Effects of Different planets in the 7th house

Effects of different planets in the 7th house

Everybody is eager to know the effects of different planets in the 7th house of their horoscope. 7th house deals with marriage, spouse, characteristic of spouse and marital harmony. The Natural karaka of marriage and the 7th house is Venus as its Mool-Trikon sign Libra is the natural 7th house of the zodiac, but is the placement of planets in the 7th house beneficial ?

No, The classics say that the 7th house is best when empty having no planets placed in the 7th house, it is best not to have any planets placed there in the horoscope, the karaka venus when placed there is also said to spoil the 7th, as per the “karako bhav nashaya”. Even the the muhurta for marriage is selected it is best to leave the 7th house empty having no planets placed in the 7th but who knows so much astrology, casting of muhurta is also done very loosely by astrologers now-a-days. Muhurta chart also holds a lot of importance as it is the chart at the time of solemnization of marriage which can be treated as an independent horoscope to see further life of the couple, but who cares to do all this and neither are many astrologers aware of it and the importance of muhurta.

The logic behind empty 7th house could be that it is the descendant, descending house of the horoscope, when the sun sets down in the west, any planet setting down is cannot be auspicious. Except saturn no planet has digbala in the 7th house, a saturn in 7th house is considered very strong, but then a planet like saturn is not the one to have enjoyments and pleasures of marriage. Okay ! so there is nothing to worry even if you have planets placed in the 7th house, Yes too many malefic influence on 7th will cause problems in married life or separation. We will take a look at the effects of different planets in the 7th house below.

Effects of different planets in the 7th house.

effects of different planets in the 7th house
effects of different planets in the 7th house

Effects of sun in the 7th house

This is the house where the sun sets in the west during the evening, hence sun is not much favorable in this house, sun represents discipline, rules & regulations, law, power, ruling etc with which it is not possible to enjoy marriage. Sun in 7th will make your partner very disciplined, strict, dominating who may be more concerned about his image in the outer world, sun will give a bald look, receding hair-line with a big forehead, your partner will be a smart, dashing guy but sun is also a separative planet and hence will not let you enjoy married life much, The marriage will be a kind of discipline for you, sun is fire and burns everything coming in contact with him and hence can affect marriage if placed adversely with other malefics, you can expect your partner to be a good father, good husband, good disciplinarian but he won’t be a romantic man who loves to enjoy and seek pleasures.

Effects of Moon in the 7th

A planet like moon in the 7th is still a welcome thing provided it has good paksha bala and aspect of benefics, such a moon will give you an extra-sensitive and emotional partner, he will be very caring and protective of you like a mother is of her child, but don’t expect a high voltage romance like that of mars and venus, you will love him but it will get irritating at times when he shows over protectiveness and concern which can put you off totally. His love is more of a motherly figure than that of a romantic passion. He can be a dreamer, artist who can do poems, visualize things, do good cooking, he can basically be a nice manager at home taking care of all your needs. Moon shows somebody who will have a pleasing appearance with soft skills, they may have a tendency to gain weight easily due to a water sign. Afflicted moon will give an emotionally unstable and weak partner who can be given to habits like drinking easily.

Tip : Moon is a planet which is always growing and diminishing in size as per paksha, The karakatwa of whatever house owned by moon or whatever house moon is placed in the horoscope will result in ups and downs like tides of the ocean.

Effects of Mars in the 7th

Mars indicates Energy, Passion, Drive, adventure. Mars in the 7th house shows somebody who has all these traits, The mool-trikon sign of mars is Aries which shows fight with the head (brain), and Exaltation is capricorn which is the natural 10th house showing karma-wadi people, Mars shows fighters but with brains according to my experience, a good mars will give a good strong brain (ek baar commitment kardi to apne aap ki aur apne baap ki bhi nahi sunta type partners), they are like chess players planning moves tactfully to make the opponent loose. Mars in 7th will give excessive sexual appetite and hence can indicate somebody who has animal instincts and possibility of physical abuse by a partner can also be there, forceful sex etc if afflicted. Mars will give good height, looks, broad shoulders, well maintained physic if in aries in scorpio it will show somebody with mysterious personality, striking eyes which may be hypnotic, high sex appetite, very possessive and jealous, having interest in occult, technology, and somebody who will always doubt. Aries is the positive mars and scorpio is the negative mars, they can be saints or sinners of high order both to the extremes.

