When will I get married

This is the one of the most asked queries to an astrologer, When will I get married ? The parents of girl especially start worrying about the marriage of their daughter once she crosses 26-28 years age bracket. The feeling of getting settled creeps in the mind slowly post 28 years of age when you see people around you getting married, settling down in their lives. As you see your friends, siblings, relatives, colleagues getting married and settling down before you, the feeling of settling down in life and the worry of marriage being delayed begins to creeps in the mind.

That is when people rush to the astrologer and ask “When will I get married” ? Parents of prospective brides and grooms flock to the astrologers for the purpose of finding a suitable match by getting horoscopes matched. Horoscope match-making is a very effective tool used to narrow down best matches from the many that are available.

This article is about a case-study where a client had come to me with the query of her marriage, the identity and the data has not been disclosed for privacy reasons. she was worried about her marriage as she had already crossed 30 years of age and her marriage was already delayed. She had gone to many astrologers earlier and all had given specific time frame of marriage which had failed to materialize which had resulted in frustration, she approached me through a friend of mine thinking she might take one last chance as she had started to loose faith in astrology.

She came to me and as usual asked me “When will I get married” ? I asked her for birth details as usual to check the basic promise of marriage in the horoscope. This is the very first thing an astrologer should do before jumping to conclusion based on transits and dashas. Let us suppose that the transits and dashas are favorable for marriage in 21st year but is the horoscope showing combinations for early marriage ? This is what an astrologer should study first, you are obviously bound to fail in predictions if you predict ignoring the basic promise in the horoscope.

when will I get married
when will I get married

This is the birth horoscope of the girl, the birth details, name and the degrees of planets have been avoided for privacy reasons. The first thing you can see in the birth horoscope is the affliction to the 7th lord both from Ascendant and the Moon. The moon itself is afflicted which can give you a clear idea of her mental state she was going through as transit Saturn had passed over the natal moon at that time. The 7th lord Saturn is exalted but with Mars and moon, it also makes a punaraphoo yoga, Saturn/moon conjunction delays marriage as a thumb rule, here saturn is also the 7th lord. 7th Lord from moon is mars which is again with saturn causing delay, 7th from moon is afflicted by two malefics, but jupiter also aspects it. The main reasons was the karaka venus though it looks well placed in Leo, it is placed in Gandaant zero degrees Magha nakshatra.

when will I get married
when will I get married

This is the Navamsha horoscope, Venus 7th house and moon all are aspected by Saturn again which indicates a clearly delayed marriage. Now that I knew that there was a delay in marriage and transit Jupiter passing over her Ascendant lord sun and entering Leo over natal Venus should give her marriage I decided to go through prashna route to confirm the promise of the natal horoscope and took a number between 1 to 249 from her to cast a prashna chart which clearly gave the probable period of marriage between January 2015 to April 2015. Her Marriage was Fixed in February 2015 in the given period and solemnized in June 2015 when jupiter was almost set to enter Leo over her natal venus, the period which we get in the prashna is usually the period when marriage is fixed.


Timing marriage is one of the difficult areas in astrology and should be done by applying some basic parameters like checking the basic promise of marriage in the horoscope, if there are combinations for delay there is no point in doing predictions based on transits as they will go wrong, the transits and dashas work together at the right time indicated by the basic promise in the horoscope. It is always better to cast a prashna horoscope along with the birth horoscope to confirm the promise of birth horoscope in prashna chart. So if you are keen to know about your marriage you can drop an email with the title “When will I get married“?

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