Will I get married to desired person

A lot of people fall in love but only few get tied by the wedding knot. Most relationships which end before marriage in which either of the partner ditches are strokes of prarabdha which is to be liquidated. Only the person who stays there with you till the end is the soul mate or life partner of previous births. There balance sheet of prarabdha are settled through paap and punya in the journey of life like the balance sheet of accounts are tallied by profit and loss.  A friend of mine came to me for consultation and told me about his problem and asked the most obvious question, Will I get married to desired person ?

He told me about his love story and after hearing it I thought that this marriage would be impossible as the girl belonged to a well settled family background whereas the boy had no family, no house but was earning decently well enough. I told him to pray to god for right guidance and give a number between 1 to 249 with the following prashna.

Will I get married to desired person ?

Horary number he gave was 4.

Will I get married to desired person
Will I get married to desired person

The horoscope was cast with horary number 004.

There was Aries ascendant rising, Moon placed in 5th house clearly indicated the prashna was about love.

The 5th CSL should signify the 7th house and the 7th CSL should signify the 5th house and neither of the planet should be mercury or connected to mercury or dual signs.

Here 5th CSL is Mars and being placed in a sthira rashi it signifies the 7th house and the 5th house as well.

The 7th CSL is venus and clearly signifies the 5th house along with 2 and 7 houses. Venus is also the 7th lord.

I checked the 11th lord for confirmation, it is mars again and signifies both 5th and 7th house giving confirmation about fulfillment of wishes of the client.

Mars and venus also signify the 8th house strong which is why there will be obstacles. I told him that he has pretty good chances of getting married to the desired person. He will face some obstacles and objections but finally the girl’s parent’s would agree for marriage if she decides to be firm.

Looking at the boy’s background anybody could have told this relationship would not get sanction of girls parents. The boy and girl are getting engaged now and the girls parent’s have agreed to get them married after some objection and arguments. I am writing this article after getting feedback from the client.


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