Shani mangal yoga

Shani mangal yoga anywhere in the horoscope has a very powerful impact mostly negative as these two planets are malefics. Shubh graha give shubh phala and paap graha will always give paap phala. Shani mangal yoga be it conjunction, opposition or Shani behind mangal and vice-versa has to be checked with proper care before interpreting results of it.

In this article I am going to talk about position of Shani behind mars or Mars behind saturn when this is called dwi-dwadarshak or 2/12 connection between both which is also not good. This yoga works like shani-mangal yuti.

When Shani is behind Mars or vice-versa the two houses involved will have their significations spoiled and have negative results for the jataka. These planets even if in 2/12 will work like being in yuti or conjunction.

Shani mangal yoga
Shani mangal yoga
In this case saturn is retrograde in 2nd and and Mars is retrograde in the 3rd house, there are financial problems and jataka has family responsibilities due to saturn in 2nd and mars in 3rd has resulted in hearing loss and short temper. The jataka is short tempered and most of his energy is wasted in speaking, though normally saturn in 2nd would make one speak less.

Shani mangal yoga
Shani mangal yoga
Here the jataka has Mars in 7th in own house vruschik and Saturn in 8th ahead of Mars. The jataka had a very gruesome first marriage with all sorts of abuse. 2nd marriage is good. Here Mars is behind saturn is ahead, both always work like being together if they are in 2/12.

I have many more cases with shani-mangal behind each other and problems related to the houses they are posited in. Whenever you have such positions be rest assured that they will work like being conjoined if any one of them or both are retrograde still worse the results. This yoga is not like actual conjunction or opposition still gives powerful results.

I will also post cases with shani mangal yuti and opposition when time permits. One thing my guru taught is Malefic planets will always give malefic results and benefic planets will always do shubh to the house they are posited in. By this rule, shani mangal yoga will always give ashubh result no matter what. It is just that it has to be analyzed properly before reaching any conclusion because aspect of a benefic planet on these planets can alter the results.

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    1. Namaste Nilanka ji,

      Please opt for paid consultations, I will have to see the full horoscope to assess the overall impact of Shani+mangal yoga.

      Generally Shani+Mangal in the 5th house if closely conjoined will cause miscarriages/abortion or create situations for such events. There can be delay in having child, much depends on the rashi they are posited in and the overall situation/condition of 5th house lord and the lagna lord. The aspect of benefic planets like jupiter on 5th house can control the negativities of this combination.

      Thanks and Regards
      Ashish Desai.

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