Horoscope of Narendra modi

Horoscope of Narendra Modi

There has been a lot of discussion about the horoscope of Narendra Modi the honorable prime minister of India. The most reputed of the websites and reputed names in astrology are using Libra ascendant for him without checking and tallying the past events based on the information available about his past life. This puts a doubt on the credibility of astrologers these sites employ.

The birth time of Shri Modi ji floated on the internet shows Libra ascendant rising whereas other sites have corrected it to Scorpio Ascendant by using 11:00am as the birth time which is still wrong as per the information from sources close to him. His rising Ascendant is definitely scorpio but the birth time has not been revealed due to privacy reasons.

The basic things which one needs to ponder when they take Libra as the Ascendant are as follows :-

Horoscope of Narendra modi
Horoscope of Narendra modi
  • Will a person with Chandra mangala yoga in the second house be born in a poor family ?
  • Will a person with so many rajyogas suffer poverty in early life ?
  • There are no combinations showing his spiritual thirst and being a recluse which he was at some point of his life and did travel a lot in search of his spiritual quest.
  • How would one explain almost no married life with a self placed mars in scorpio with no affliction.

The chandra mangala yoga in the second house and the presence of ascendant lord venus in the 11th with a yogakaraka saturn for libra lagna would give birth in a very affluent family which is a major point missed by many. He used to stay in a small room of hardly 10 feet where his mother still resides.

The horoscope of narendra modi with scorpio rising syncs well with his personality and the background.

Horoscope of Narendra Modi
Horoscope of Narendra Modi

Scorpio rising with a self placed mars shows his strong persona and a very strong determined character. The affliction to the second lord by both saturn and mars and debilitated moon explains his early life and struggles with finances and family. Five planets in kendra in fixed signs also shows a very hard working and determined person who will never give up once he decides to do something. You can see him working so hard literally without taking any rest and yet always full of energy and enthusiasm. The 9th lord in ascendant under debilitation shows his spiritual thirst and afflicted 7th house under aspect of both saturn and mars clearly says about the marriage and married life, the 7th lord and the karaka venus is with saturn in the birth chart and with rahu in the navamsha being vargottama indicating no inclination for married life.

He started gaining prominence in the dasha of venus  which started in 1984, he was assigned to Bhartiya janata party in 1985 and became secretary of party’s gujrat unit in 1988 and become chief minister of gujrat in 2001 by the end of venus dasha and continued to be the Chief minister of gujrat for 3 consecutive terms in the sun dasha and moon dasha and later become the prime minister of India in the dasha of moon itself who is involved in rajyoga itself with a self placed mars in ascendant. It is placed in the 11th house of the navamsha. Venus is the 7th lord for scorpio ascendant which bought Shri modi ji into public life. For libra Ascendant this cannot be justified as venus becomes the 8th lord neither does a problematic married life and no children status be seen from Libra.

Scorpio ascendant has both 7th house and 5th lord severely afflicted clearly showing no married life and happiness of children. These are the basic points which one needs to consider before jumping to conclusion about the horoscopes. One more thing which is clear that Shri modi ji has risen high in sade-sati despite all the intrigues and problems. Saturn makes one the leader of masses, his saturn is aspected by a benefic jupiter and conjuct venus in the royal sign of Leo hence makes him the ruler and favorite of masses.

There will obviously be intrigues against him with saturn slowly transiting over moon and mars and rahu entering Leo in the coming year over his natal saturn and venus. The opposition will try every possible gimmicks to get him out of power but the horoscope of narendra modi is too strong and he will wash his opponents and come out like a shinning warrior. He is a true visionary who can shape our country for better and make a lot of improvements in the coming time. He single handedly will make a lot of improvements in our country and open lots of opportunities for India where the other politicians do not want that to happen are not even concerned with the progress and well being of our country for the sake of their personal ambitions and benefits. He is a true visionary who is striving hard for the nation and will be able to do some good for our country inspite of all the odds and oppositions. His moon dasha till 2020 followed by mars dasha for another 7 years is excellent, but mars under debilitation and in the 8th house of dashamansha can bring more intrigues against him.

6 thoughts on “Horoscope of Narendra modi”

  1. Does raj yoga give no results if it formed in dusthana houses – say, 12th

    If Sun as 7th lord (marakesh) is involved in Raj yoga – conjuct with Ve and Mer. Does it cancel the yoga. Assume both planets are combust

    What if all trikona and kendra lords receive aspect from lagna lord Saturn

    Sun is amatyakrk and Ve is atmkarak and UL lord Mercury all are sitting together

    1. Namaste Chandrakant,

      Rajyoga gives results in its own limitations. Having a smooth life with less struggles than others is also a result of rajyoga in the horoscope. The rajyogas formed in dusthanas give less results due to being in dusthana, further if the lagna lord too in a dusthana would make one struggle in life. Sun aspected by saturn show struggle in rising, sun with venus in 12th can give foreign journeys or residence for sometime provided the are in 12th in bhav chalit. A spendthrift wife and lavish lifestyle making expenditure more than income can also be the result. The whole horoscope has to be taken in consideration.

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