Significance of Omens in Selection of Vastu

Omens are the nature’s way of giving indications regarding the outcome of certain activity. Omens can be both good and bad but they are sureshot signals from the universe either giving you an affirmation or warning about proceeding with a certain activity/task. There is a huge significance of omens in selection of Vastu or a dwelling. The sanskrit word for Omens is “Nimitta”.

There is a lot of importance and significance given to “Nimitta” or “Omens” in Jyotish Shastra and Vastu shashtra. One needs to be very alert and receptive to identify the omens while doing any important activity.

Lets take an example of significance of Nimitta in selection of vastu

Mr. Rajesh visits a Daivagnya or jyotisha to know about a prospective match for marriage. While he is sitting in the consulting room the astrologer receives a call from someone to inform about a “Divorce” of some known person or someone comes running in the consulting room to give bad news of “Death”. This can be considered as “Omen” or “Nimitta” indicating that the prospective match will not be good for Mr. Rajesh and he should reject it outright. The nature is sending him the signals to do so to avoid misfortunes. Whether Rajesh accepts this “Nimitta” as a bad signal or not is his Destiny/Prarabdha.

In my Jyotish and Vastu consultations I have experienced such “Omens” or “Nimitta” many times in my years of practice. Today I am going to discuss two such cases where I clearly experienced these omens.

Significance of Omens in selection of Vastu

Case 1:

This happened with me when I was searching for a house to relocate in a new city. After going through a few houses I decided to finalize one property which I liked as it was as per “Vastu principles”. But I experienced many bad omens on that day. The agent whom I had contacted did not show up and did not even pick my calls on that day even though I came to this city after confirming his availability a week in advance (It was the first bad omen, but not so prominent).

I had to find some other estate agent and see some flats as I had come to another city and it wasn’t feasible to go back without doing the work for which I had come.

We searched for few flats but none satisfied my conditions of a good vastu, finally I found one flat which was as per my liking and principles of vastu. But while entering the “Wing” of the flat a cat crossed our path, I ignored it and almost decided to finalize that flat. It was a 2bhk flat and one of the rooms was closed and the owner wanted to give it as a 1bhk flat, It had a big open terrace in the North with no obstruction whatsoever in front of it which was something I loved about it. I did not pay heed to the closed room at that time as I was very happy to find something to my liking.

The Next week I decided to visit one more time before finalizing this flat and went with the agent but again the a cat crossed my path exactly in the similar way as it had happened last time. I got a doubt in my mind now but still somehow ignored thinking that the Vastu of the flat is pretty good. This time I asked the owner to show me the closed room just to confirm that there was nothing weird of sort. But he said he will not show the room to anyone. It has been locked and will remain locked. That again sparked a doubt in my mind, but still I went ahead to give 1 months rent as token to book it and also gave refundable deposit to the owner.

But for the next 2 months I could not get the possession due to some or the other issues and finally the deal got cancelled the owner’s wife himself called me saying she had some fight with her husband and they decided not to give the flat on rent. Now I had to go through a lot of headache to get my deposit back and the agent confiscated my 1 month rent as his commission even though the deal was cancelled by the owner himself.

Lesson learnt : Always trust nimitta or omens.

Another time I went with a client to choose a house for him, he had a strict budget as he was going through some financial problems. I went on the site of the first vastu where he had called me. My vehicle suddenly stopped as I approached the locality. I restarted and went ahead but it stopped again which was weird. I felt that this is an omen that the client should avoid this place. I went before the given time to check out the vastu from all the sides. After going through all 4 sides I came to a conclusion that the site was not good. It was extended towards South-West and North-West. The North-East side of plot had a big cut. As the client came he also did not get a good vibe in that place so we decided to move on to next house.

After going through 2-3 more houses we went to a place where the house was newly built and co-incidentally pooja was going on. As soon as we entered the premises we got darshana of lord Narsimha and were given prasad as well. This was a perfect omen that the house was very good and should be immediately finalized. The vastu was pleasant with cool breeze flowing inside the house from the east and the north side. I told the client to book this vastu immediately as the “nimitta” itself was very positive. How often does one find such a positive omen?


Always lookout for signals from the universe, they sometimes convey more powerful messages than anything else. Even if the plot/house/flat is good as per “Vastu” and you experience bad omens you should always give preference to the omens as they are the signals from the universe.

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