Tauras yearly horoscope 2016

Let us see the characteristics of Tauras before moving on to the Tauras yearly horoscope 2016.

Tauras – Earth Element/Prithvi tatwa

Ruler – Venus

Symbol Bull

Nature Fixed/Sthira

The above 4 things define the nature of taureans, being prithvi tatwa they are selective of the good and the bad in things and people, just like the earth which absorbs the vital elements into itself. They take the good things in people and discard the rest, they can make optimum use of resources. Being ruled by venus they are lovers of beauty, nature, romance, luxuries etc. They want to be loved and cuddled a lot. Symbol is bull which indicates that they can be very hard workers when it comes to working, they have a lot of endurance, energy and patience once they set their goals they will achieve it through a lot of hard work and once they sit for rest they will not pay heed to anything and will be at peace. The Fixed nature of this sign makes them quite stubborn and obstinate, they do not listen to anybody once they decide on something just for the sake of obstinacy. They do not like being pushed and always go at their own pace and style. They like to remain in one place for long time and will seldom change residences as their nature is Sthira or fixed and do not like much movement. They love to live their lives in routine manner and do not like changes or are not much adaptable to changing environments easily. We will see the tauras yearly horoscope 2016 for vrushabh rashi now.

Tauras yearly horoscope 2016

These predictions can be checked with both ascendant and the moon sign. The coming year will bring following planetary changes for your sign.

  • Rahu/Ketu axis shifts to Leo/Aquarius on 4/10 houses from Virgo/Pieces sign January 2016 end onwards.
  • Jupiter will move Virgo your 5th house from August 2016 onwards.
  • Mars will join saturn in your 7th house and will remain there for 7 long months from February 2016 to September 2016.
  • Retrogression of jupiter mercury at the beginning of the year for all signs is not a good indication.

Saturn in your 7th house is definitely the best transit as saturn gains digbala in the 7th house, it will make you choose your partner wisely, your relationships will be tested and strengthened with those who are yours. Saturn in 7th though not very good does give stability in relationships, but mars moving into the 7th house with saturn is surely going to cause a lot of rift and troubles in relationships and married life. There are possibilities of fights and separation during this period, temporary or permanent separation can be the result depending on the combinations in individual horoscopes. Jupiter in 4th house with rahu being aspected by saturn is not good for mother/property/vehicles etc. Be careful while investing in these things in the coming year, there are possibility of losses in property as mars will also conjunct saturn. Those looking to sell their properties will be able to do so in the coming year as saturn and mars conjunct will help you to resolve long pending property related issues. Health of mother will suffer as jupiter+Rahu in 4th house gets aspected by saturn. Health of self also needs attention as 8th lord for your sign jupiter gets afflicted, some bad news in family may be there. Do not get into partnerships during these period as saturn+mars in 7th will not give smooth success, partnerships might break so think before investing. Career can get a boost with mars conjoining your 10th lord and aspecting 10th house. The coming year can be good for career, those in I.T or electronics will have a good time as ketu enters the 10th house but do not argue with people unnecessarily for your own good. Jupiter will move to virgo by August 2016, those planning for child can go ahead as jupiter in 5th will be good period for child planning after August 2016. Mars and saturn will both be aspecting your moon or the ascendant hence the coming year will not be very easy for you mentally, mental irritation, aggression, impulsiveness will be visible in your behavior. The mantra to success in coming year is to keep loads and loads of patience against all odds to succeed. Avoid misunderstandings with your spouse and partners. This is all in the tauras yearly horoscope 2016.

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