A tale of destinies

A tale of Destinies is a small story of two siblings indicating how situations favor when something is destined to happen. I have known both of them closely for a few years now. Let me name them Miss Miriam and Ms Suzy.

Miriam is the older sibling whereas suzy is younger. Both are well-educated, beautiful and talented in their own ways. Miriam is a well balanced, well educated and matured person between the two.

As both are of marriageable age, Miriam initially set out looking for suitable grooms, she had to do it all by herself as her family is not able to do it for her due to some issues which I do not want to disclose here.

Now the tragedy is when Miriam was looking out for suitable grooms her family did not take part in it much and neither did any effort to take things further with anyone she did choose. Many prospects did not materialize due to family issue.

Now Miriam almost gave up after 5 long years of search while Suzy in the meanwhile out of blue found a guy and decided to get married to him, she told Miriam about it, Ironically her family who never took any efforts for Miriam looked into this matter positively lending their support and did not oppose anything. Suzy is set to marry this guy in the coming year.

Both Miriam and Suzy are sisters born to same parents, Miriam is the more matured and responsible person in the family who has kept the family binded in hard and difficult times yet the family never tried to go out of their way to materialize what she wanted.

This is what I call the tale of destinies. Let us see horoscopes of both to understand the interesting planetary positions which bring about such huge difference for both of them.

Tale of destinies
tale of destinies
Horoscope of Miriam
The above horoscope has retrograde saturn in lagna and retrograde mars in the 2nd house. Moon in 7th is aspected by retrograde saturn making a punaraphoo yoga. Venus the 7th lord is in rasi gandaant or rasi sandhi of karka which is a gandaant bhaga. 2nd house has 6th lord mars in 2nd showing hostility/enmity and some previous strong rinanubandha with family.
Tale of destinies
Tale of destinies
Horoscope of Suzy Tale of destinies
Here 2nd house has Venus+ketu and venus is a benefic planet. 2nd lord sun here is with an exalted mercury which is a friendly planet to him and aspected by retrograde mars which does show some hostility with father.
However Jupiter aspects the 7th house from this horoscope. Navamsha has benefics in lagna and aspects of benefics on the 7th.

The punaraphoo yoga and aspect of retrograde saturn on 7th moon is delaying the marriage in first case. 7th lord too is in rasi gandaant bhaga of karka and aspected by retrograde Mars. Mars in 2nd house as 6th lord shows some strong rinanubandha with family and also indicates hostility. A retrograde saturn in lagna makes one weak in terms of health especially when sun the karka of immunity is in 8th. The navamsha horoscope has lagnesha saturn with ketu and mercury, saturn aspects 7th there too. 7th lord moon though with exalted venus is also with sun making it weak.

Miriam is through dasha of rahu who is in 6th house which explains the reason of all the problems as rahu in 6th is cause of all problems in life and not letting marriage happen.

The other horoscope has some positive features like aspect of jupiter on 7th, benefic venus in 2nd and 2nd lord with a benefic exalted mercury. The navamsha horoscope is good with aspect of benefics on 7th house and jupiter aspecting lagna.

Suzy is in dasha of Jupiter who is aspecting the 7th house of the birth horoscope.

This tale of destinies is given here to show contrast of events in case of siblings just to show how destiny works. The same parents, the same relatives but supportive in one case while ignorant in other case is just due to different destinies of both.

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