The exaltation of Sun and Debilitation of Moon

It has been a really long time since I wrote some article, there are a series of articles which are pending since a long time and there is no time left to write for me with so many consultations. I will resume writing lengthy articles again when I have enough time at hand but I am writing a small article on the the exaltation of sun and debilitation of moon in the mean time which has been my close observation with some horoscopes.Sun exalts in Aries at 10Degrees and moon exalts in tauras at 3 degrees. The sun is the karaka of soul or the atma and the moon is karaka of mind or manas. Now when these two planets are so placed in the horoscope where one is exalted and the other is debilitated what are the repercussions of such a combination.

An exalted sun in the horoscope gives a good strength to the horoscope by means of a strong aura, it makes one enjoy rajyogas or atleast gives moderate to high amount of status, recognition, following, Such people enjoy authority in life even unknowingly, this sun gives a strong inner voice when you do acts which are wrong and such people can clearly feel the guilt within the self which warns you not to go ahead or avoid doing that act. Such people usually have a strong soul voice but whether the pay heed to it or not will depend on whole horoscope analysis. When such people have a weak moon or moon placed in scorpio (moon in scorpio can be considered weak irrespective of paksha bala or anything when it comes to mental satisfaction or happiness within), you will notice such people having lots of mental struggle within themselves, the level of satisfactions are always lacking and they are never satisfied come what may.

They are usually unable to follow the soul’s voice as the attachments or the desire to sin is strong with no control on their mind, such people do confess to somebody close to them as the guilt feeling heightens but then they are unable to stop the wrong acts due to a weak moon and wrong attachments. Such people will often confide or tell things to their close friends or relatives before doing just to satisfy their guilt feeling and then they will still do wrong things irrespective of any good advice received from anyone,¬†whereas on the other hand a debilitated sun and exalted moon will render a strong mind but a weak soul or aura, such people may be liked by all or have the charm or the popularity but they are unable to make a big impact, these people may be very gentle and caring in their behavior or have artistic bent of mind and love for nature, but they are unable to hear the inner soul’s voice regarding right and wrong things, they have their own perceptions of right and wrong and can strongly stick to their values and ethics due to a strong moon and will not falter easily as they have good control over their emotions and mind. The earlier type should learn to listen to their feelings and do practices to develop a strong mind whereas the later type should learn to meditate and develop intuitions or hear the voice of soul.

Both luminaries in debilitation in rashi or navamsha will give all rajyoga bhanga especially if the ascendant and the lord are weak or ill-placed. I hope you enjoyed reading the exaltation of sun and the debilitation of moon and also cross check with people close to you having these combinations.


7 thoughts on “The exaltation of Sun and Debilitation of Moon”

  1. I have debilitated moon in 2nd house (libra ascendant). I do worry alot and have had many ups and downs in my finances.
    But they say that when the 10th lord (cancer) is in 2nd house that is a good yoga? But does the debilitation cancel that yoga?

    1. Namaste Olivia,

      Moon aspected by venus cancels debilitation since venus is the exaltation lord of moon. It creates neech bhanga, the results of moon will further depend on the placement and condition of its dispositor mars. 10th lord is no doubt good as it is aspected by benefics, it indicates person has the ability to do good karmas and has pending karmas related to family/finances/relationships in family. The income and financial position further depends on placement of 2nd house and lord, 11th house and lords. PAC between lords of 2,5,8,11. Strength of 1st, 5th and 9th house etc.

      1. Ohh Ok all this time I thought my moon was weak since more than one astrologer told me this. How strange.
        My 2nd house lord Mars is in 5th house (Aquarius) conjunction with Rahu.
        I have sun in 9th (Gemini) and Ketu in 11th (Leo)
        In Navamsa the moon sits in 4th (Capricorn) along with Jupiter and sun which are aspecting Venus in 10th (cancer)

  2. If sun in 12th house and Moon in 8th house are called dead. is it always true or it depends on the strength of the dispositor. If Moon and Sun gain strength in d 9 does situation alter.

    also if functional malefics are sitting in each other nak. is this a powerful raj yoga

    1. Namaste Dinesh ji,

      Yes 12th for sun and 8th for moon are MKS (Marana karaka sthanas). It means that sun and moon are powerless there to give independent result or will lack in result of their own karakatwa, but their strength by association with other planets, and the navamsha can definitely alter results.

      Nakshatra parivartana is also a powerful form of parivartana yoga, it is sookshma parivartana, it does not constitute a rajyoga unless the two planets involved are rajyoga karakas for particular ascendant or rasi.

  3. Very insightful post, Ashish ji. Any observations to share in cases where both luminaries are strongly placed but are also afflicted by malefics?

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