Effects of Mercury in the 7th

Mercury in the 7th house will give a very jolly, childish, always optimistic, somebody having good sense of humor types partner. He will have mischievous looks with a good attractive and shrewd smile on his face, these people look mischievous from their face itself, other traits include critic, calculative, always thinking about business and money, finance, always having some or the other tension in his mind and lost into it, worried about his health at all the time, the earlier were the traits of  gemini and later of virgo. Mercury will generally give one who has a good personality and a sense of humor and wants to enjoy life, you have a very light optimistic mood partner who can never be sad in life. He may be most probably connected to trading, business, finance, marketing or communication.

Effects of Venus in the 7th

Venus is the natural karaka of the 7th house and will indicate a partner which is very romantic, beautiful, well dressed and well cultured in outlook. He will have a good taste of things in life and will keep environment pleasant even in the poorest of conditions, such people are always pleasant to be as they will induce you with their charm and positivity, they are like sweets the more you eat the more you want. Venus in 7th will give a wheatish to fair complexion and a great amount of charm or some magnetic attraction about him/her. But remember Venus in the 7th by the classical dictum becomes “karako bhav nashaya” can spoil marital happiness inspite of having a beautiful partner, it can be like he always being busy with his hi profile social circles and kitty parties leaving no time for you to enjoy and spend time with each other, A venus in libra will give a well balanced partner, with intellectual bent of mind and an ability to keep everybody happy, he will also take good care of you and be a good spouse, but the negative traits mentioned about are mostly of tauras venus who wants pomp and splendor, everything should beautifully decorated and maintained is their motto.

Effects of Jupiter in the 7th

Jupiter in the 7th is not much of a beneficial position to have, it is like having a temple pundit in the bedroom. Jupiter mostly gives a very cultured and a loyal partner who will dedicate his life completely to your service if it is well placed, but it does not necessarily bestow a good married life and conjugal life. your partner will be the best in terms of handling every responsibility, but he need not be a great romantic person. Jupiter gives a fair partner with broad shoulders and good physique if in dhanu, pieces will show somebody who tends to be over weight or bulky, but very noble in thoughts and actions, a clean person having no bad thinking about anybody, Pieces will kind of show a brahmin types satvik person whereas sagittarius will show a kshatriya types personality ready to attack and give full protection. Your partners can be connected with teaching, banking, money lending, finance, management, physicians, vaidya etc.

Effects of saturn in the 7th house

Saturn in the 7th gains digbala and is a very good planet if well placed for stable and deep bonding relationships, he will give a very serious partner who is very matured, calm, composed with mostly pessimistic attitude if in makar and intellectual outlook, research ability in kumbh. Saturn partners will be very matured than their actual age, they can also look either very old or very young than their age, most probably they will look older to their age with a heavy, serious and matured look. Saturn will show long term strong relationship but that won’t mean that they have a great marriage and a great conjugal life, saturn shows more of responsibilities, the relationship is strong due to good understanding and respect for each other than romance and love, saturn gives somebody who is very hard working, responsible of his duties and karma oriented person. Physically one may have an emaciated look, protruded and strong visible bones in the body in form of joints, chin may be protruded and clearly more visible, sometimes saturn gives very good height, mostly these people are tall or little over medium height. You may find these people connected to construction, iron, cement, bureaucratic professions, lawyers, judge, oil, petrol, gas connected professions.

Effects of Rahu in the 7th

Rahu in the 7th will give an unconventional marriage or a partner, there is a probability of marriage with a widow/divorcee, somebody with huge difference in age, financial positions, caste, education, intelligence, there is some degree of unconventionality. you may have a partner who craves for luxuries, power, comfort in life, he may be somebody with weird habits, strong likes and dislikes, a person having huge beard, unshaven for days, weird hair, weird dressing sense can be judge as under influence of rahu, the married life can be good provided their is an unconventional marriage or well placed and aspected rahu along with 7th lord. Your partner may be unsystematic w.r.t to work and life. There may be problems in marriage at some point of time if there is a normal marriage, Rahu and ketu do not like conventions, norms etc and hence show everything which has a tinge of unconventionality. Rahu will either give somebody with a big height to one who is short or give short partner to somebody who has good height, one who is thin will have a fat partner and vice-versa The unconventionality factor will be seen without fail in something or the other.

