Secrets of Match making

A few posts about match making have been posted earlier on this blog but this post will cover certain secrets of match making which are not usually considered and important factors while matching horoscopes.

Generally in traditional method of match making 8 kootas are considered and they are as follows:-

  1. Varna
  2. Vashya
  3. Tara
  4. Yoni
  5. Graha maitri
  6. Gana
  7. Bhakoot
  8. Naadi

South-Indian’s additionally consider Rajju as most important factor.

secrets of match making
secrets of match making

Brahmana is the highest varna followed by Kshatriya, Vaishya and Kshudras. Varna of Bridegroom should be superior to varna of bride. Varna matching is necessary for Kshatriyas.

Vashya means within Control. In this we see which sign is controllable to which sign. This helps to choose a partner who can stay within our control naturally.

Yoni is checked for sexual compatibility, full points indicate that both can be sexually satisfied with each other. This becomes most important factor perhaps in today’s time to sustain long term relationships.

Graha maitri indicates friendship between bride and groom if rashi lords and navamsha lords are friendly to each other there will be deep friendship between bride and groom and they would share a lovely relationship.

Gana matching is considered necessary for vaishya caste. Gana matching can be ignored if Rashi, Yoni and Bhakoot match well. Gana matching can be ignored if both bride and groom have same rashi and navamsha lord as it looses its malefic effects.

Bhakoota considers positions of moon signs of both bride and groom with respect to each other. Bhakoot dosha looses its significance when (i) Rashi lords are friends, (ii) Navamansh lords of rashi are friends (iii) Bride and groom have benefic tara and naadi dosha does not exists.

Naadi dosha occurs when both bride and groom have same naadi, this is said to have defects in future generations. Naadi dosha gets cancelled (i) when bride and groom have same rashi but different nakshatra, (ii) When both have same nakshatra but different rashi, (iii) When both have same nakshatra but different nakshatra padas.

Note: Above guna dosha matching is only one of several other factors to be checked while matching horoscopes, this is not a complete and only method for match making.

Proper procedure for matching horoscopes:

  1. Check longevity of both boy and girl in their individual horoscopes.
  2. Check longevity of boy from girl’s horoscope and vice-versa, see if there are combinations for widowhood.
  3. Check 7th house for marriage and married life and all aspects related to marriage in both horoscopes individually.
  4. Check 4th house for comforts in both horoscopes, 12th house for comforts of bed, 2nd house for kutumba sukha in both horoscopes individually, not which houses are afflicted
  5. Check 5th house for progeny in both horoscopes.
  6. Check for afflictions in both horoscopes by placing their planets in each other’s horoscopes and see where the afflictions are getting aggravated or reduced.
  7. Check dasha pattern of both to see effects on them in individual horoscopes as well as on each other.

Very Important: Gun-milan/Koota matching should be followed after doing the above steps for match making. The above method is primary method in selecting horoscopes further for koota matching or gun milan.

Important Tips

  1. Horoscope of person having combinations for widowhood should be matched with horoscope of other person having combinations for widowhood. This cancels the dosha.
  2. Match a person with particular house afflicted with that person having similar afflictions in the same house. One having mars in 7th house should match horoscope with other also having mars or other malefics in 7th house.
  3. Remedies prescribed in shastras like pratima vivah, kumbha vivah can be resorted to before actually getting married for those who have combinations for divorce, widowhood etc.

Match making is not as simple as people think and perceive it to be. Stability of marriages is not related to quality of matching but also connected to Desh-kaal-patra and the samskaras of the person involved.

We do match making based on the above criteria which is a time consuming and lengthy process. Readers and clients are only requested to send selected horoscopes which they seriously intend pursue and go ahead in order to save their time and money as well as our precious time. Kindly opt for paid consultations when you ask for horoscope matching service.

These are the secrets of match making which clearly shows that horoscope compatibility requires us to check many things than just checking the gun milan points on a click of a button. A computer cannot spell out the result of relationship compatibility for you so easily.

Credits: Muhurta K.K. Joshi.

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