Birth Time Rectification – KP Jyotish and Ruling planets.

Birth Time Rectification

Often Time of birth of people are not correctly noted due to various reasons. Practically it is hard to believe that the time of birth is noted perfectly because there are many differences of opinion first on the fact that “What is the correct birth time ?”.
Some people believe that time of birth is the moment when the child comes out of the womb, other say the time of first breath of the child is the birth time, yet one version says that cutting of the Umbilical chord is the correct birth time. Like this there are several versions.

The actual birth time is the time when the Umbilical chord is cut and the child is separated from the mother.

But even after knowing this fact and following it, there may be many errors like noting down wrong time of birth, problems in clocks showing correct time. Noting approximate birth time, usually birth time is noted approximately like 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45.

These errors in noting of birth time causes changes in divisional charts and cusps of houses resulting in wrong degrees and wrong cusp sublords. To rectify this cusps of houses the kp jyotish method of “RULING PLANETS” is often very reliable and it is called “Magic wand”.

What are ruling planets in KP jyotish ?

Ruling planets are the planets at the time of casting the prashna about a particular thing at a particular time and place. They are as follows :-

  • Lagna lord at the time of casting prashna
  • Moon Nakshatra lord at the time of casting prashna
  • Moon Rashi lord at the time of casting prashna
  • Day lord at the time of casting prashna.

For e.g One person is asking a question about marriage and you see that his 7th sublord is particular planet say venus but you doubt his birth time, you take the planets of that particular time and place and cast a horoscope for that day, date and time.

You get Aries lagna (mars)
purvaphalguni nakshatra (venus)
Leo moon sign (sun)
Saturday (saturn).

Here you see venus is there in the ruling planets hence his 7th cusp lord is correct. Suppose venus would not have been there in the ruling planets, you could have assumed that the 7th cusp is wrong. After venus comes sun and sun is there in ruling. So you could have shifted the time till sun becomes the Cuspal sublord of 7th house.

Similarly in Vedic Jyotish Birth time Rectification can be done by verification of life events of the jatak by fine tuning the divisional charts from d-3 siblings, d-24 education, d-12 parents profession, d-9 marriage, d-7 children and d-60 matching all events in d-60 at the end. Here Vedic method of verification is often time consuming and you can use KP method to verify correct birth time by casting ruling planets. Ruling planets work as a divine guidance in time of need in serious queries.

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