Happy marriage indicators in astrology

Marriages are made in heaven but all do not have a blissful married life. Why is it so? What are the Happy marriage indicators in astrology. Which combinations indicate a blissful married life in astrology? What are the yogas for good marriage in astrology?

Astrological analysis and parameters must be applied according to Desh, kaal, Paristhiti. We are in an age where people have even started with “Swapping Partners”, Live-in relationships seems like an by-gone era.

While on the other side, Some people are not able to get married, some are not able to enjoy a happy married life, some have troubles of all sorts with in-laws, responsibilities, jobs and what now, some are struck by tragedies in married life like divorce and separation, widowhood etc. Yet somehow the institution of marriage will always remain a very sacred thing. It is a very special moment, an emotional touchy moment. It is the meeting of soul mates and a rebirth for both. A start of a new innings of life.

There still exists a pure class of lovers who believe in strong commitment and till death do us apart thing. There are and will always be “The soul Mates” no matter what the world is heading to.

What are happy married life indicators in astrology

  • First and foremost is the temperamental and psychological make-up of any jataka which is responsible for happiness or unhappiness. We have to primarily check this in horoscope compatibility. Moon and rising lagna and overall horoscope reading gives clues to this.
  • 2nd is the promise of marriage and married life in any horoscope.
  • 3rd is marriage and married life promise in dasha pattern of both partners.
  • 4th is Gochara/transit which also plays a very important role.

A good astrologer can decipher this will do the right counseling of his clients based on the above parameters.

Planetary combinations for blissful married life

  • The connection of benefic planets with the 7th house and 7th lord from both lagna and moon indicate a blissful married life in astrology.
  • A good navamsha horoscope promises a good married life.
  • A good dasha promise with dashas connected with 2,7,11 houses will indicate good married life.
  • The connection of 7th lord and lagna lord indicates a happy married life and indicates that the partner may be smitten by you or both will have strong physical bonding.
  • Same darakarakas or same moon signs or same lagna and all 3 together indicates excellent compatibility. The more planets in same tatwa the more happier the couple.
  • A well placed and unafflicted Venus and Moon indicate a very happy disposition and an ability to enjoy marriage/relationships.
  • Compatibility between lagna of both partners indicate excellent physical compatibility.
  • Compatibility between moon of both partners indicates excellent mental compatibility when both of the above is present along with good promise of marriage/married life it makes the inseparable, the couple can survive with a good understanding even if there are bad yogas in such case.

Now let me break the part of happy marriage indicators in astrology in a simple language for the readers.

If lagna and moon of any jataka are badly afflicted it will make him/her a difficult person to deal with psychologically and emotionally. Venus and Mercury too play a role in this.

The primal analysis starts with your own horoscope, what kind of person are you, Are there yogas for good married life in your horoscope, what should be changed to make your married life blissful.

When 7th house and 7th lords from Lagna, Moon and the Navamsha are afflicted, the dasha pattern is bad, things can be worse. Remedies can only be tried in these cases along with counselling after identifying the root cause of problem.

The Astrological pointers below will help to identify basic psychological make-up and temperamental patterns.

  • Moon and lagna in fixed sign indicates very obstinate people. This is very good in case of positive people but can be a hellish story in case of psychotic and self-centered people as they will listen to none and do whatever they want. Their opinions are fixed.
  • Moon and lagna in Dual signs indicate quite confused and changeable people with no fixed opinions.
  • Moon and lagna in cardinal signs are very flexible and do not remain fixed anywhere. They are fickle minded.
  • Moon and lagna in watery signs indicate a very adaptable temperament. These signs indicate more emotional attachment and love. They can give a life long commitment and love if they get back in return,
  • Moon and Lagna in fiery signs indicate a very ambitious and can be very committed and truthful people. They are good providers but may not necessarily be good lovers.
  • Moon and Lagna in earthy signs indicate people who are quite practical and will check all practical parameters before any commitment, their relationships are based on practical approach of give and take.
  • Moon and lagna in airy signs indicate intellectual people who crave for intellectual stuff, these people only get well along with someone who is like-minded, they live on an intellectual plane and would prefer someone of that type. Their natures can be fickle and changeable as air is not fixed.

Case-study of Happy marriage indicators in Astrology

Happy married life indicators in astrology
Happy married life indicators in astrology

This is a case of love marriage in the 80’s from my personal collection, I have known these couple almost since my birth. They have two beautiful daughters one of which has been married now and live a very prosperous and happy married life till date. The 7th lord aspects 5th lord and placement of mars in 5th, Moon venus conjoined together in 8th all indicating a possible love marriage which has been the case. The navamsha horoscope has venus in 7th house again indicating a beautiful spouse and prosperity after marriage. Mercury and sun in 7th from birth horoscope are indicating a very intelligent spouse, jupiter 7th lord and 7th house is aspected by saturn which sure has its implications but did not trouble married life so far. Note the exchange of jupiter and mercury as well in the horoscope.

Mars in 5th aspecting 5th lord in 8th gave loss of a child, see karaka jupiter too afflicted. So the bad results have been experienced in area of children through loss of one child.

There is no major affliction in 7th from lagna, 8th house has beenfics, 7th from moon is aspected by two benefics, 7th from navamsha has a benefic venus aspected by moon, Jupiter and saturn dashas at peak adulthood indicated success in profession as they are along 4/10 axis.

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