Effects of Ketu in the 7th

Effects of ketu in the 7th can be judged somewhat like rahu in respect of unconventional and inter-caste marriage marriage, the difference is ketu gives a spiritual partner or may give somebody who is withdrawn into self, detached, he could be expert in occult, languages, programming, highly technical stuff might interest him, ketu if well aspected by jupiter can give a very spiritually advanced partner, mercury will give expertise in languages, programming etc, venus will give expertise in arts, painting, musical instruments, saturn will show too much difference and unconventionality in marriage, mars will show the same along with aggressiveness and over daring and adventurous, risk taking attitude or interest in occult, Moon will show psychologist, psychics, mind readers etc, sun with ketu will give a partner with defect, Ketu with any planet will cheat of one of the significations of that house of planet, ketu in 7th will also cheat in some of the signification related to partner/marriage/7th house, it can also show probable cheating in marriage.

Uranus in the 7th house

Uranus in the 7th house near the 7th cusp will indicate a very weird partner, or too high probability of divorce more so if it is in exact opposition to moon and venus. Uranus shows total opposition to paramparas and old traditions. So one will have a partner who will be opposed to paramparas and old traditions, athiest  can be termed under this category.

Neptune in the 7th house

Neptune in the 7th house especially close to 7th cusp gives a highly sensitive and emotional partner. Such people have very strong senses and are very emotional about their behavior and surroundings in general. They have a high level of intuition and can sense things around them easily. They also get hurt very quickly due to over emotional nature. This neptune if afflicted can also cheat in marriage, those having neptune in 7th cusp can get cheated in marriage.

The above are general traits of partners based on the effects of different planets in the 7th house, more detailed information and variations will have to be seen by studying the 7th house, 7th lord, Venus influence of planets on 7th house, 7th lord and venus, repeating the exercising from the upapada and the navamsha will give a clear picture of the quality of marriage and married life.

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    1. Namaste Kamya ji,

      Ketu does not have aspects. Spouse will be ambitious, career oriented, someone who is snobbish and a smart looking person.

  2. I am quite upset when astrologers quite bluntly state Rahu or ketu in 7th means unconventional marriage. I have a couple of horoscopes with Rahu ketu in 1-7 axis and an arranged orthodox marriage. I also have a horoscope where Rahu ketu are in 6-12 axis and inter religious marriage. So I request the author to write a disclaimer that these are general predictions and there are exceptions to every rule.

    1. Namaste Jaya ji,

      I have nowhere mentioned that Rahu/ketu in 7th house will give 100% intercaste inter-religion marriages. There are exceptions to every thumb rule in jyotisha. Without checking the horoscope thoroughly we cannot predict with 100% accuracy, but the combinations given here are thumb rules which are observed in many cases.

      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

      Ashish Desai.

  3. date of birth is 8 may, 2001
    Place -kanpur time-10:00pm
    I have a strong intuition that I will have a bad married life or will be deceived by somebody in this regard. I had shown my horoscope to an astrologer and he confirmed my fears. Is he correct or not? Can you tell me the exact problem and recommend a solution to it.

    1. Namaste,

      Just be careful while choosing your life partner and do proper background check about the family. Rahu in 7th house, Mars aspecting rahu and 7th lord in 6th. Get rahu shaanti and japa done, Do vishnu sahasranaam daily for a good married life.

