8th house – The house of transformation, mysteries and sudden changes.

8th House

Mention the 8th house in astrology and people get goose bumps. The 8th house is the house of transformation, sudden changes, mysteries, occult, sudden ups and downs in life which transform your life and also the exit from the world i.e Death. The sign Scorpio falls in the 8th house of the natural zodiac which lends its mysterious and occult elements to the 8th house. Scorpio is the most weird sign in the zodiac as all the 5 elements comprising it are against each other, hence there is a inner conflict, worries, fears, phobias are also represented by the 8th house and sign Scorpio. On the positive side the 8th house rules sudden gains, inheritance, gains from in-laws, gains from land, insurance, death. Conjugal happiness and death also fall under the domain of this house.

8th house and Sudden changes

This house rules unexpected and sudden happenings in life where life is transformed and changed unexpectedly without one’s wanting for better or worse depending on the planetary positions in the horoscope, but such transformation and changes do come at the cost of loosing something. For example somebody at a very young age looses his father and the entire burden of a big business falls on the shoulder in young age on the child, he handles it well and becomes a successful entrepreneur. On job front suppose some of your seniors resign or die all of a sudden and you get a promotion unexpectedly. Some people keep encountering changes suddenly and rapidly entire life as if the 8th house seems to be quite active in their horoscopes. Such people keep switching careers, business, places too often in life. 10th lord in the 8th house is a “Dur yoga” which indicates breaks in career or unconventional careers, such people cannot stick to daily routine or 9 to 5 jobs and take up unconventional careers which involve breaks. Contract based work or freelancing can be best example of this, Astrologers too have very strong 8th house connections. On positive side 8th house does support deep researches for those interested and involved in subjects related to research. A very poor person getting a big inheritance unexpectedly from somewhere and becoming rich or a poor person getting married in a rich family having his fortunes changed can also be an impact of 8th house to some extent.

8th house and transformation

The transformation we are talking about can also be from within due to some shocks in life. Such shocks which have a very deep effect on mind and change people all of sudden. E.G A very jolly and happy person falls in love and one day his lover cheats him or dies, the person is unable to bear this shock and a transformation takes place in his life from within, it can make him spiritual to the core making him withdraw his senses from world, a lunatic or a very serious person depending on the other planetary positions in the horoscope. Such things which have a deep impact and transform life all of a sudden can be seen from the 8th house.

8th house and Mysteries

The fact that scorpio falls in the 8th house of natural zodiac says all about mysteries, the 8th house represents, The 8th house represents the deepest secrets and the deepest fears, worries and phobias of the human mind. Remember moon is debilitated on scorpio and 8th is “Marana Karak Sthana” for moon. The mind is always gripped by some fears, worries or phobias and this position is also good for researches in occult and a curious bent of mind for parapsychology, psychology, astrology, genetics, archeology engineering, investigations etc. Such people can also delve into mysteries of others lives, they can find dig deeper and find answers, this house on positive side gives a very curious bent of mind which is unable to rest until it achieves its goal.

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