.

The year 2022 has Saturn entering its Moola trikona sign for a short period of 3 months. Jupiter will enter its own sign pisces which indicates lot of positivity, optimism and spirituality. Jupiter will be hemmed between Saturn and Rahu for sometime in 2022 which can indicate some danger to lives of people or would indicate helplessness of People.

Meena rasi people will be shown a trailer of their sade-sati when saturn enters Kumbha for a short while (pun intended).

We are probably going to record good rains next year with jupiter in the Meena rashi, banking sector will see good business and rise in economy slowly but steadily. Hotel related business will start to flourish, Cruise/Ocean based business will grow. The demand for teaching professionals, consultancy business, freelance consultancy services will be on rise. Education sector will be doing very good in the coming year. Housing/real estate industry can undergo some positive changes and optimistic outlook.

There will be more money flowing into the economy in the coming year, but saturn’s transit is not very affirmative right now so things will still be slow as the common man continues to suffer for some more time atleast till saturn moves into Aquarius in 2023. One last year of little frustration is what we will see before we began to fly high as soon as saturn leaves Capricorn. We will probably record the coldest weather after 2023 with more drops in temperature levels during winters. There will be inflow of money into Research and development, Housing, water related business, spiritual activities, foreign tourism and the stock markets.

The year starts with Venus retrograde and mercury also becoming retrograde from January Mid which indicates a slow start and mis-communications/misunderstandings etc between the government. The budget will probably be disappointing for the common man as Saturn/Sun/Moon are together within 3 degrees orbit on 1st February with mercury retrograde. There could be some miscommunication or error or decision which could be rectified/reversed later.

Overall optimism will start to prevail only after Jupiter enters meena rashi on 13th April 2022. There will be a good recovery and things getting back on track by the end of the year 2022.

We will see the horoscope 2022 and year predictions 2022 for all the 12 signs in separate posts one by one. Click on the below links to read the horoscope 2022 Astrology predictions for your sign.

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Disclaimer – This is a general prediction and does/may not hold good for everyone as each and everyone will have a different planetary position, different astakvarga, different bhinnastavarga points and different dashas in his personal birth horoscope. The positive/negative effects can be amplified based on the overall structure of your personal horoscope.

If you are interested to get personalized yearly horoscope 2022 readings from me you can get in touch with me on Whatsapp here. Be informed that the consultations are not free and there are consultation charges applicable for the horoscope readings.

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