  4. Hello,
    I hope life has been treating you kindly. Being a student and currently not earning, I am unable to afford a paid consultation at the very moment. I would be grateful if you can offer me just a little bit insight. So, I am a Vrischika Lagna native with Venus (in Rohini), Moon (in Rohini) and Mars (in Mrigshira) in my seventh house. I am seeking a deeply romantic relationship, but one which is purely celibate. I am very spiritually inclined. Simply because of my Mars placement, a lot of astrologers think that it is impossible for me to be in a celibate marriage and I must be a sexual being. But that simply doesn’t hold true in my case. I would only marry if its a celibate relationship, else I would walk alone. I am assuming you use the Parashara system? So if I were to look at Jaimini’s system of the darakaaraka, in my case it happens to be Saturn in Pisces in the fifth house (in D1); I am not sure about D9. How would you read this as a significator of the spouse?
    My birthday and time is July 12, 1996 and 3:09 pm, Kolkata, India. I would be really grateful if you could look at my chart very briefly and simply tell me if a long term committed loyal relationship (marriage or not) is denied or promised. I am perfectly sure that I am going to be celibate for life because of my spiritual temperament; I just wish to know if I will have a kind gentle soul to walk the path with or if I will walk alone.
    I apologize for disturbing you. It is just that reading your article I felt you had deeper knowledge of Jyotish than a lot of other people. Being spiritual and seeking a loving connection at the same time is something most people cant grasp, and hence I am curious to see how you will look at it.
    May the light be with you.

    1. Namaste,

      9th lord exalted in 7th with venus indicates bhakti-marga. Love can be pure, Here saturn is with rahu in 5th and aspecting 7th house as well as well as mars in 7th.

      2nd lord and 5th lord are retrograde indicating rinanubandha with family and probably something to have with children in future. Mars is 7th is again indicating rinanubandha with spouse as it is aspected by saturn.

      Marriage will happen, The horoscope does not show celibacy as things change with time.However love can be pure due to moon venus in rohini.

  5. sir i have sun and venus in my 7th house
    my date of birth is march 30 1993 time 5.53pm can you tell remedies for delay in marriage

    1. Namaste,

      Kindly opt for paid consultations. Many things have to be checked for giving remedies, can’t be suggested just like that looking at two planets.

  6. i am mayur avhad having CANCER Ascendant with VENUS in CANCER Lagn.. SATURN (VAKRI) AND MOON conjuction in 7th house with CAPRICORN Sign.. Jupiter and mercury in LEO sign in 2nd house.. SUN And Mars in VIRGO sign in 3rd house..RAAHU in Sagittarius sign in 6th house.. KETU in GEMINI sign in 12th house..
    i want to know about my marriage as i am already of running age 27.
    Birth details:
    DOB: 19/09/1991
    TIME: 02:44 AM

  7. It is a guru chandala yoga if aspected by another malefic it will create problems in married life otherwise it will not be very harmful provided both are not conjunct. In general it causes problems in having children and at the same time can give high libido. If placed in a good sign and not conjuct it will give good husband. If conjunct it will give a husband of not so good character, one who has no decency or is immature.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I am a sagittarius ascendant and my seventh house has no planets but has the rashi of gemini. How will this affect my married life?

    1. Married life analysis is not done just with one factor, it requires study of entire horoscope and a couple of houses related to marriage and marital happiness apart from study of navamsha and moon horoscope.

      From the above information Gemini sign in 7th house will give an intelligent, childish and witty spouse is what can be told as a very general and basic analysis.

    1. Namaste Akshika,

      Nothing can be told with just this type of information. Venus+RAhu+Jupiter is not showing any no marriage combination if generally seen. It indicates high libido and probability of extra marital relationships from either partner if they are conjunct. Prosperity after marriage is also one of the result of this combination in general. We need to see detailed horoscope to predict more precisely about marriage and married life.

  9. Hello sir
    Find your article and answers very interesting.
    My daughters lagna is mithun n budh is only planet in centre(1st house)
    Boy is having surya n guru yuti in 7th house in mesh rashi.
    Is this a good match,

    1. Namaste,
      Thank you for the appreciation.

      Nothing much can be said without actually matching the horoscopes. Sometimes what looks good is not good in reality. The two planetary positions you mentioned seem to match as jupiter and mercury in 1/7 axis is good, but this is only one house. We need to check all marriage and family related houses. Promise of marriage, married life, dasha, divisional charts etc to arrive at a conclusion.

      Thank you.

  10. Hello Sir, i can to your site by googling, im very worried about my marriage , can you tell me if i will have good life or not briefly? Please help me

    dob – 1st Aug 1985
    Time: 14:30pm
    Longitude: 57.490768E
    Latitude: ‎-20.294079S

    1. Namaste Gomzy,

      Kindly opt for Marriage consultation service.

