Astrological combinations for government job

Securing a Government job is an aspiration of more than half of the Indian youth population, it is evident with the huge number of people applying for every position advertised by the government in different cadre. For every one position there can be many thousands or more applications which clearly shows how much people aspire to get a government job. There is a cut-throat competition and you cannot secure a government job based on your merits, it requires some amount of luck along with the merits and hard work to get selected for a government job. Certain Astrological combinations for government job should be there in your horoscope.

Which planet is responsible for government job ?

All the planets play their role according to the type of government job. Primarily the Sun, Saturn are the important planets for securing a government job.

Sun is the king of the planetary system, it is the atmakaraka, it signifies the government. Saturn is the Karma karaka and without blessings of saturn one cannot have a good career.

  • Sun gives government jobs related to bureaucracy, authoritative positions, central government, with high political favors etc.
  • Moon is the queen of the zodiac, she also plays an important role in the getting jobs related to travels, foreign services, water resources, sanitization, public health etc.
  • Jupiter plays a key role in the horoscopes of civil servants, bureaucrats, education, law, economics, research and finance/banking sectors. Jupiter gives higher level positions than mercury in areas related to mercury.
  • Mars gives government jobs related to Armed forces, police, engineering.
  • Mercury gives government jobs related to Postal services, Revenue departments, Income tax and all kinds of accounting and clerical jobs.
  • Venus can give government jobs related to corporate governance, food technology, Shipping, automobiles, railways, creative media or jobs with more glamour and popularity.
  • Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can play a role in getting lower order government jobs like that of cleaning services, lower clerical level jobs, jobs which do not require much educational qualifications.
Astrological combinations for government job
Astrological combinations for government job

Astrological combinations for government job

  • The 10th House or 10th lord Connected with Sun or Simha rashi can give government job.
  • The Connection of 10th house or lord with Agni rashi can give government job. (Mesha, Simha and Dhanu are agni rashi).
  • The connection of 10th house or 10th lord with Sun, Moon, Mars is important astrological combinations for government job.
  • 10th Lord posited in the nakshatra of Sun or Mars is good to give government jobs.
  • Saturn’s connection with 10th house or 10th lord is also important to give government job.
  • Sun in the 11th house or in the kendra trikona is a good planetary combination for government job.
  • The lagna lord and the 10th lord together or rashi parivartana yoga of lagna lord and the 10th lord in the horoscope makes a very strong rajyoga for getting government favors and government job.
  • The more Rajyogas in the horoscope the more higher positions a person enjoys in the government jobs. Panchamahapurush yoga, Dharma-karmadhipati yoga, Shubha adhi yogas from lagna and moon are some of the yogas.
  • Connection of jupiter with 10th house or lord is very important in horoscopes of Bureaucrats/Civil servants etc.
  • One can get a government job when the dasha of planets signifying the 6th, 10th and 11th house is operating together. In the age of cut-throat competition 6th house assumes more importance to get success in competitive exams.
  • The role of 5th house and the 8th house is important in research and academics oriented government jobs.
  • Strong 8th house and afflicted10th lord’s connection to 8th house can show someone who is of loose morals and takes money under the table. 10th lord in the 8th house indicates lack of perfection or laziness in work.

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Role of Astrology in predicting government job

Predicting timing of government job in astrology is very crucial and important which can be shown by the dasha/antardasha and gochara in a person’s horoscope which is why the role of astrology in predicting government job is very critical. You can make use of jyotish to check the best possible career patterns in your horoscope, your life pattern and timing the events to get an idea about when should do what to get maximum success and when should should not do something to avoid pitfalls.

Example – Attempting for government job in a bad dasha/gochara will increase the chances of failure than attempting in a good dasha/gochara.

Each horoscope is different and unique and hence you cannot predict same results for everyone with similar combinations even though a trend or possibility can be outlined. But to get deeper insights one should consult a good daivagnya or jyotish who can definitely help you to identify and choose a good time for getting government job if any of the above combinations are present in your horoscope.

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