Career Stability in astrology

We are really living in uncertain times now since the Covid-19 struck, it has destroyed the peace and harmony in lives of many people. Lot of careers/business have been wiped out, many must have lost their source of livelihood. There have been rapid changes in the way business and corporates function. A lot of new avenues/business opportunities and exciting career opportunities have opened up at the same time. In this article we talk about career stability in astrology.

The 10th house in any horoscope is the house of Karma/Actions, 7th house is the house of partnerships/business/relationships while the 6th house is the house of Service/jobs. The mahadasha running tells you about the trend or the area which is active in your horoscope.

What are the combinations for career Stability in astrology?

  1. When the 10th lord has planets in Sthira Rashi or the 10th lord is posited in a Sthira rashi (fixed signs) one can enjoy a stable career. (Sthira Rashi/Fixed signs are Tauras/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius)
  2. If the 10th house has planets in Sthira/Fixed Nakshatras or the 10th lord is in Sthira or fixed Nakshatras it is also an indicator of good stability in career. (Rohini, Uttara-phalguni, UttaraShada, Uttara-bhadrapada are fixed nakshatras)
  3. The above rule will also be applicable to people working in jobs/service sector if the 6th lord is placed in position as above. If the 6th lord is posited in Sthira Rashi/Sthira nakshatra one will have job stability as per astrology.
  4. If the 7th house/7th lord is involved in the combinations given above the jataka concerned will have stability in business.
  5. When the Karma karaka Saturn is strong in the horoscope it indicates that the person will have a stable career.
  6. The dasha lord if connected to the 2,6,10,11 houses will indicate stability and growth in career in its dasha. If the dasha lord too happens to be in a sthira rashi/sthira nakshatra it will give stability.
  7. People who are born with both Rising ascendant and Moon in a sthira rashi or Sthira nakshatra prefer to stick to a routine or follow strict discipline in their life hence they are unlikely to look for changes and have strong dislike for change. Such people can also have stable careers due to their attitude.
  8. One should always check the House+Lord+Karaka+dasha support for defining the outcome of a particular area.

What are the combinations for instability in career as per astrology?

  • When the 10th house lord is connected with the 8th house or the 12th house one will have setbacks in career. There will be instability in career as per astrology.
  • When the 8th or 12th lords or both are connected with the 10th house the same result as above will come to pass.
  • When one is in the dasha of the 8th house lord or planet in the 8th house one surely faces set-backs in career.
  • When the 10th house, 10th lord and the karaka Saturn is weak the horoscope indicates instability or set backs in career.
  • The antardasha of a planet in 8th or 12th or the antardasha of the 8th or the 12th lord indicates temporary setbacks in career.

Remedies for Stability in career as per astrology

  • One must do Ram upasana for getting stability in career.
  • One can wear the gemstone of the 10th house lord or planet in the 10th house if the career is related to this planet.
  • One can get japa or remedies related to the planets in the 10th house or the 10th house lord in the horoscope.
  • If saturn is weak in your horoscope recitation of dashrathkrut shani stotra and lighting deepa in shani temple on Saturdays till you get stability is a good remedy.

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