      Thanks and regards,
      Ashish Desai.

  11. Thank U so much but can u elaborate more For me I have Saturn and ketu In 7th house in the sign of pisces what does this mean ?

    1. You will have a spiritual partner and there can be some physical defect with him or he may be inferior in comparison to you in some respects.

    1. You will be married to a person perhaps more influential than you if these planets are in bharni nakshatra, there can be possibilities of some unconventionality in marriage if they are in ketu nakshatra or fights if they are in krittika.

      From the above combinations nothing in detail can be known. This is just general assuming both sun and mars are in aries and no other planet influences them.

      1. Namaste,

        Marriage cannot be predicted from just one position.
        Full horoscope analysis is needed from both lagna, moon and the navamsha to arrive to a conclusion.
        Generally retrograde saturn in 7th will delay marriage or give marriage to someone either younger or older in age.

        Kindly opt for paid consultations to get detailed analysis.

  12. Sir hello,
    My 1st house has Mars and rahu.
    My 7th house has ketu Saturn and moon.
    I’m an Virgo ascendent .
    Venus is beneficial for me and Jupiter is combust.
    How will be my married life?

    1. You will have health troubles and problems in marriage life if the above planets are close by conjunction, there is possibility of more than one marriage if there are afflictions in navamsha. Ketu+saturn+Moon in 7th indicate a spiritual partner or a very delayed marriage with some sort of mental shock.

  13. Hi Jothishji Ashish Desai, really enjoyed reading this article. Very Good interpretation.

    Somehow I’m thinking as my 7th house is empty but my 7th Lord Saturn conjunct with Ketu in 11th house. 11th lord is in 2nd house with Sun Moon Mercury in my Natal chart. Does the same effects apply like what you wrote above ketu in 7th house?

    While in my Navamsa, 7th lord Jupiter in Pisces. Moon and Mercury in lagna.

    What kind of partner or relationship will that be?
    Thank you.

    1. Namaste Jennifer,

      Glad that you enjoyed reading the article.

      No the effects of ketu in 7th would not apply here, there are many other factors to be considered in the horoscope. The 7th lord with ketu if close in conjunction would give effect of a cold relationship without emotions, a partner without emotions or a partner who is from other religion/caste/status or someone who is spiritual. There can also be some physical defect in him.

  14. Thank you for the great article.
    I have Saturn conjunct Rahu in 7th house, also Mercury and Neptune 7th house, Uranus conjunct 7th cusp. All of them are in Capricorn. Sun is in Aquarius in 8th house. What will my life partner be like? Kindly thank you for reply beforehands.

    1. Namaste Laura,

      Saturn+rahu in 7th house indicate separative tendency. Mercury in 7th house with saturn and rahu will indicate problems related to fertility of partner, there can be some eccentricities related to relationship, since uranus is also there it indicates sudden marriage or sudden separation or a partner with totally modern and scientific approach.

    1. Namaste Piyu,

      Weak moon will cause emotional disturbances in marriage. Many other factors need to be considered like the lagna, 7th lord, placement of 7th lord, 8th lord, aspect of planets on 7th. Dasha, antardasha basic promise of marriage and married life etc.

  15. Sir I have sun , mercury, Venus, Jupiter in my 7th house and Mars, rahu in 8th . I would like you to please give ur prospective about them. I will be glad .
    Thanking you

    1. Mars Rahu conjunction in 8th house indicates troubles from In-laws, prospects of surgeries and fear of accident or loss on account of land/property depending on many other factors. Conjugal life and married life will be affected due to desire for over indulgence in pleasures.

      However, You will get a good spouse due to benefics in 7th house.

    1. Namaste,

      Prospects of intercaste/inter-religion marriage/marriage in foreign country or bad health of partner. For mesha lagna it can indicates possibilities of separation and extra-marital. For vruschik lagna it indicates bad conjugal life due to affliction from mercury rahu and over indulgence in pleasures. The results will be altered based on many other factors like aspects of other planets, placement in navamsha, influence of planets on 7th house. Overall this combination is potent to give a love marriage/intercaste/inter-religion marriage or marriage with a spouse in foreign country.

  16. Cancer Ascendant
    Jupiter in first house
    rahu in sixth house
    Saturn in 7th house
    10th house Sun, mercury and Moon
    11th house Venus
    12th house Mars and Kethu
    My cousin sister is in love with a divorcee pls tell abt her marriage life? whether it will be a flop or slightly good?

    1. Namaste,

      Nothing can be said with this kind of data.

      Kindly send complete birth details for match making if you wish to opt for paid consultations.

  17. I have Sun, Mercury and Venus in 7th house with Capricorn sign….. Rahu, moon in 8th house… Cancer is the Ascendant. What can be the results??

    1. Namaste,

      Rahu moon in 8th house will give any of the following result:
      1. Affect longevity.
      2. Long term chronic health issues.
      3. Danger of drowning.
      4. Mentally unstable/mental phobias/anxiety disorder.
      5. Affect mother’s longevity.

      Sun+venus+mercury in 7th will give good husband and prosperity after marriage.

  18. Hello sir,
    My DOB is 23/07/1990 in Rajasthan @ 7:20 PM. (Makar lagna).
    I have 5 planets in my 7th house in cancer sign I.e.
    Sun 6° , Moon 25°, Jupiter exalted 0.40°, Mercury 25° and ketu 14°. Further 7th house has aspects of Rahu 14° from 1st house and Mars 13° from 4th house. Adding to it have Venus 10° in 6th house and Saturn 27° in 12th house.
    All dusthana lords in 7th house and benefic lords in dusthana houses.
    How will be my married life??

    1. Namaste,

      There is indication of two marriages and indicates that you have a very unstable mind, you tend to have quick mood swings and quick temper. There can be cheating in love affair as venus happens to be in rahu nakshatra.

  19. Hi

    Very informative and intuitive article indeed. Saturn and ketu in 7th house with Rahu in Ascendant 1st house. in your opinion what its indication?

    1. Namaste,

      No attraction between partners/infertility issue, pessimistic or spiritual partner and possibility of being cheated if it has connection with rahu/ketu nakshatras.

  20. Namaste Sir,

    Name: Juhi Shah, DOB : 28 July 1988, Birth place: Vadodara

    In my kundli Jupiter and Venus in 7th house.

    Kindly tell me about when I will get marry ?

  21. Sir, I am born in makar lagna with sun moon Jupiter mercury and ketu in 7th house. Venus in 6th and Saturn in 12th and mars in 4th. How will be my married life??

    1. Namaste chetna,

      Moon seems to be very weak as it is near to sun and also with ketu. Mercury and jupiter in 7th are okay, still it will give disturbed married life either due to weak health of partner or other problems. Sun+ketu generally gives weak constitution to self as well.

      1. Thanks for your precise reply sir…..but will this combination lead to seperation?? My DOB is 23-july-1990 @ 19:30 and my partners DOB is 02-Sep-86 @ 17:55.

  22. sir i have moon in 7th house gemini aspected by venus in ascendant house sagitarus .r these placement good for healthy marriage life?.please help.

    1. Namaste Deep ji,

      Yes, the combinations are good for marriage, but it will delay marriage. Do not cheat on your partner. The overall result will depend on complete horoscope and placement of 7th lord and planets connected with 7th and 8th houses.

  23. Admin,namaste,
    In my kundli Rahu in lagn (brashabh),moon in 2,mars & vinus in 4, sun &sat in 6,jup & kaetu in 7th house.
    Kindly tell me about marriage date & marriage life??

        1. Namaste,

          Indicates that there can be disturbances in married life due to malefics in 7th. Much would depend on sign position of mars+ketu, the placement of 7th lord and the navamsha horoscope. Overall it indicates either one will have bossy nature and this would create problems in married life.

  24. Hello.Sir,

    My dob is 23rd may 1990, place of birth is coochbihar and time of birth is 1.40 pm. and my boyfriend’s dob is 17th august 1990, place of birth Kanpur and time of birth 7.53pm. Can you please tell me when will we get married to each other?

    1. Namaste Umang,

      All Raj yoga bhanga is the result if sun ketu and venus are conjunct and close. Life after marriage will become stressed.

  25. I have Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in 7th house with Taurus sign….. Rahu in 4th house… What can be the mixed results??

  26. Hello admin,

    I have ketu in 7th position in vrishabh (Taurus) rashi.
    By the same time shukr (venus) is in 2nd position with Neptune and harshal

    Please let me know the prediction about martial life.

    1. Namaste Meghdoot,

      Cant predict much based on the above information.

      Venus closely conjunct uranus can lead to divorce as a probable result.

  27. Hi,

    I think this is the most clear of interpretations regarding Rahu in the seventh house. It’s also good to know that Rahu in the seventh house doesn’t mean negativity rather the unusual from the norm. I’m curious to know if Venus and Rahu are positioned at good degrees in the seventh house, what is the outcome of that?

    best regards,


    1. Namaste Aekta,

      What is good degrees ? Venus rahu together in 7th house is not good if they are closely conjunct, more will depend on the sign they are placed in. It will lead to more sexual appetite and lust/greed for riches. Rahu afflicts venus and amplifies its sensual side. There is much more to it which cannot be revealed and depends on analysis of complete horoscope so avoiding it.

  28. Dear Sir, My sons (twins) have Sun, Venus and Mercury in 7th house. Their DoB 29-03-1989. What does this indicate about marriage?

    1. Namaste Geetha ji,

      The result will depend on closeness between all these 3 planets, the ascendant, the 7th cuspal sublord the navamsha, the connection of other planets, the situation of 7th lord in birth horoscope and the navamsha. For twins both will definitely have difference in result as both are independent souls and will have their own set of karmas as they grow up.

      Generally sun venus mercury should give a good marriage and spouse, sun+venus indicates ego in relationships.

      1. Thanks for your valuable comments.Will it be possible for you to make specific comments on the conjunction and its effect on their marriage life.
        On hearing from you, i will send you the horoscope.

  29. Sir, I am a cancer ascendant and my moon sign is Sagittarius… Sun,mars,mercury,Neptune and Uranus are in 7th house with sun at 2 degrees,mars at 14 degrees,mercury at 3degrees retrograde combust. And my Venus and Saturn are in 8th house so what does this indicate about marriage?

  30. Dear sir, I have Mesh lagna. Venus in leo in 11 naksatra, Moon in libra and Jupiter in Gemini
    What about my marriage life?

  31. Great I have Venus in seventh house n

    …i agree with you but what about planets like Pluto , Neptune,Harshal in seventh house.

    1. Namaste Raja,

      These planets do not have any mention in astrological classics and have recently cropped up, it is highly impossible that our seers who have such developed vision could not find these planets. The basics of astrology deal with these 9 planets, 12 signs and 27 asterism mainly, it is possible that the literature on astrology has been tampered or lost, mention of prajapati and varun have been there in veda which are uranus and neptune though no astrological text has been found to mention their use.

      If you have Uranus at the Cusp of the 7th house or having Exact conjunction or opposition to Kalatra karaka venus, there are possibilities of divorces. Uranus close to 7th cusp can give eccentric life partner, somebody with a very modern outlook, not following norms, scientific outlook etc.

      Neptune close to 7th cusp will make the person get cheated in terms of marriage, There is possibility of spouse having some defect in body or some secret which has hidden or the person will cheat later after marriage (cases like running away with somebody, having extra marital affair), neptune well placed aspected by jupiter can give a spouse with highly developed spiritual mind and at the same time very emotional and caring.

      These results are not however always experienced unless there are other heavy afflictions.

  32. I read many books and blogs in search of prediction of Rahu in 7 th house but could not find satisfactory answer to my query.In most of the materials available there is frightening explaination about 7th Rahu .I found good interpretation about Rahu in 7th house. Thanks a lot. Regards….

  33. This is the BEST interpretation I have read!! Rahu in 7th house is SPOT ON! In all my partnerships/marriage this is what shows up so GLARINGLY. Friends/family are baffled by my choices. I can’t explain it. Clearly, and thanks to your elucidation, this is NOT something which is meant to be. WOW. Again, infinite thanks for this pretty amazing reading of the planets.

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